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  1. The two pictures above of the Hornby model appear to be the same, which one is in the correct livery as I have seen both models advertised I guess it is the more orange colour shown in the first picture as opposed to the red in the second one shown, though I think the red looks better compared with the original, nice picture shown at Sandbach. Are 4mm transfers available for these may be CCT.
  2. What is the BTF video these photos were taken from.
  3. Who makes the best transfers trying to match to the Bachmann diesel ones, tried the PC Models.
  4. Thanks Kier for the link nice layout by the way.
  5. I was using the above picture by Kier Hardy as an example may be he has more to show any more models of red support coaches specially ones for the London Midland Region 1960s.
  6. What a stupid design not easy to access thanks for the replies.
  7. I cannot remove the body on mine all six screws removed seems to be glued solid at both ends, any one else had this problem and how did they solve this or is it best to return.
  8. paul 27

    Oxford N7

    If not mentioned before has this a 5 or 3 pole motor any more information on these are they quiet who makes these for Oxford.
  9. No I don't need telling that I have enough of the older models, I purchased this new model for obvious reasons plus it has lights, my main concern was it seems slightly smaller in height I doubt it has been scanned.
  10. Thanks Porky Mane, I don't think mine does its quiet in one direction but leading number 1 end has a motor rattle noise.
  11. How do you access the motor for oiling, thanks.
  12. Why because they were cheaper no logic in that, I was referring to the previous models being good value and detailed enough for the price.
  13. Having purchased one I find the body sits quite lower than my other 24s and 25s nobody has mentioned this, does this mean Bachmann are scaling down there locos, it looks like its the body not the chassis that is shorter in height, may be this new model has been scanned for accurate dimensions.
  14. Any one know what motor is fitted in the 24/1 I don't think its the same as the previous models, not mentioned by any one is the quality of the plastic reminds me of that recycled brittle finish found now, I know the detail has improved but I had no issues with the previous 24 and 25 models and at half the price, it feels lighter and not as robust body sits a lot lower on the slimmer bogies, are Bachmann now heading for HO rather than there previous 00 models if this is the case there will be no more purchases from me.
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