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  1. We might expect "instant" mixing of wagon fleets once pooling commenced. I rather think that was far from the case. Although military goods might travel long distances, general trade would continue to have been largely "local" within one company or perhaps from the company next door. As an example of how slow mixing is, when the euro became public currency in 2002, I bought an album to collect an example of each coin from each of the original euro members. 18 years on and I am still missing examples - the 1c and 2c Finnish coins are not surprising because while they h
  2. Regarding the population, remember that many more children were born per household (not all survived of course) and multi-generational households were also common. Probably only broadly indicative, but in my current village, the population in 1911 was in excess of 850. Today it is around 270 but there are not empty properties nor have any been torn down.
  3. I wish Tony, I wish. I also wish there was a shop like that in the South of France. Ok I admit probably at least one glass too many of the vino collapso
  4. English tea is available - around £30+ for an ounce or so. Google Tregothnan.
  5. Unless they have changed it (not impossible having been away for the best part of 30 years) doesn't the capital have Victoria Coach Station?
  6. Well given that China are said to produce 95% of the world's toys, good luck with HMG trying to resurrect the dead (aka UK produced toys)
  7. There is a mistaken belief that illiterate people are in some way stupid and in many cases nothing could be further from the truth. Many develop clever coping strategies which completely hides the fact that they cannot read. If as suggested 10-15% of the population are to some extent illiterate, do we see one person in six walking round dragging their hands on the floor? Of course not but it could well mean that at least one person in the supermarket aisle when you go shopping cannot read. Kevin evidence that wagons largely stayed local. In addition to Stephens example
  8. Yes but see my comment about yard workers not always being railway employees.
  9. Tony Deltic kit Dapol C009 I don't know if it is in production but the auction site you don't use had a few unbuilt ones.
  10. Stephen Yard workers of course may well include non-railway employees - carters, stable boys (for stables other than the railway) and probably others. Gary regarding ensuring all employees were literate, I wonder what tests were applied - or whether a degree of intelligence was assumed to equal literate. In the cases I outlined above I can assure you we would not knowingly have employed illiterate or word/number blind people into a warehouse where the entire day to day operation relies on identifying labels on stock and stock locations. As reported however I found 3 p
  11. That is exactly the point of my second question. If we find that the marks were installed very early on - as seems to be the case for LNWR wagons - and if the use of illiteracy marks in common parlance is also very early then it strengthens the idea that these are exactly as described. If we find however there is a major time gap then the term might well be a simple invention of someone's misunderstanding of their use.
  12. I think that is a very pertinent question John and we might get some understanding if some of the undoubted experts here could indicate when each company started to use the symbols and equally important, if someone can point to when the term "illiteracy mark" first came into use or common usage.
  13. https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/headings/9503 I raise your 9503004100 and bid 9503 where electric trains including track, signals and other accessories has 0% duty. You have expanded into toys other - Toys representing animals or non-human creatures subsection - stuffed (rather appropriately)
  14. Excuse me if I consider this to be an act of academic fantasy. https://www.teacherboards.co.uk/community/adult-illiteracy-in-the-uk/#:~:text=According to the National Literacy Trust a major,in 5 adults struggle to read and write. So if both are right (and I really doubt your source) where did it all go wrong between 1910 and 2020? I have had the "privilege" of working with lower grade workers in the UK, Germany and France and the numbers look to be very much the same in all those countries. The actual definitions are different in each country but we always
  15. Would you like to explain where the only comes from please. WTO regulations have toys as zero rated across the world. That is why Chinese made toys come into the EU and the UK duty free - and it does not matter whether the sales company is Hornby, Bachmann, Jouef, LS Models, Heris or any of the other companies that rely on Chinese manufacture.
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