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    Near the 15" gauge and the 5"gauge, far from standard gauge, but 25 miles from Calais.
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    BR to 1990ish; old buses. DB era 4. Originator and builder of New Annington; Tidmouth Junction and Rath Ost (DB).

    Hate DCC control, far too complicated. Give me a box of relays any day.

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  1. You can get miniature yellow LEDS, we used them on New Annington in the mid 1980s.
  2. Add to my previous comment that the platform starters would only be capable of showing a "proceed" aspect without route indication when the road is set towards DM. Any move to UM would be a wrong line shunt move.
  3. From right to left, the signal facing the platform on the DM would be a shunt signal with theatre indicator with 6 options, not a main aspect. the DM is not a reversible line and no passenger movements in the Up direction. subsidiary signal A? will be a yellow/white ground signal showing 2 whites when the road is set to DM; similarly B? with 2 routes UM or DM. The "arrival" signal at UM will have theatre indicators for the route setting plus a subsidiary signal for entering an occupied platform for coupling units up or light engine onto train. There would a
  4. When I was in charge of the MRC's New Annington layout we ran 40 wagon MGR trains with no problems, 8 car HST pushing and pulling, 12 car coaching stock etc all with no problems. The MGRs had the swivel axles fied by the simplr expedient of heating a track pin and pushing it through the bogie and into the chassis, no glue required. Go for the biggest radius you can. As for steam locos, I've got a Finecast P class 0-6-6T that will pull 34 wagons on my layout, I've got a video of it but this site won't allow it because the file is too big.
  5. Having been a member of the MRC since about 1964 I'm pleased to ay I've seen this project through from the early planning stage to what it is today. I was a very active member until about 20 years ago when domestic circumstances changed. Regrettably I've not been to Keen House for quite a few years now, but am pleased to see that progress is still being made on CF. Good luck to Tim, Mike an all the others for making such a superb model. This one has certainly stood the test of time.
  6. And I was always told the streets of London were paved with gold. oh well...
  7. What you forgot to add to the equation is the 33/1 and 73 can run in multiple with BR stock. How about 8CEP/4EPB/2xMLV and a 33/1 on the other end?
  8. The speed of the train is always limited by the lowest speed of any vehicle in the train. The back emf on the traction motors of the slower speed unit will not permit that unit to run much faster than 75mph. It was drummed into us at Waterloo South Side training school for 6 months. And in my time as a driver at Addiscombe, 1979-1980, we had regular EPB workings from CX to Gilligham. If the electrical index exceeded that stated in the working instructions, the driver could always the control cut-out switch to isolate motors in one coach, hence a 12-whatever with 2xMLV could run with
  9. Yes, I read the report yesterday morning. It makes for sad reading. the 2 drivers involved were very experienced men. The oor chap who lost his life was taking a short cut between units during heavy rain, there was only a bout a foot between the units and one moved. The report exposes the disjointed rule books now employed by the various TOCs, NR and its contractors. In my view there should be ONE rule book for all like there used to be along with the sectional appendices with local instructions. There was an assumption at Tyesley that there was a noise abatement order
  10. I can't remember the motor or gearbox I used! I got them about 15 years ago. I think BR black livery will be the easiest to do. If I want the SECR I'll buy the Bachmann version, ready painted. I really must post you that Ks Motorail bogie...
  11. I've loaded the video to FB if anyone knows me on there either on my own page or Lost Boys 1968-1988..
  12. Here's a few pics of the South East Finecast model with etched chassis and small motor and a video if it loads on here. The P will pull about 35 wagons! Computer says video is too big to load on here. Shame really.
  13. The Waterloo & City line uses the turnover crew in the peak hour. As one train arrives at Bank, another crew is ready in position to take it out again, same at Waterloo in the "fiddle yard". The Indian Railways are something else when it comes to crush loadings, having seen it at first hand. when I was there in 1987 the service from Mumbai and Madras was nowhere near as intensive as it is these days. The EMU stock had the same controllers and brake as the SR BIG/CIG/CEP etc stock. they weren't too concerned about draughty cabs as it was a bit warmer over there.
  14. I've not used the spring compression of buffers, it's not really possible in service. the only time was on arrival at a terminus on loco hauled stock, apply train brake, just as the train is about to stop, apply loco air brake fully, that compresses the buffers on the loco and first coach which saves having to set back to ease the coupling to unhook. SUB stock only had centre buffers in the inner end. It was possible to break couplings on an 8 or 12 car formation by partially releasing the Westinghouse brake. It was possible for the rear 4 (or 8) to be applying while the front 4 were rele
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