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  1. Hello Everyone, I have an axle from an O gauge pannier and the con rod bolt had snapped on it place I tried to repair it without success. I'm looking for one wheel if anyone had one for some obscure reason. Dapol don't list an ungeared axle as a spare. Your Hopefully. G.
  2. Hello Eveyrone, I'm looking for a tool to remove these conrod bolts they have two flat sides but the other sides are rounded and none of my tools are any good for removing then apart from pliers which make a mess. Does anyone know, there is nothing listed apart from the tool for the N gauge pannier?. Your Hopefully, G.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a Farish Railcar Poole edition that's missing it's internals everything motor shafts gears etc. Has anyone pictures or drawings of what should be in there?. I'm going to scrap a 33 for some parts just need to know what else I might need or to order. Yours hopefully. G.
  4. Can Dapol bogies be converted to 2mmfs. I have a single car dmu class 121 and have two dummy bogies for it, i've got the missing gear 16t for the princely sum of 60p it just clicks in, so i have one set to run on standard track and would like to know if the wheels can be turned to fine scale as the bogies just pull out and click in so would seem like an easy option. I've taken some pics so hopefully that might help What say you. Thanks, G.
  5. It's platform time at my station that currently has no name. I have used some peco brick edging and tried it for size and height against Dapol dmu purchase. Seems ok height wise next to do some markings with a pencil held to the size of the dmu while it tries out the platform and bay area. Skipping forward a little i have most of the platform together i made a card template for the curved entry into the bay by rubbing the card with a pencil while overlaid on the track then transferred to plastic card and glued to the inside o
  6. So what have we been up to well things have been progressing between work i sprayed the track with black paint from that one pound store and then misted over some grey primer the Nevard way which looks ok so far, cleaned the rail surfaces and test ran some trains. Ballasting has now commenced a small section at a time as it's one of the tasks i hate the most but made easier after i saw a video on the tube about easy ballasting where the presenter uses a sponge to wipe the ballast along the track - geneious. A couple of views here part ballasted and with black matt spray
  7. Hello, I have a second hand Bachmann pannier and the previous own had glued head a tail lamps on. The one on the coal bunker rear is particularly bad. Any top tips to clean it up. Thanks G.
  8. Hi, Are the O gauge items Wisbech and upwell tram loco and four wheel coach available I could not see them on shape ways. Are they available through another outlet. I'd quite like to finish the build of the team loco chassis etc. Thank. G.
  9. Moving on i had drilled through the peco point arm hole with an appropriate size drill in both positions and then opened up from underneath. Next i cut some blocks of wood marked and drilled the centre and ran an 8mm brad bit drill through. To save time one positions under the board i used a hot glue gun to mount it. Next step mount the point motor these were all pre-assembled i make a little production line and do a batch at a time. Two scrap pieces of plastic either side of the point blades centre the point or more importantly the hole where th
  10. Hello Everyone, I have been inspired to do something during the current events. I'm lucky enough to work from home so we don't leave the house much a couple of times a week if we have to. I'm into 2mmfs and a member of the society but progress has been slow i've made some track but my first society chassis had not yet run and it's on the back burner things did not go well. So, i've collected some N gauge stock to convert of to play with and i thought as the fine scale is not moving at the moment i'd like to have somewhere to run the trains.
  11. Hello Folks, I've been looking for one of these for a little while unfortunately i'm late to the party, i have a couple more TTS decoders which after a speaker change sound ok. My question is i've read that on some sites it's being shown as discontinued. Is there going to be a new version?. Pandemic aside they seem like a nice cheap way to get some sounds i wonder if they will do some other versions - hopefully they make money from them. Thx, G.
  12. Hello, Here's a more up to date link for the show. http://www.rdrms.com/exhibitions1.html Come and have a look free parking after 4 and all day Sunday. G.
  13. Hello Fellow Show Goers, So just to follow on after some good advice 'boureagain' I emailed the ticket factory which is no easy feat several webpages later I got a contact us style page. But once I did it was plain sailing they responded in good time took some details emailed me another ticket to print out, I guess the first one is cancelled, and refunded me £2 to make the ticket total £10. I did explain the note on the site saying enter promo code for BRM on the next page, the next page, the next page - it was harder to find than an honest politician (yep n
  14. Hello All, That time again trying to get tickets for the show, who do i raise my disappointment with this year?. I've been to the website I've put my details in entered my promo code and the transaction went through at the standard price. So what should i do now?. Help. G.
  15. Do we know if there is a bag drop facility this year it was very handy last time?. The G.
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