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  1. What about something like the Hornby 0-4-0ST Peckett's with a DCC stayalive in them? I have not seen one myself, but they should be reasonable and good for low speed slow shunting?
  2. Yeah, I am hoping I am in the same boat as you, but currently saving the main projects off Fusion in other formats ... Really like the software and I really feel like I have got to grips with it in the past year or so, and I really really don't want to change!
  3. Must admit Andy, I always liked the original Trebudoc ... I know why you changed it, but it was a nice detailed little shunting yard with plenty of opportunity for operations and pictures. Needs something like a Minerva Peckett Rich
  4. Oh dear, its not got to that stage already has it Jeff .. your not sleeping in there to get more work done?? Looking good, and pleased to see you are making progress. Your actually giving me food for thought as I have the same task to do next year with the new garage, once its built early next summer, so the photos are really useful, thanks. Is this following the same principals for fitting out the walls and floors that you used (presumably with success) last time? Rich
  5. Hi Simon, Thanks for pics and the catch up, glad to hear all is ok ... although with all that work on it sounds like a rough few months! Shame you weren't demolishing the other type of shed (yes, there really is too many of them from an enthusiast point of view ... roll on the 69s!). Looks forward to catching up with Warrington over the coming weeks and months. Take care mate. Love the pics btw! Rich
  6. Oops! To anyone following this, my sincere apologies ... I had totally dropped the ball and forgotten about the thread! I'll get the aforementioned TPOs sorted out this week! Sorry guys! Rich
  7. Well I struggled with the white gate .... and that was even comparing the original pic with revised one circled with the answers!
  8. Oh, sorry to hear that. What do you mean by mixed results (sorry if I've missed an earlier comment). I have always got on well with Railtec, and they generally have a far better finish because of the lack of a carrier film. Is it worth putting them to one side for a couple of months and then trying with a fresh attempt, rather than giving up and having something your not happy with? Rich
  9. Have you seen the Railtec Transfers for Newspaper/GUV vans? Worth a look. Rich
  10. Not sure at this stage. I can never delete files from the FusionCloud system tho, it just archives them. I wonder whether Archived files are included within the 10. I am in the process of downloading everything as it stands at the moment!
  11. MarshLane

    Class 88/93

    I believe the battery technology is more about giving 'added' power for acceleration, and keeping systems ticking over during pauses in the journey, allowing the diesel emissions to be cut, rather than actually powering for any distance. The same magazine - Railway Herald - also had an update a couple of weeks ago on the TfW Class 230 battery units saying that currently the battery type they are using are achieving 40 miles per charge, and with some cooling and development work, VivaRail feel that 100 miles per charge is quite achievable. When you think of the weight of a two-car Class 230, against a Class 93 and freight, I suspect that operating mileage drops significantly, but I am certainly no expert on battery tech. Having said that the ROG article referred to by @jpendle in a previous post does say that there are four operating modes on the Class 93: OHL, diesel, battery and battery-diesel, so some form of movement on pure battery must be viable.
  12. Email from Fusion 360 this afternoon to advise that the the feature set of the CAD software is being reduced for those on the free personal edition: Several of those will not apply to most, but the lack of some of the export options, the removal of output options for drawings (meaning they can only be printed) and only 10 360 document (which I presume are projects) will likely hit most of us, and while I'll wait and see what can be done, I think it renders Fusion360 useless for 3D printing and laser cutting purposes? I still need to dig a bit further, but a heads up for anyone who hasn't had the email. Rich
  13. Hi Simon, Unlike you to be so quiet for so long, hope all is ok? Rich
  14. Oh careful Jeff, what with noisy people (I blame the iPad spellchecker) and nosey people on here ... pictures of the fridge from multiple positions could send us all into dark rooms for a while to recover! Glad your making progress tho. Rich
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