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  1. Hi Michael, Interesting to hear, although not surprising I suppose. Do you have any details at all? Rich
  2. Well the location is open to change .... but what a superb map and more to the point an amazing drawing! How those that did these achieved all that detail without a single mistake amazes me. I have never seen the details of Mortimer Street Junction at Kentish Town, that must have been a nightmare for the signallers and control staff....
  3. @Worsdell forever Thanks, I think we posted at the same time! Yes it makes the junction far simpler I suppose, and cheaper to maintain/operate - the same goes for a model I suppose. But, I know which one I prefer - not in keeping with historical practice tho!! Maybe some more doodling on the back of an envelope is needed.... Rich
  4. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18.14333333333333&lat=54.55361&lon=-1.32005&layers=168&b=1 Thanks Paul - I'd look at the NLS maps for Thornaby and Middlesborough but never went that little further west to Bowesfield. That confirms my thought that the NER would have kept things simple and cheaper by keeping all routes on the flat. Still it makes for a more interesting job for the signaller!
  5. Thanks Stephen, I had originally drawn it with flat junctions and just felt that there were too many points of conflict in what is intended to be a busy area with general freight, industrial goods and mineral traffic moving around, hence the flyovers seemed to make sense, but I am doubting that NER would have gone down that route. Question is, can anyone suggest what they would have done? Plan The general principals is that if the layout gets built (!) the Down and Up Goods lines behind the station would feed into the general yard, while the Down and Up Minerals lines wo
  6. Evening all, I am pottering about with layout ideas (as I frequently do) and am tempted by something either pre-grouping NER or 1930s LNER. Having been doing some back of an envelope-style doodling with a (very) loose basis on Thornaby, I concluded that for slow moving freight traffic out of the yards (off-scene to the right of the diagram below) or for freight that is approaching, whereby the yard may not be ready to accept it, there was the potential for the left hand junction to become somewhat clogged. This set me thinking, in the early 1900s, would the NER have looked
  7. Yup totally agree with Andy's comments. Very easy, and personally I think the Paul Chetter project (speak to Digitrains) is better than the Dapol factory sound - but it is all personal perspective. I like the driving style of the Paul Chetter/Zimo projects, very realistic. Rich
  8. I am a little baffled by that review unless something has changed in recent months. I have had six of them at different times, in green and blue, all have been perfect, nothing fell off and the detail and running quality of the Dapol model is superb. I'd agree with Andy, for the money they cost, under £200, I'd say go for it if you can afford it and if you want sound and a realistic driving experience, I whole-heartedly endorse the Paul Chetter sound project as (in my opinion) being the best out there. Rich
  9. Are they Gresley bogie sides? Do you happen to know if these are the 8' or 8'6" ones?
  10. Bernard/Stephen, Thanks very much for your input, much appreciated. @Compound2632 Your knowledge of roof vents is a credit - superb! Rich
  11. Website is back up and accessible again - https://davidheyscollection.myshopblocks.com Not sure why the web address has changed.
  12. Has the potential for a one off running day around a 1994 Open Day at the depot Duncan!! Weathering looks nice, although I might personally have gone a little heavier ... although it depends on what period your son is modelling of course. Well done. Rich
  13. Hi Ian, Thanks for that, I had never realised there was an earlier Waterworks box, but looking again at the picture that makes sense, as it looks in the wrong place for Leaman Road SB, I am guessing the picture is pre-WW1. I ordered a copy of that NERA publication (along with the NERA signalling book) yesterday so am looking forward to reading that. Sorry for the thread wandering Peter. Rich
  14. Nice selection of images again. Really does look the part.
  15. Peter, Images of Leaman Road and Waterworks Signal boxes seem a bit rare to come across. Waterworks would have been hidden behind the white building on the right of the bottom picture, but is visible in the top. Presumably the visible box in the middle of the bottom picture is Leaman Road box? Rich
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