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  1. Website still not really showing what is going to be there though, it's up to 6 layouts so that's another 11 to go then and it's only just over a week to go.
  2. Not sure if I can embed this as it will have copyright so just putting in a link. Scroll to the bottom to the picture of the M7: http://www.scalefour.org/portfolio/brighton.html
  3. The point that allows through trains onto the centre road through the station, could you swap it for a left point rather then the current right, it places a bigger speed restriction on the through traffic than on the stopping trains when it should be the other way around so that through trains are not slowed any more than they need to be. You still need a small headshunt after the DMU sidings even if just to protect the mainline from strays.
  4. Up on Ebay today: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dapol-W195W-Coach-Maroon-N-Gauge-/150502684781?pt=UK_Trains_Railway_Models&hash=item230aa8b86d
  5. Was a bit weird being in a sports hall for the Manchester show, felt like a little Wigan or comparable with Wakefield. The upper hall I felt was out of the way and lacked custom, I would suggest next year mixing it up more with at least one larger layout up there to get people up there. One thing I did like - the dead end alley with the chairs, felt it created a flow to move around the exhibition and utilised more space for layouts. Overall a good show and I spent a good 3 hours wandering around on the Sunday.
  6. They might have over produced originally but even maroons now sell at a premium and so will any remaining Carmine and Cream's once you get to the last sellers. Try finding a maroon Collett coach now as well. I've got 10 of them in a mix of maroon and Carmine/Cream. Hoping that Farish produce some Thompson coaches next year to go with the B1 and eventual Pacifics that will come.
  7. If you go for sidings in the fiddleyard, split them with some facing each direction and the ability to swap lines so they pass through on the right lines through the station. I would think about more than one exit from the sidings/loco yard as it would be restricting in prototype form that nothing can exit when there is a train in the station.
  8. I am glad my eyesight is fading because once the valve gear and motion has been blackened and set against blackened wheels I will be lucky if I can see what's keeping it all together. That's certainly the case with my Black 5, 4MT, 3MT, Jubilee and Royal Scot. This is all based on a picture on page one of this thread of a unfinished pre-production model at a seriously close range in hard light, are we all really going to be seeing a model that close up on our layouts, it would give me eye strain.
  9. Couplings apart, good trackwork is also required for effective N gauge shunting so be prepared to wire up all your points to ensure a good connection. I've just put together a 4x4 N gauge roundy and I'm finding the curved points problematical on electrical contact. I want a smaller shunting layout as well for my two shunters and I think I will be wiring the frogs to ensure connectivity. Another thing I've noticed is that my Farish locomotives sometimes have higher rapido settings that the Dapol stock leading to poor connections and unexpected de-coupling. But on the bright side, when you get the couplings and electrics right, the modern stuff (steam or diesel) from both Bachmann and Dapol is very good.
  10. I'd try and get more through sidings in the fiddleyard, half your trains are going to have to reverse into the fiddleyard. Also your carriage sidings have no headshunt and can only be shunted via the mainline including crossing to the other line.
  11. One has gone up on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dapol-NC009-GWR-Autocoach-No-187-N-Gauge-Mint-/120629028125?pt=UK_Trains_Railway_Models&hash=item1c160ce51d
  12. Hattons are renowned for a quick turnaround, if you suddenly don't get the service you normally do you'd worry wouldn't you. I'm glad they've moved the mail order side to a warehouse, it's a sign of success and a healthy business I just think it might have been good service to include some sort of message so people who have placed orders are aware of a delay and can plan around it. I might be old fashioned but it is polite. People who were ordering by phone were being advised so why couldn't web buyers get the same? Putting this into perspective, I've done a lot of business with Hattons, this isn't going to stop me doing more business in the future and at the end of the day like you say Beast if you haven't paid for next day then there is a reasonable window in which they can sort the order before it becomes an issue.
  13. On the basis this was prior to March 09 I would think these have been and gone, certainly non of the boxshifters have any listed.
  14. Well if there is an antidote to the image of Model Railway shops being run by quirky old geezers who don't give a rats about customer service this is it.
  15. Placed order late Sunday, well packaged parcel arrived Tuesday morning on standard delivery. It's a great alternative when others are out of stock(hence above order) but my location puts me in reach of Hattons or Waltons by car.
  16. Wouldnt surprise me if a few obscure items find their way onto the site. A move will likely entail a stock take so anything not on the database at the moment that they find will turn up for sale. I was there several months ago and picked up a few MK1 coaches in blood/custard that they didnt know they had because they had gone off the system but were in a cupboard in full view. This was at a time when no-one could get any MK1s other than full brakes and buffets, with hindsight wish I hadnt got them as I could now justify buying some of the new MK1s when they appear.
  17. Or poor information from Hattons, to me they should have warned people on the website that there was a chance of delay due to relocation. When I went into the shop I thought at first they were closing down!! I suspect they haven't mentioned it through fear of losing revenue in the transition period in stocking up the new warehouse. I placed an order with Kernow late on Sunday evening, Tuesday morning item arrived with enough bubble wrap to keep my kids entertained for a week.
  18. For me 304s bring back school memories as my senior lower school backed onto the line between Mauldeth Road and Burnage and sitting in one meant a trip to Crewe. 310s represented a day out to the West Midlands, didnt get to ride them as much as it was also 304s on the Walsall services which I would ride as far as Bescot. Remember using a 350 on a service from Birmingham to Warrington, not a patch on 310 for ambience or comfort. It's odd, one minute they were all there and then they were gone...forever.
  19. But with the latest tender drives kettles should be as good as d&e models, accepted of course that the 3MT would look a bit odd with a tender drive but mine out of the box is operating better than my tender drive Black 5. Interesting though that such a committed Sarf London d&e modeller owns a 3MT and don't be giving me that steam excursion nonsense.
  20. And very competitive prices on Farish.
  21. Can't bring myself to buy a V2, it was a bit of an insult really - when you look at it it was a bit better than what old Farish had been producing but miles behind what we have now - just look at the valve gear and the wheels, not to mention the bottom of the boiler. I think we have Dapol to be thankful to for pushing standards up plus Peco for see through wheels, Bachmann had respond and now look at what both companies are churning out. I'd like to see the V2 suitably re-done but I doubt it will happen, it will be the last model for upgrade I suppose now.
  22. You'd need to add air brake equipment to your locomotives as well as covering over the tenders if they are all converted for oil burning as assuming the worst has happened then there wouldn't be much coal being imported and Welsh coal would be a common as hen's teeth. As the Stationmaster mentioned, the likely location of any locomotives once out of hiding would be somewhere close to a mainline not at a military base in the middle of nowhere. The depot doesn't need to be a steam facility as such because your locomotives would be oil fired - avoiding the need for coaling plant & machinery. For stock just look at what is used on steam charter trains and copy those, you might also want a few first generation diesels in there - (ex) preserved 24s, 25s, 37s and 40s - not too sophisticated to fix and capable of working the same stock as the steam locomotives. For a motif on the locomotives, I would think MOD would cover it off nicely. Doesn't even need to be an Armageddon scenario - a nice solar flare could easily put us back into the dark ages.
  23. I swapped the ponies on my Scot and one of the wheels doesn't turn, haven't swapped over on my Jubilee but I did attempt on the Black 5 and found the wheelset wouldnt fit. I thought it was the screw hole being too small so the screw didnt pass through. But maybe I will try again with the original pony pivot bar. Other than that it is great straight from the box.
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