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  1. Does anyone have a paint issue on their 87001 where the yellow above the cab windows does not quite meet the lower cab roof where it should? Cheers, 60800
  2. 60800

    Hornby Star Class

    Obviously it's been a fair while since it was released, but for those of you that bought the original run of Lode Star - was the LH tender lining wonky on yours? I've had two of them - the original was returned as it didn't run and I got stuck with the second as they had no more to swap it with. Both suffered with the wonky lining and I don't want to attempt to remove the wonky portion as I know nothing matches Hornby GWR lining. Unless anyone knows different? Cheers, 60800
  3. Just picked up my 87001 - very happy with it, although I haven't had a good look at the pantograph yet. Hornby notes that 87002 is due this month Cheers, 60800 EDIT: Yeah another -1 for the pantograph. I've modified the mountings so that it's a loose fit and can be removed for storage.
  4. Hi all, can anyone advise if the maroon model of 46207 has the correct valve gear, crosshead and fittings to do 46203 please? Cheers, 60800
  5. With passing sets in my future recreation of Doncaster I Will. Sets also periodically end up the wrong way around due to diverts. Cheers, WV908
  6. I would prefer new Mk4's but can accept the old ones as they can be modified to look ok; It's the DVT that's the problem - when we sit the old DVT next to the new 91 it's not going to look great. Cheers, WV908
  7. Is there the potential to still produce the MK4's, but accompanied by the class 89? At least two if not three potential liveries for it and those buying Hornby 91's will be snapping Cavalex's hands off for the rolling stock. Cheers, 60800
  8. I think Hornby have certainly gone about it the wrong way - they have a hole cut into the valance of the loco. I'd prefer something like a swinging bar arrangement that clips onto the bogie or the underframe behind the valance and goes underneath it - one type for CL91 to DVT connection and another with an NEM pocket on one end for cl67 drags. Cheers, 60800
  9. Happy new year to the team too. It's great to hear something so soon and for it to be positive, but realistic news at that. I've sent my reply too, as I would very much like the 91119 and 91116 I have ordered and keep the prospect of a company giving us a full set. Cheers, 60800
  10. 60800

    Hornby APT 2020

    Had a look at Tesco. The catalogue has less information than the website.... Cheers, 60800
  11. 60800

    APT Resurrection?

    I've just realised that my estimates were worked around the cost of the N gauge sets which were cheaper (a source of the OO gauge prices is no longer available) so the discrepancy is likely to be that the Hornby APT is only around 60% of the price of the DJM one, which is bonkers. The hit of £250 was more than I thought it was (£100 more as I jumped ship early on), but still with that hit I think you'll end up with a 7 car set for less! Cheers, 60800
  12. 60800

    Hornby APT 2020

    You'd have one less to re-home as I'd be looking at shifting my spare TRSB, if you want to keep note of this for the future But yes, it looks like you'd need to shift the APT-U, the spare TS, TF and TU Cheers, 60800
  13. 60800

    Hornby APT 2020

    This has been confirmed. Cheers, 60800
  14. 60800

    APT Resurrection?

    It's been stated in a couple of places now that the new Hornby tooling has all been done in-House. DJM tried to sell his scan data etc but no-one wanted it. There are a few major points to consider here regarding viability of an APT; Hornby is a massive, well known brand - DJM was not. Hornby is available in every model shop - DJM was not. Hornby is producing this risk free to the customer - DJM was not. Hornby is producing this at a realistic price, comparable to HST sets - DJM was not I could go on, but Hornby is a more trusted company and is producing this APT at less than 70% of the DJM price. If I recall the prices correctly, even those who lost money on the DJM effort will still be able to get a new Hornby APT (with loss included) cheaper than or equal in price to the crowdfunded cost of the DJM model Cheers, 60800
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