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  1. Sounds like a good outcome for you and the layout Andy, End of an era, and after 350 pages of ups, downs, ins and outs, the new thread will go round and round! Looking forward to following the progress as ever Andy. Glad you got a positive outcome. Rich
  2. Thanks Jeff, My little project is slowly progressing in the background, but signalling rods/wires will be a necessity when it gets there. Only a small diorama, so shouldn't be too long. If I can get it looking half as good as KL3/4/5 ( ) I'll be happy! Rich
  3. Nice work Jeff, looking good. Whose is the point rodding? Rich
  4. Thanks, I’d forgotten about that book. Will have to look and get a copy. Those are really useful thank you! Rich
  5. Evening all, Does anyone know where I can find any engineering drawings, or general arrangement drawings for the two 1875-built WHR Single Fairlie 0-6-4Ts, Snowdon Ranger and Moel Tryfan, locomotives? I am specifically looking for chassis information, wheelbase, wheel size, bogie details etc, for a 4mm model. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I am planning on using a Five79 body but further detailed, but the chassis will for a variety of reasons have to be scratch built. Failing that anyone with any books that can provide any of the chassis dimensions, either in reply here or PM, would be welcomed. I thought they may have appeared in the Industrial and Narrow Gauge Review at some time, but alas not. I dont have a copy of the Boyd books to check those. Rich
  6. Sorry, not sure of your name, but that looks superb. I hope to have a go with S Scale at some point (building the society wagon kit I bought would be a start!) but other things keep taking precedence. Well once tho, for a scratch build and your first completed project that is wonderful. I agree with @Regularity we want to see more Rich
  7. Wow Steve, The realism in that shot is unbelievable. It just needs a wisp of steam from the ejectors below the cab steps to make it real Riuch
  8. Well we know where your going on holiday when the Covid restrictions lift Jeff Are you going East to Oz first, or west to Canada Rich
  9. HI Andy, I wondered if that was the issue! Your doing well. I spent 14 hours on Saturday wrestling with a Linux server that had decided to fall over, that was a 4am finish, so I know your pain! Rich
  10. @AY Mod Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, and I have missed it. It looks like the reputation value that appears between your username picture and the number of posts has vanished with the latest upgrade? Not that it really matters, as it can still be seen by clicking 'Reputation' on the user's profile, but I used to find it interesting to monitor. I am not one who particularly bothers about likes etc, but seem to miss it now its not there!! Just thought id flag it up in case it was something with the upgrade that needed a box ticking or something! Rich
  11. I seem to spend more time virtual modelling these days - where is 2021 going by the way? We're half way thru! Somebody said lockdown would go slow ... but it seems like a month or two back that it was March last year ... mind you February last year with a normal life seems bl**dy ages ago! I am slowly progressing with my Rock Creek Canyon (N Gauge) small layout (see signature for anyone interested) and I have just written an article for one of the magazines on the plans and proposals for a new small P4 finescale narrow gauge layout, which is now underway. The latter will really be testbed for some different ways of building and connecting baseboards, with the aim of making them lighter and easier to store - once the concepts are proven, the idea is to rebuild the two end boards of Rock Creek ... so there is method in the madness. Despicable behaviour Jeff .. working your heart out on little fell stones and not spending 24 hours a day catching up on what anyone else is doing .. god, you'll be expecting us to follow you next! Oh, what do you mean you thought that's what we did ... ah well in that case It is true tho, modelling time can rapidly vanish thanks to rmWeb, but equally it can spur us all on, fill in a dull five minutes at work, or help us find our mojo when we misplace it - especially with threads like yours mate. Your more than welcome Andy. I must try and touch base with you towards the end of the week, as I am conscious we are due a quick catch up! I have to say I was very sad and sorry to hear the news about Gordon. He had battled so well for several weeks I was gaining a little bit of hope, but while they say no news is good news, the lack of an update was concerning me. Lovely guy who gave so much to the hobby and rmWeb - both through is thread and other support (if you've read Andy Y's response). He and I had a few conversations about point building when I started in 7mm. One just hope's he's able to enjoy the locos steaming around his now fully finished layout wherever he is. Jeff - keep up the good work ... thy is do'in well lad as they say up 'ere. Rich
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    For Sale is ONE (1) Heljan 7mm (O gauge) SO carriage - Crimson & Cream livery, All windows are intact and in place, the carriage is one of the original runs on B4 bogies. Paint work is are mint condition, and the original Heljan box is in very good condition, with some marks to the lid. Postage on the carriage is at cost, and can be sent by Royal Mail, Hermes or another prefer courier. Please note, they will be well packaged for delivery (and if sent Royal Mail will have a certificate of postage) but if sent without insurance, they are dispatched at the buyers risk. I will make sure they are well and securely packed however.


  13. Steady on young Jeff ... once you start making use of moving things, it could be construed as representing a Mo**l Ra***ay ... dont go being hasty and setting any presidents here. WE ALL know your a landscape modeller, the trains are just an inconvenience (not the structures, just the trains!!!) Rich
  14. As somebody said earlier, given time, we will grow to treat this like cold and flu, and I acknowledge that unfortunately, people die from that too. I think it is the risk factor that hampers my thoughts. I am early 40s, but like others am still keeping myself to myself, and fortunate enough to be in a work environment where I can do that there too. Pre-covid I did 40,000 miles a year on the trains and thoughly enjoyed the travelling, since 3rd February 2020 when the numbers started climbing in the UK and I said the risk is getting too high, I have not set foot on a train, and am not tempted to do in the coming couple of months at least. I am asthmatic, so in one of the at-risk groups, but am also (in a limited capacity) a carer for two relatives both 70+, whom I see every day. So my concerns are as much contracting something myself, as being asymptomatic and passing it onto them. That is a major concern, having lost two very dear friends to this horrid thing over the past 12 months. Everyone will, and should, make their own mind up as to what they are each happy about doing and not doing at the end of the day. On a personal view, I would feel far happier attending an exhibition, where your ticket is only valid with proof that you've had both jabs - but I openly acknowledge that doesn't work for everyone, for example those with under 18s in the family who would feel left out if they couldn't attend with Dad, or Uncle etc. But equally to start adding restrictions like that is adding more time and complications for the exhibition organisers. Rich
  15. Very nice Dave, Really looks good, and I think you 'stopped' at the right point, personally! Rich
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