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  1. I am the opposite when I watch competent layout builders, I think they are all so much better than me.
  2. I used to live next to a motorway, on Christmas day morning the motorway would be all cars going to visit friends and relatives, no business transport beyond taxis. Then late afternoon the lorries would begin, because of course, the supermarkets will be open the following day and need to restock.
  3. You’re quite right, my electronics lingo is based in past experience.
  4. Maybe you could use one of those diagonals to create a circuit on one of your power lines with the corresponding diagonal on your flap - so if the 'bridge' is up there is no power to the rest of the layout and will ensure any locos running sedately in any direction don't plunge into the sea. Something Heath Robinson like a couple of bits of brass on the layout diagonal connected to one of the bus wires that create a circuit when another piece of brass on the flap completes the circuit when the flap is down.
  5. Which leads us to Martin Zero and how this area went from a green and pleasant area into an industrial zone
  6. There's always the train albeit an early start
  7. Thanks had a look for it on NLS maps tonight whilst also looking at this image of Openshaw including Gorton. Whats interesting in this image are the buildings to the north of Gorton Tank - all rail served with a track out of Gorton over the Ashton Old Road, this tracks around the buildings with spans of sidings in Openshaw and meanders north till it reaches Philips Park where it ends alongside the LNW route from Park to Stalybridge, but seemingly was not connected nor was it a junction.
  8. Well I am happy as a pig in mud back in N - everything is blurred and I have to get right up next to my 24s and 25s to tell them apart for their DCC addresses. But if these are up for a RevolutioN shrink ray, I'll purchase some.
  9. But we're all looking forward to Sam's Trains testing them on his carpet and explaining to his parents it wasn't him that did it.
  10. Well accurascale have real flushing toilets in their new Mk2s, a proper big job achievement which will make everyone's four foot that little more realistic.
  11. The wider issue is the proliferation of large powerful vehicles that can travel at double the national speed limit - not helped by their replacement with similarly powerful electric vehicles that have blistering acceleration. No-one needs a car that can get to 60 in 5 seconds (except perhaps the emergency services), neither does anyone need a car that can do more than 100 mph but the manufacturers continue to build them and leasing makes them extremely affordable. When I was 18 I really wanted a 205 GTi, never got one though I did nearly purchase a Suzuki Swift GTi that had ridiculous performance, commonsense led me to an Orion 1.6i instead. Since then I've stuck to family friendly cars until my latest purchase a lowly Focus with an eco engine that does everything I need it to.
  12. Interesting and not surprising. I use my speed limiter in my car much more often than the cruise control - it gives me control whilst keeping me within limits so I don't have to panic when I see a camera, especially the average speed ones.
  13. Semantics, a person going out with a gun or a knife with intention to do harm is very different to someone getting into a car under the influence - in the latter they have lost control of their senses in the former, they are fully aware of what it is they intend to do. I don't disagree people who drive vehicles under the influence of something are a danger, but they don't set out to harm someone. Yes there should be a punishment with a prison sentence but it's not the same as someone intending to harm another person.
  14. Intent - unless the driver aimed the car at a victim and used it as the weapon.
  15. Browsing Flickr I came across these images of an old rail connected distribution centre, I once walked past in in the four foot and got a telling off from someone who worked there.  I'd never seen any images of this place till now and I realised that now I have no-one to share this with as anyone who may have been interested is no longer with me, how sad...

    23-09-1970_TP&B_SPD Ltd Alexandra Road_TP Appeal


    23-09-1970_TP&B_SPD Ltd Alexandra Road_TP Appeal


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    2. woodenhead


      I've just dug out some old photos I took of Fallowfield station after the track was lifted - there were piles of wooden sleepers scattered about - I guess that answers the question.


      The pics aren't very good, not worth posting, I should have gone out with a camera when there was track, maybe even trains lol.

    3. DavidLong


      SPD Ltd (Speedy Prompt Delivery) was the distribution arm of Van den Burghs and a division of Unilever.  They had a number of sites around the country and, I think,  usually had a rail connection. Van den Burghs had a large factory at Port Sunlight and did a lot of distribution by rail. The SPD depots did local deliveries by road after receiving the main consignments from BR. They seem to have picked some unfortunate sites that seemed to suffer from the adjacent railway suffering closure. This was certainly the case at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Plodder Lane in Bolton and, indeed, your site at Wilbraham Road.

    4. woodenhead


      The line outlived their railway connection by at least 20 years, I think they shut the actual depot in the 1980s, a decade or more after they lost the rail connection.

  16. Found this image from 1970 showing the rail bridge to Oldham Road Goods over the Miles Platting bank still in situ.
  17. Found these images from 1972 of Newtown sidings in use, you can see Red Bank in the background. Taken from a road that no longer exists As a challenge, might anyone know what this viaduct in Cheetham Hill/Crumpsall might be that is being demolished in the same year?
  18. Good news, Hattons have a job lot of z gauge in the secondhand section today, you could go all German
  19. I would guess it is infilling the gaps - Southport next I would imagine and if they did Kirby & Walkden too it would eliminate most diesels west out of Victoria.
  20. So the first spoil train arrives, in Parliament the Transport Secretary jubiliantly announces that the first HS2 train arrives in Sheffield to prove to the naysayers that the Eastern leg isn't cancelled and already the North is feeling the benefit of HS2.
  21. It's quite simple, if the height differences upset you so much, just don't buy any Mark 2 coaches from either Bachmann or Accurascale and stick to Mark 1s. There, sorted.
  22. Quite how you will prise the 323s away from Cheshire I don't know - they tried it with the 319s, didn't go down well in Wilmslow and those people from Hadfield and Glossop do like their 323s too.
  23. Something else I have done is stay logged out of Facebook. In fact it was Facebook that did it after the app refreshed so I thought, that’s a sign, so I stayed logged out. Been a week now..
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