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  1. No it is actually in better condition so obviously LJs.... Can't find a shot online quickly of the emergency training, but this is close ....
  2. The car looks like its the vehicle that BR and the Fire Brigade use for emergency training on level crossings Andy!!! Rich
  3. Hi Dave, Looking good - as you say a real WCML feel to things. In answer to your OHL query, @Clive Mortimore is probably the chap to ask as he is very knowledgable on the subject. Rich
  4. Hi Alan, Somebody will no doubt be along with the info you need but if all else fails drop a PM to Paul Chetter ( @pauliebanger ) on here and I am sure he'll offer you advice. Paul is one of the most approachable and helpful chaps around. I recall something about CV values on a previous thread but cannot find it at this time. Rich
  5. How much shunting did it take the yard crew to put everything back to normal after the 'have a go drivers' have left and peace returned to Seven Mills?
  6. Must be six or seven years since I was last at Howden, and felt sure it would have been demolished by now! Didn't realise it was listed though. I suspect Network Rail would prevent such use as being too close to the railway, risk of injury if windows were opened, lack of ability to maintain the exterior rail side/clean windows etc. It would have to be moved, which given the brick structure, probably makes such things too expensive unless a grant of some sort could be sought and obtained.... Rich
  7. Don't agree with graffiti on models, I somehow think it encourages the real thing, but it is a fact of life, and it has to be said, you've produced a superb and very realistic looking vandalised wall there ... well done! Do we need to start looking for your 'tag' around Chandwell???? Rich
  8. Pleased to see the box is still standing, even if it is out of use and boarded up.
  9. Thanks chaps, that's cleared that up. I though concrete sleepers for bullhead rail sounded wrong, but just assumed that was a gap in my knowledge! Yes, I have suggested he joins the ScaleFour Society, which I believe he's going to do.
  10. Thanks for the help and reply. A friend has been able to check the Scalefour shop and they are showing Exactoscale concrete sleeper bases but its showing OO gauge rather than P4, which is only shown for the bullhead rail option. I suspect my friend may need to drop the ScaleFour shop chap an email and find out what is what in that respect. Rich
  11. Own up Andy ... its not yours is it - its an amateur shot taken by a driver LJ and posted on Facebook
  12. Evening all, This question comes from a friend who is not particularly computer literate and doesn't do forums or Facebook! After a few years of running a small layout modern image (early 1990s) end to end layout, he has decided to move up to a slightly bigger plan that would portray an imaginary location but based a on the WCML between Warrington and Preston in the same period, the big change being that he has decided to jump in and go P4. I don't want to get into the why's and wherefores of that decision as it isn't mine, its his and having already converted one locomotive,
  13. Very nice Duncan. A good days enjoyment from the looks of it! Rich
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