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  1. Any one made this to show yet, interested in recommendations for people who do a kit building service for these.
  2. paul 27

    Bachmann K3

    Looking to purchase one of there late br models, is the older model as good as there latest offering, what is the difference between the standard and stepped tender are they of similar height.
  3. Thanks for all the pictures.
  4. That's my reason as well, hope this is not the future for there larger locos.
  5. Well only asked as I don't want coreless, any way purchased there latest model and it runs perfectly, with there can motor.
  6. Lovely model does any one do the end ladders for these.
  7. To contact them you have to join there site tried this but unsuccessful, I read somewhere a member on here makes or designed them.
  8. Yes I know just wanted an easy conversion, not worried about the 4mm being short.
  9. No I have not did a search missed that one thanks for the link.
  10. Looking at there last made model I see no difference than the first issue, only the later has blue writing instead of yellow, which is correct for the BR period as I cannot find any period colour photos. As to updating the chassis has any one used the 3D plastic ones available.
  11. Do these have coreless motors, someone on here mentioned the latest V1 / V3 has, I thought it was the Whickham and 009 models that only had these due to there small size.
  12. paul 27

    DJM on DC

    Did not know the new Ivatt and VI/3 used Coreless motors does this apply to the new 3mt tank.
  13. So there is no UK outlet to order from will have to contact there European one, thanks.
  14. Looking to purchase one of the 6 wheel LMS chassis, are there any outlets in the U.K or do you have to purchase from the U.S, are these well detailed can only see one picture on there site.
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