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    I like trains and enjoy small branch line models and close to the end of steam
  1. It could be done by using a block wheel separate the rim from the plastic spokes and coupling robs and add them to a geared worm gear which would lock them into position after a few turns allowing for wheel spin without the rim spinning.Just an idea jon
  2. Today i have visited cradley heath and enjoyed the show partly because i was operating however i got talking as you do and after 9 straight hours of operating i came home i have looked at the net and have found photos as regarding elements of what i wish to create but due to the stupid annoying thing called copyright i cannot show you however i have worked out how do do my wiring power and track plan scenery and buildings and how they will fit and also how to make it feasible to the period my story is that its a remote station however has hourly push pull services rolling in and by and is a ma
  3. Due to recent misfortunes in the garage I am unable to start work however believe I will be able to start soon as I clear my garage which may be able to start work with the boards another random hint if you by shelf's from b&q by window shelf's and brackets in stead as there cheaper and longer plus are gloss white from shop.So should be well under way by next week.-jon
  4. That thought it not just a thought but a good one thanks mate that kills two birds with one stone my power and my banking idea thanks Ian also ive started today on my viaduct and have opted to make it in two sections the top curve and track and the pillars separate.Also word to the wise get yourselves a compass cutter if you intend to use lots of curves in your buildings._jon
  5. Me again i am still deciding how to provide power if "DC" or "dcc" on one hand DC is simple and cheaper however dcc can run two locos but with sufficient power this can be achieved on DC i am leaning towards DC however im unsure how to uncouple the last loco i am thinking a magnetic system another suggestions it must uncouple on the move and be cheap and not uncouple the train but the banker engine.
  6. The layout i am planing and slowly coming into light is a 00 gauge layout featuring a station and over 1m viaduct leading out towards a fiddle yard i ma hopping to show banking and plan to use dcc i have the space i have the baseboard i have the way in which to put it up all i need now is track trains and scenery. I plan to use oasis for my scenery first of all because it when damp and varnished provides a better base than paper mashe our plaster cloth in that its cheaper can be reused and also is pre-painted green and acts as a great undercoat for what foliage you place above (i have used bo
  7. thank you lads thats the answer i was looking for im building a scrachbuild viaduct and was trying to make the internal curves
  8. I am trying to bend plastic there is only two methods that i can think of a chopping the sheet and bending it in slats our scribing down into the plastic to make the curve has anybody tried this and is it the best option?
  9. emperor3005

    Im back

    After much trial and error from my moving people projects a friend pointed out that the waist would allow the torso to flop over so from now on all 00 scale people stay complete,however i am please to mention i have finally completed a rake of BR coaches consisting of 1x BR push pull coach 1x guards coach,2x BR mk1 coaches form the new build your own model railway publication for which issue 1 is the only good bit. Due to moving in recent weeks i cannot find a loco to suit so though not completely correct the flying Scotsman (this one is all original unlike the real one) will be taking this jo
  10. I've decided to go for slaters sheet as unlike se the product do not need to order awkwardly and i have seen good examples of models using slaters sheet which have been very effective
  11. thanks handy tips from you two thank you for the advice and with that i can make my selection on what to buy
  12. If you are reading this chances are you know the answer to the below question: Which is the best pasticard Embossed Sheet manufacturer? As i have tried wills kits sheet which seems pretty good but am tempted to go to expo tools for other bits is this wise our would i be wasting money?
  13. Yes folks im back with this same think however i am actually going to try a prototype that promises to have no faults and that will walk properly the board i am doing at the moment is only small but is detailed and should support the person well and should make my scale cars look good as well as the train in the background it is a diorama but should have life as it is not a photo so i hope my cars should intrest if pepole go rotten .
  14. Developments show as i start my simple diorama to take part in this years club contest layed the balast sorted the cars sorted the trains sorted the buildings sorted the track the only thing to do now is to make a tree decorate the landscape and put it all together.when i am finished ill bring the pictures straight to you just you wait.
  15. Of the trains no and of the layout no sorry
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