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    Narrow Gauge and Industrial.... Model to 7/8ths and 1/2th scales. About to start in 4mm again too!

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  1. Check out #TwitterModelTrainShow on Twitter. An attempt to do this on Saturday on that platform .
  2. That is a lovely photo! Six years ago... Arrrgh Makes me realise how long it's been since I worked on a loco. You have reignited my modelling spirit. Time to have at the loco I've been procrastinating over I think. Good luck with the dreaded burrowing fiends. I will be awaiting developments and photos of your line with anticipation.
  3. Goodness is it that long ago? Checking out your video channel I am glad to see you still have the hunslet type loco, I'm sure we ran that at Robs one year? I've always liked it. I'm glad we don't get rabbits looking at that but I want to know where all my ballast goes when the local Blackbirds are busy chucking it everywhere... I need to get more yet again I must say if I have to build again I would like a more open line like yours as my bushes and trees are getting a bit much these days.
  4. Watching with interest, I think I remember your previous line. The Bagnall looks fab, as does everything else. Those photos and vids ooze atmosphere!
  5. Speaking as someone who's other hobby (birdwatching) has been the victim of several awful documentary's over the years etc my advice now-a-days for things like this is run, run away very fast. Every one has been sold as "bringing the hobby into the mainstream", or "its going to be a serious film" then degenerated into a mocking and cringe worthy exercise that has ended up making those who are involved look very silly or just making the whole thing a joke, for the general public to laugh at and point at as to the sadness of the hobby. Not one has been a good portrayal of the hobby for a long, l
  6. Ha I like the Starwars model. Now did Tatooine have a 2ft narrow gauge line I wonder!
  7. People might get the wrong idea if its too steamed up Seriously though, it doesn't actually look that bad tbh. I can live with it I think. I wish Airfix would re-issue these Wallace and Gromit kits, I regret not getting the Landy and Tractor....
  8. Now as I was working on all this my eyes fell on an old Airfix 1/12th Austin kit based on Wallace and Gromits van. I had built this pretty much out of the box a few years ago and it had served on my garden railway for a while. However I had never been happy with the molded rust patches and dents etc. However hard I tried I could not get the rusty bits to look right. So I decided to do some work on it in time for the November exhibition. I decided to do a restoration job on it, and it turned out I ended up using the same filler etc you would use on a full size car! I used car bo
  9. Anyhow, work continued to detail parts of the landscape etc! A broken skip frame casting I had been given by a friend in the trade was embedded in the water and rusted up and more reeds planted, they still look sparse in this picture! Now as the layout is set in early spring (there are daffodils and dandelions in flower) some bare trees were required, so out into the garden I went. Thankfully we had been pruning the previous year and I pile up the cuttings to create wildlife habitats so a plentiful supply of suitable twigs was waiting. As the setting is coastal I didn't want big trees
  10. Thanks! having seen your lovely Two Sisters farm I can say that is right up my street too!
  11. Thank You! Not sure as to exhibitions as we don't have any invites as of now, but there is a possible in 2017 if it comes off.
  12. Yes Paul, we are probably moving... the garden line has been taken up atm too Not found a new place yet though, its got to have a garden big enough to house the outdoor line etc LOL
  13. Blimey its been a long time! The Layout did get sort of finished in the last months of 2014 and appeared at Lincoln Garden Railway show in the November, sadly the last time Steve Warrington would organise it. A sad loss to the garden railway scene was Steve. I thought I'd better get the thread up to date! We left the layout with the basic ground work going in. I continued working on this using the same methods to produce the grass and vegetation. The pond had to be done too. This was simply done using a layer of clear plastic over the slightly detailed bottom of the pond. The plastic w
  14. Well we had a successful trip to SWING2014... till I collapsed on the way home and ended up in Chichester A&E Must be all that excitement Model Railway exhibitions cause Happily we were to continue home after about 5 hours! But I've been somewhat under the weather since..... So all that caused a short break in the layout building, but as the Telford NG exhibition draws ever closer I have to get the thing into some sort of order.... So the landscaping on the extension has commenced. I built up the land profile using traditional polystyrene and card formers (to keep the weight down)
  15. Well, the farm just got set up to prepare it for its first outing to an exhibition in 2014, we will be at Bognor Regis at SWING2014 on Saturday 17th May. When it got set up I found that all my long grass was flat, amazing what a wash and blow dry will achieve! Now I don't think I've ever given a layout a hair do before! I also remembered the hens and chicks I had in a drawer and got round to putting them in place, its amazing how useful some of those childhood toys from Brittens have become! Also today I had to whip up a driver for the Ruston, sadly he will have to make do with a temporar
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