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  1. Surley chained to ensure no movement in transit, or with a heavy shunt? Great work, as ever! Rich
  2. Hi Claggy, Yes with the more recent locos you should be fine with Code 40 Finetrax. Rich
  3. Hi Kris, A couple of others have already replied to your query, But yes as ever there is always a difference between what we like to come and what we can. However, I tend to start with what I would like and then establish what is viable. At the end of the day if the layout and locos are not what you want, then you’ll get fed up with it. As others have said the Panniers should be fine, although I would make sure I am pulling not propelling around those curves. I would agree that the Heljan Prairie may be pushing it, id need to look up what tHe minimum radius is, as it could be things like
  4. This all depends on what your looking to run. I’ve modelled O gauge for a few years and whole-heartedly agree with the earlier comments. Are you looking at small industrial steam, big four/BR steam or modern traction either early diesel or modern day? Are you thinking of RTR or kit built? If you can fill in some of the details the various guys on here can probably help. Rich
  5. At the more reasonable price I have dipped in and made a purchase! Well on on discounting them Hattons! Rich
  6. Evening all, Another good afternoon working on the end board. The grade is now fixed in place and have started countersinking the screws! There is the boardwalk for the flyover (where the continuous loop cuts across the staging sidings entrance paintwork) to complete, then the timber work for the upper level tracks along the top of the staging sidings and at that point all the baseboard work is complete and track laying can commence! Hurray! Despite how it looks in the picture below, the point where the grade trackbed meets the upper board is flat!
  7. Hi Andy, Hope you are feeling better now? Glad to see you seem to have had a restful week, take it easy mate. SMS looks as good as ever! Did you see the Hatton's email with the warflats reduced in price this morning? Unfortunately, said email also promoted an almost £175 reduction in the A4s .. so I may crack under the strain.....
  8. Well just a quick update, I normally keep my Nectar points for retrieval in December on the Christmas shopping, but as this year is being all done different (wonder why!) and I won't be going anywhere near Sainsbury's ... I had a quick flash of inspiration when I saw something online that suggested Nectar points could be used to pay for eBay purchases! Wow! Ok, now your talking ... two more wagons for Rock Creek acquired ... and all it cost me was about £1.25 in the different between my Nectar points and the checkout total! Way to go They turned up courtesy of our friendly post
  9. Until I read that reply I had visions that you were going to use as it a place for the next layout!!! One wonders what a 4mm roundy-roundy in 7mm would be ...... yea ok, I'll get me hat n coat Rich
  10. I love the sweeping curves off that viaduct Jeff. Remarkably to see how quickly you have moved forward ... will you be taking the 'speedy layout builder' rosette from Mr Peters Can you have it finished by next weekend? Rich
  11. If nothing else Andy, you should be taking away that there is a lot of warmth and friendship on here for you, and that everyone is voicing an opinion purely with your best interests at heart. On a lighter note, I am also not sure you should taking all these pictures in the rain you know. While it isn't good for you, think of the camera equipment .. I have this image of you borrowing Dee's hairdryer to dry your camera out after each soaking. Every time there is the sound of rain on the roof I can almost imagine the camera trying to flatten its batteries to avoid Andy 'wet-look' Pe
  12. Well this weeks update was a little delayed ... a glimpse of what is to come in the weeks/months ahead to start with, well on one board anyway .... Work has continued this week on the right hand end base board, with the risers now all in for the upper level return loop, the upper level track base has been screwed in place and is rock solid. I am very pleased with how that has worked. The downward grade from the upper level to the staging sidings has been loosely put in place, next task will be to sort the risers for this.
  13. Hi Andy, Sorry that this is going to echo other posts, but first time I have been on rmWeb since middle of last week. Sorry to hear you have not been well, but glad that you are doing ok. I was going to say, just give some more thought to the loft idea as it is more strenuous getting up there, plus (and I say this purely from my own thoughts of my parents) its a bloody sight harder to get you out if anything goes wrong. One reason (among others that I have ruled the loft out) for anything this like. Far easier to just walk into the POD - but having said all that George has
  14. Hi Roge, Thats odd. Can I ask what make and model camera you have? Having said that, despite the problems of trying to juggle a camera, recorder and DCC sound you've done well Rich
  15. Hi Roge, Yes would agree with the last point. If you can, try setting your camera into Manual Or Aperture (A) mode, and setting the f Stop as high as possible, usually around f22 ... that should help your depth of field. Rich
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