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  1. How about one of the small micro CCTV cameras off eBay? They are only a few cms in size (think button size) and connected to an old TV, would give you an ideal view. Rich
  2. Hi David, I can only echo the comments made on here. You've achieved so much with what you have done. Hope the move goes well and cannot wait to see what you end up with - hopefully a bigger train room for starters! Envy you being in Bonn, big fan of the Rhein Valley area, north and south of Koblenz and love the German railway scene. Had hoped to get over there for some more railway photography this year, but I doubt its going to be an option for the next 18 months! Keep us up to date with your progress. Rich
  3. Afternoon all, I know the 97xx condensing kit has been out for a while now (although I don’t think it’s availability half been mentioned since the original announcement) and just wondered if anyone had tackled one yet? If so, what did you think? Skill level? Considering an acquisition and just wondered what peoples view was? Would be a rule #1 engine for me, but why not?! Rich
  4. Time Left: 15 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Having toyed with the idea of a WCML layout, I purchased these two N Gauge Class 90 models. Both are unboxed, but fully working. While the Virgin liveried examples (90013 The Law Society) can be found, the Intercity Swallow (90015 BBC North West) seem to be a lot more rare. For sale individually. Please note these were produced by Graham Farish before the days of DCC and before the Bachmann ownership period, therefore while they can be hard-wired with a chip, there is no socket pre-fitted. Detailing lacks slightly on what is expected these days, but in the advent of a new version, they remain a good model for anyone with a WCML interest. Looking at £105 each (incl. postage which will be sent by DPD courier), willing to consider offers on the sale of the pair together. Price shown on the rmWeb system is EACH.


  5. Really nice finish on that Duncan - wonderful as ever. Where did the kick plates come from if you don't mind me asking? Rich
  6. Thanks guys, I'll pass that one. FinetraX was an option that he'd looked at too, not sure where he came down on that one. His layout is laid, but I think he's basically looking at replacing the metre-lengths with something that 'looks' better. Thanks to everyone that took the trouble to respond. Rich
  7. Good god, Two months have moved on since I last posted, and was able to get any modelling done! There is some good news however, the wagon fleet has grown a bit, and I finally managed a few hours over a couple of days modelling last week (firs time since March!) and was able to progress with another point. Some progress and I am quite happy with how its coming, so pictures to follow when I have finished it - later this week hopefully. I have still not matched the colour on the HAA wagons, so that query remains outstanding. I mentioned last time that my PC laptop died, well I am delighted to say that as the lockdown started various packages started arriving from Amazon and other computer retailers, with various boards and cables, and a few days later these boxes were all opened, the contents laid out across the kitchen and a new PC tower built over about four hours - I was pleased, but even more delighted when I turned it on and it worked first time!! So track planning for the layout has been back underway in the odd half hour I have had here and there over the past month. Easitrack However, a friend posed a question to me yesterday that I am not sure of the answer. Can normal straight 2FS Easitrack be used by standard N gauge wheels? Now I know the latter will have problems with the finer clearances on pointwork, but I cannot see any reason why N gauge stock could not use easitrack on straight sections, unless anyone can enlighten me? During a view chat I was showing him some of the track work and being an N (rather than 2FS) modeller, he was impressed with the Easitrack rather than Peco metre lengths and I think is now querying whether he should change and build some. I said I would find out ... so any thoughts guys? Above all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying well, and I promise we'll feature some proper modelling on here soon! I am eager to push on with it... Rich
  8. Not wishing to take this topic away from the 1980s (!) but as we've been looking at those superb images of the 1951 resignalling, I thought I'd show what the south end of York around Holgate Junction was like after that resignalling went through. I am very fortunate to class well known photographer Gavin Morrison as a good friend, and he has kindly said he's happy for this image to be posted on rmWeb. LNER V2 - 60802 leaves York and weaves across from the Up Main (having probably departed from Platform 8(S) and joins the Up Leeds with a service from Newcastle to Leeds, with the South Roundhouse (now under York ROC) and a J94 0-6-0ST in the background. Courtesy (and Copyright) of Gavin Morrison Rich
  9. I can well imagine! Obviously (and thankfully) a safe outcome on that occasion... I am not authority on this, and Mike will likely be able to provide a far better answer, but I believe they were for specials that operated, such as holiday trains at Scarborough or race day specials at York. The platforms allowed such services, which would like have had longer dwell times too, to be accommodated without disrupting normal traffic. Some specials would have used the main platforms, but it just gave extra capacity and relief. I think they were removed at York in the early 70s, having seen out of use since the late 1960s. Rich
  10. How accurate do you want the signalling to be? If you want it to just look ok, then obviously it is down to what you want. If you are looking for it to be prototypical however, the best way is to start by working out all the possible movements: So for example: Wakefield Down Line to Platform 1 Wakefield Down Line to Platform 3 Leeds Down Line to Platform 1. etc. Then you can work out where the brackets etc are. Also, don't forget if you are going for authenticity, and are doing run-round movements, then they need to be listed as well as shunt signals will be required. How will trains access the sidings at the bottom of the plan? Are they just shunt moves, if so will then arrive in Platform 3 (shown as the 10mph line)? Your layout at the end of the day, so you can work with what works for you, but I am sure a few of us will happily offer help if you want it? Rich
  11. Yes establishing the control panel for this little lot is going to take some working out!! Thanks Ian! Rich
  12. Andy, That is wonderful. Many, many thanks for taking the time to photograph it. What a record ... shows just what went between 1951 and 1985. i know i’ve set myself a large task here, perhaps larger than I thought! Cheers Rich
  13. Hi Ian, I used to know a signaller, sadly no longer with us, who was (if I recall correctly) in one of the York Yard signal boxes during the war, including the infamous night when the MPD was bombed. Fascinating and lovely chap. ‘That would have been the old 1903 box tho, if it was YYS. Rich
  14. Yes please Russell! Im sure it would be highly appreciated, including by me Rich
  15. Hi Ian, Very much so thank you! That's wonderful to see. I was very tempted by the 1970s period, for two reasons - Deltics and vacuum-braked wagonload traffic, but I think the mid-1980s won based on the variety of liveries and the arrival of the TransPennine liveried Mk2s! But what a shot. Presumably York Yard South box in the background, and look at the wagon variety in the shops at the back … superb! Thanks Rich
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