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  1. UPVC pipe is welded using a pipe solvent that seems to be a thick mix of PVC dissolved in acetone. I would guess that acetone alone would evaporate too quickly, although a test might be interesting. The pipe solvent is probably rather too thick and messy, but perhaps a mix of roughly 1:1 acetone and pipe solvent might give an optimum mix for modelling.
  2. Sadly I think we are going to see quite a bit of this as landlords try and recoup losses elsewhere - and not just relating to model (railway) shops. I think it will take some time and some bad experiences before landlords realise that the new world means they are likely to have to reduce rents to keep an income, not increase them. INTU should be a warning to all landlords.
  3. Any good? It is in the summer sale though I am not sure if it has been reduced (much). https://www.pierredominique.com/art-56759-automotrice-z11518-ter-lorraine-jaune-lythos-sncf.html
  4. Oops I think you are right. The result of looking at far too many photographs and the mind becoming completely addled as a result. Thanks for the correction before I had made the error of starting to apply the decals.
  5. My timespan covers the 1906 start of a move to "3" so I will adopt that to allow the coaches to run with later locomotives. While there are anachronisms between trains seen side by side, I do try and get the train consist consistent.
  6. Many thanks for that Nick. I think the maybes, mosts and somes gives me the basis to make a start with the strong possibility that no one will know better.
  7. That's the size of Lichtenstein's C19 defence measures!
  8. Perhaps to avoid people wasting time I should add that I have consulted the following: British Railway carriages of the 20th century vol 1 - Jenkinson LMS coach drawings - Campling 150 years of Railway Carriages - Kichenside Midland Railway Carriages vol 1 - Lacy and Dow Midland Carriages - Jenkinson and Essery
  9. Having eventually turned the contents of relatively flat plastic sprues into 3 D representations of a Midland clerestory coach body and having (after several aborted attempts) managed to get some lining that a blind man at 200 scale feet would not find too much fault with, I now have the problem of decals and what goes where. The kits were purchased over 25 years ago and while I remember them being a special purchase at the time, £5.35 and £7.09 does seem a bargain by todays standards - ticket prices, so I probably managed to negotiate a small discount on top! I have found a picture of the full brake and this shows "MR" in the central waist panel and the coach number close to the guards ducket in the upper panel. However the lavatory brake 3rd is proving a problem. I can find no pictures of the clerestory coach although pictures of the non-lavatory and non-clerestory coaches are around. So to my questions: I assume "third" was placed in the waist panel of each door and no MR crests for a third class coach. Correct? Or was a "3" placed on the lower door panel? Was the company indicated as "MR" or "Midland Railway" in the waist panel under the toilet windows? Where was the coach running number placed? Any help or a picture is gratefully received.
  10. The issue of Bricks or clicks is an old one - at least 10 years old. Clicks is fine for those of us who are already in the hobby. We know what we are looking for (mainly). Bricks on the other hand allow those on the high street - or increasingly in the trading estate - to peer in the window and maybe just be attracted. Exhibitions also fulfil that role but as we know C19 has temporarily killed off that source of potential newbies to the hobby. So in answer to why B don't just do direct selling, the bricks establishments around the country act as a billboard for their products. Without that where would the next generation of customers come from? Remember that H tried to undercut their Bricks establishments 6 or so years ago with their in house clicks establishment - and that did not end well for H. The clicks establishment remains - but so do their bricks distributors.
  11. I thought GDPR was only an issue if the data was put onto an electronic data storage device.
  12. I think we have to be realistic. Most layout owners are not able to capture professional quality recording of their layouts themselves. So to get "new" footage would have required the pros to descend on the owner, who might well have needed to call in a team of operators, probably breaking all sorts of distancing rules and potentially spreading the C 19 virus.
  13. Repeating what others have said, but it still needs to be said; Thanks to Andy and the BRM team for the organisation. Thanks to the layout owners for allowing us to see their layouts. Thanks to the other contributors who allowed themselves to be interviewed and who shared their view and expertise with us. Thanks to all.
  14. If none of the above work/appeal, one of the more unusual uses of WD40 is removing stubborn stickers on all sorts of bases. You would need to spray between the vinyl and the sign so it would likely be a long slow process but might still be worth a try.
  15. You will find small scale drawings here edition year month/edition page Edit: sorry the data did not transfer across as cleanly as I had hoped First line - continental modeller 4th line - Encyclopedia du Material Moteur tome 6 5th line Les portraits de rail (supplement inside Ferrovisime.
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