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  1. The bagpipes and their history Invented by the ancient Greeks who gave them to the Romans who gave them to the French Celts (Bretons) who passed them on to the Irish who gave them to the Northumbrians who passed them northwards to the Scots The Scots still have not seen the joke.
  2. Pre-grouping running rights and through coaches is probably a topic all of its own. I know the LYR had through coaches from Liverpool/Manchester to Newcastle and had running rights (along with the GCR) into Hull Paragon (NER).
  3. I missed that it was a 7mm project - sorry. Maybe Brassmasters could be induced to produce in 7mm. I would doubt that the work involved would be very great in terms of artwork, although etching to larger sheets might be more problematic.
  4. You may be able to save a lot of grief by simply using the Brassmasters 6 wheel chassis. http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/cleminson_underframe.htm
  5. I do very much agree Tony but between those halcyon days and todays picture book display we seemed to go though a stage (not entirely eliminated) of very formulaic articles A typical example being: Construction Techniques Baseboards were constructed in the typical way with 6mm/9mm/15mm ply / chipboard / Sundela / MDF tops supported by a 9mm/15mm ply / 2x1/3x1 soft wood frame with legs made from softwood/ply and fixed/designed to fold up for transportation for exhibitions. Track work was from Peco code 100/83/75 / SMP/ Marcway and was ballast
  6. Sadly no Philip. As I tried to explain above, Hornby, Bachmann, Maerklin etc. can import from China import duty free since the tariff for model railways is zero. That however is for commercial (business to business) transactions. For private purchases (you or me buying from a UK model shop) duty will become applicable if the landed value (cost plus transport plus insurance plus handling) is above €150. The €150 limit applies to all goods (fags and booze excepted) irrespective of what their commercial import tariff may be.
  7. All those cases are private sales since the buyer is a (private) individual and not a commercial business.
  8. I think you misunderstand and it is probably because we are very lax with the use of the word duty. There is a zero tariff (duty) for the commercial import of goods which are classified as toys of the sort we use as model railways. There is a duty payable for goods imported privately into the EU with a value of more than €150. It is the same in the Netherlands as it is in Cyprus but it should not be confused with the zero tariff for commercial imports of model railway equipment. This duty on private imports is applicable for almost all goods except for al
  9. If Franco Prussian, why KPEV? More logical would be EL _ Elsass-Loethringen - Alsace Lorraine. From memory there was almost no Franco Prussian border - Saarland perhaps(but did EL isolate that section of border?) but the Pfalz (Palatinate) was Bavarian (aka Bavarian Siberia and used as such) , and to the east on the other side of the Rhine was Baden- isolated by the EL. If KPEV then it is just Prussian. As such it is worth remembering that all of the German State railways had right hand running and a number of your track plans do not work quite as I think is intend
  10. Afraid not. he is simply selling at prices excluding VAT. Nothing more and nothing less. VAT is added at the sales point but unless you input an order for delivery to the Uk there is no way to tell if that is a solution or just a way of displaying cheap prices on eBay that are not quite what they seem.
  11. I would (at this stage at least) separate out such cases. There was a very real issue around 31/12. Orders shipped before that date were considered under EU rules for VAT. Orders delivered into the EU after that date were subject to new (for the UK) rules on VAT. With the many delays in delivery at the end of this year, there was a very real possibility that a company and its customer could fall foul of both sets of rules. At least I hope that interpretation is correct.
  12. Mini world Lyon is shut as is minatur Wunderland in Hamburg as is Pendon Arguably these three stand a better chance of long term survival than most. Life for the others does not look rosy.
  13. So just how does that break EU rules. Any package coming into the Eu is subject to import duty if its value is above 150€ and will be subject to local VAT. The only thing that has changed is the the UK now falls into the group of countries that this rule applies to.
  14. On the eyesight front the aging process can also work against you in the opposite way. Having been short sighted from the age of 13 or so, the advantage of this was that for fine work, I could take my glasses off and work with the object just a few centimetres from my nose. Then along came cataracts and the kind surgeon inserted lenses that essentially cured the short-sightedness so now I have to use powerful reading glasses to do the fine work.
  15. I don't think you can make a Thames barge out of it since the back end becomes very cramped to get that mizzen mast in. I tried but decided to leave it as a sprit sail single master. A reasonable representation of a Humber sloop.
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