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  1. I'm building Donny circa 2019, so although I have my sound fitted one as above, I do really need a pair Cheers, WV908
  2. Really surprised by but also really happy with this announcement. Sadly I can't renumber 008 as she has the original cantrail grilles.... So any chance of 56006 as preserved please? Oh and I wouldn't mind a Colas one either please to go with this that I only bought a month ago; Cheers, 60800
  3. 60800

    Preorder email

    I can't agree more, as I certainly don't trust Facebook as a source for anything like this and it does appear to be hearsay. No-one has been able to back it up, seemingly the only 'evidence' being what has happened with Hattons. As said, this has cropped up literally in the last couple of days and has exploded. I last spoke to one of the shops I have orders with about a month ago and, at the time, they seemed to have no clue what Hornby was doing with anything and if they would get their allocations that they had ordered or not. It's unsettling regardless.
  4. 60800

    Preorder email

    100% yes - and I doubt we will get confirmation either way. I am aware that a significant number of the members on here do not partake in any other form of social media so I thought I would highlight the recent discussions elsewhere. Over the last day or two talk of these tiers has exploded and they all pretty much come to the conclusion I have summarised above I wouldn't know - but seemingly if a contract has expired then Hornby has no obligation to fulfill Hatton's pre-orders? Indeed in the past, Hattons and many others have received huge cuts
  5. 60800

    Preorder email

    This tier system is now doing the rounds on Facebook and is pretty much summed up as follows; Tier 1 gets the pick of the crop Tier 2 slightly restricted but most things are delivered Tier 3 cannot pre-order stock and instead gets what is left over from Hornby's online sales. Examples given are Kernow etc are tier 1, most smaller shops are tier 2 and a very small handful, including Hattons are dumped down in tier 3. Take it as you will, but if this is really the case it is not good. Ordering direct from Hornby is my la
  6. Hi Jason, I probably should have expanded my original comment as I in fact share your view! The 'oh dear' was referring to another small manufacturer being stomped on, but as you say, their customer relations policy and batch size is erm 'interesting' to say the least. Cheers, 60800
  7. To have been a fly on the wall in the marketing meetings for the 24.... Oh dear. No new 90's so to echo the sentiments above, wallet safe for a while. Watch the autumn new tool announcement be a Deltic *facepalm*
  8. I mentioned this in the Locomotion models thread but neglected to here, but, the current delay of the arrival of the V2's is due to the entire running plate being retooled to remove the wave and the ski-jump. Original delivery estimates were March / April - the V2's are now expected in August but the Precedents will be first. Cheers, 60800
  9. 60800

    Preorder email

    I fail to see the point in pre-ordering at all with Hornby now. It's got to the point where I've even cancelled the pre-orders I have at other retailers bar Hattons (who cancelled all of mine anyway) and I'll just join the bun fight when stock arrives. The last thing I want is to be sat on a pre-order, watch it go on for sale and then sell out everywhere else and then be contacted to say my pre-order cannot be fulfilled. Over the last six years or so this has happened multiple times, so, for Hornby at least, I just won't bother any more. Cheers, 608
  10. £130 price increase when the tooling costs were covered by the first batch? Ouch (no need for anyone to lecture me on why - I understand how economics, production fees, wages, transport fees, import fees etc have changed). Glad I got mine in the first run. Still, even at this price it massively undercuts what people have been willing to pay second hand. What was the record for a sound fitted one on ebay? £1900-ish? It's nice to see it reappear regardless. Cheers, 60800
  11. My wording encompasses passenger carrying runs only - you can add an extra two or three ECS runs per day for the EMR sets. Some Saturdays can be discounted too when they don't run at all. I was comparing feasibility to what Hornby is releasing this year - indeed a normal livery set will eclipse these in terms of running turns. Cheers, 60800
  12. Depending on which diagrams it gets put on, that's ether three or four rostered passenger carrying trips a day, so between 96 and 128 in-service runs between now and retirement. The LNER Farewell pair managed four passenger carrying trips and the LSL set has at present managed one I think? Going purely on service numbers, EMR's 43274 will probably do more runs in one month than the LSL set in will in five or possibly ten years. Taking into account service length though, the LSL set will make the most sense as it will likely run for years, second will be 43
  13. 60800

    Preorder email

    Nothing against you, but this is what really gets me; pre-orders as a rule should be first come first serve. I had my entire set ordered within half an hour of it appearing on the website and it was cancelled right at the start of pre-orders being chopped, yet someone orders it a full day after me and a set is still allocated to them until now. Bravo Hattons, bravo....
  14. Do it do it do it. Take my money now! These are the only two 37s I have seen in my hometown of Scunthorpe;
  15. Definitely not wishlisting haha, just joining in with the conversation Oookay then..... Erm, back to Deltics?
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