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  1. Don’t mention JaffaCake ... with these new Southern Region boxes, you’ll have Andy going for a 4VEP, or it might have been a CIG, BBC or ITV .. I get lost with SR unit initials ... but I know there was some in JaffaCake livery! Rich
  2. That top photo looks like its been a very wet day scenic side at SMS Well done, never noticed it before.... Rich
  3. Thanks Nigel, To be honest with looking at motor sound decoders, I never thought to consider the fact that a pure motor decoder would be cheaper than a function only! Having looked around it appears there are a couple of Digitrax examples around the £17/£18 mark that would be suitable, so thanks for the reply and pointing me in that direction. Rich
  4. For reference Andy, its the former Southern Region General Managers Saloon, which if I remember right, was also used as Royal Working once. Now somewhat downgraded to a pure inspection saloon, its in the hands of Network Rail at Derby I believe and used for various trips out, route assessments and also for signal sighting runs on a couple of occasions. Rich
  5. Chaps, I am looking for a four-function, function-only decoder to fit into a coach to control the internal lights, and two independent tail lamps. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I was looking at a TCS FL4, but they appear out of stock everywhere - is it a case of that is the best one around so wait for it, or are there other options? Ideally the outputs will each have a firebox style flicker as they are representing oil lamps. Any help appreciated, I have always worked with motor decoders before! Rich
  6. Sounds a bit like Cromptoniteous Andy ... be careful, it can be dangerous to your wallet if left untreated
  7. Not sure if it has been mentioned or not but 'The Works' (the cheap book shop) has DAS modelling clay at £4 for 1kg instead of £7.99. Presumably can be picked up in store - but is also available online (£2.99 postage if under £30). https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/clay/das-1kg-white-modelling-clay/8000144074105
  8. Thanks guys, I hoped the query might prompt a couple of responses but did not expect the number that it has generated. I have a fair few ideas now (although the B&E House at Temple Meads - @burgundy) really does get the mind wandering I think I have a plan now, the railway offices may be a key building overlooking the station, with a separate station building for the common passenger - B&E House would look rather nice dominating the quayside .... hmm! Thanks again guys. On a separate note ... does anyone happen to have any measurements for a lattice type footbridge at all?
  9. Thanks Andy - time will tell ... as for the Crompton ... Haha! That sounds a bit like the character out of Vicar of Dibley So you want a Class 33 then Jim? No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes! I'll pop some pics up ... just be aware they are for viewing entertainment and not for their persuasion properties! Rich
  10. Hahaha! I would decline in the current time! Taken a major step back from model railways over the past couple of months and had a bit of a penny drop moment as to why I have not been happy with the different projects I have come up with the try over the past two years. So still plodding on with the 7mm Tyne & Wear Metrocar, but otherwise I having a total change of topic on the modelling front, which really seems to have gelled and ticked all the boxes, so we'll see what emerges - I'll post on a thread when things have moved on a bit On a separate note, if anyone reading this is in the market for a Heljan blue DC Class 40 or 45 ... mine are going in the next couple of weeks, so feel free to PM if your interested - both around the £500 mark ... sorry for the deviation Andy. So as I understand it Severn Mills has moved south and we are about to be invaded with Cromptons then . I have got a 33 here that is owned by a mate, I have just put a Zimo chip with Paul Chetter's sound project on it for him, and once the Earl Mountbatten of Burma plates arrive and are attached, it will be heading off to the Weymouth area! They are superb models. Rich
  11. Andy, The phrase your looking for is 'Oh......' Rich
  12. Alan, What an interesting looking building Thanks @eastglosmog. That has a few options as well .. so many thoughts spinning around my mind at the moment! Rich
  13. Thanks guys. Of course @Oldddudders hit the nail in the head, as most head offices were part of major stations, so didn’t stand out as separate buildings, because they weren’t! There is a canal office in the Midlands that I found last night, and the Brecon & Merthyr offices were interesting in what I presume was Newport High Street, being located in Chamberd above five shops! Fascinating building but again not particularly railway orientated. Interesting that the Cardiff Bay building was an IKB structure, didn’t know that. Rather makes one wonder how the railway style of architecture came about. @Nick Holliday suggested Oswestry, which I had forgotten about. There is some potential there I think, with a bit of Modellers License. The M&SWJR offices at Swindon that @melmoth put forward set me thinking last night. Perhaps not quite what I was after, but I think there are other options there. Certainly, there are some others to investigate, as @The Johnster suggested, but I also had a PM about Douglas on the Isle of Man. Bit of a different tangent, but some interesting options there. All in all, I have some thoughts on how things could come together, from the above which has been really useful, so thanks to all of you for your input. I’ll put some sketches up when I have moved it on a bit. Rich
  14. Thanks for that, no I had not even thought about Canal Companies .... right Google here I come Rich
  15. Evening all, I am looking to construct a model building that would act as the main offices for a railway company - not a large organisation like the GWR or LMS, but not a two-mile industrial line either - something in the middle. I am looking for a building that would not look out of place in Wales (although equally the type of construction ie brick, slate, stone etc, can be changed to influence that) and in a town centre. The kind of building where the railway's Director's and General Manager would be located. Thoughts or examples, drawings or photos, even just general comments and ideas are welcomed. I have been searching through Google Images but so far come up a blank on something that could form the basis. Time period would be 1880s-1890s onwards for the buildings construction, although the model is set into mid-1920s. Closest I have come so far is the former Cardiff Bay railway offices (Picture) which is potentially around a good size, but there is nothing that shouts railway and I am sure there must be better examples. Can anyone offer any thoughts? Rich
  16. Thats the result of the pub the previous night Andy - I am proud of you .. you've done what nobody else has done .. you've found the secret hide out of the Shadows! Well done that man - set up the CCTV and pop back in a few days and see who's about Oh just realised .. they haven't moved into your new garage and evicted the layout have they? Could be 50/50 with the neighbours if they have, but don't like Lazy Joe's chances as a 'hanger on' in the pop business ....... what next for Severn Mills? Tune in same time, same channel next week to find out NIce collection ... not a music fan personally, but they look like some serious noise making musically beneficially pieces of kit... Rich
  17. Hi Andy, A belated welcome back to the madhouse great to have you back online, and glad to see you've 'steamed' along with the POD. Can I ask what have you used for the floor - is that polystrene sheeting with tongue & grove 9mm chipboard on top? Your stepson, son-in-law and grandson have done you proud, superb work on the room and how it looks now. Just a thought for you … since my mother had a fall a couple of years ago I am always conscious of small steps, is there any benefit in extending that step forward by another slab, and to the otherside of the main house door so that you can move from one to the other without stepping down? It looks fairly protected so frost/snow/ice in winter might not be an issue, but might just be something to think about in the future to minimise the risk of a trip or fall? Glad your getting settled, very envious Now enjoy it all … and I note that there is room under the meters etc, for a Z or 009 gauge layout which your obviously producing in secret in the shed Take care mate - welcome back. Rich
  18. Hi Andy, Just checking in to ensure all is well with you and your better half. Hope you get your internet back soon, rmWeb seems way too quiet without you! Just a thought have you tried pulling the string or tin can a bit tighter? take care mate. Rich
  19. How about one of the small micro CCTV cameras off eBay? They are only a few cms in size (think button size) and connected to an old TV, would give you an ideal view. Rich
  20. Hi David, I can only echo the comments made on here. You've achieved so much with what you have done. Hope the move goes well and cannot wait to see what you end up with - hopefully a bigger train room for starters! Envy you being in Bonn, big fan of the Rhein Valley area, north and south of Koblenz and love the German railway scene. Had hoped to get over there for some more railway photography this year, but I doubt its going to be an option for the next 18 months! Keep us up to date with your progress. Rich
  21. Afternoon all, I know the 97xx condensing kit has been out for a while now (although I don’t think it’s availability half been mentioned since the original announcement) and just wondered if anyone had tackled one yet? If so, what did you think? Skill level? Considering an acquisition and just wondered what peoples view was? Would be a rule #1 engine for me, but why not?! Rich
  22. Really nice finish on that Duncan - wonderful as ever. Where did the kick plates come from if you don't mind me asking? Rich
  23. Thanks guys, I'll pass that one. FinetraX was an option that he'd looked at too, not sure where he came down on that one. His layout is laid, but I think he's basically looking at replacing the metre-lengths with something that 'looks' better. Thanks to everyone that took the trouble to respond. Rich
  24. Good god, Two months have moved on since I last posted, and was able to get any modelling done! There is some good news however, the wagon fleet has grown a bit, and I finally managed a few hours over a couple of days modelling last week (firs time since March!) and was able to progress with another point. Some progress and I am quite happy with how its coming, so pictures to follow when I have finished it - later this week hopefully. I have still not matched the colour on the HAA wagons, so that query remains outstanding. I mentioned last time that my PC laptop died, well I am delighted to say that as the lockdown started various packages started arriving from Amazon and other computer retailers, with various boards and cables, and a few days later these boxes were all opened, the contents laid out across the kitchen and a new PC tower built over about four hours - I was pleased, but even more delighted when I turned it on and it worked first time!! So track planning for the layout has been back underway in the odd half hour I have had here and there over the past month. Easitrack However, a friend posed a question to me yesterday that I am not sure of the answer. Can normal straight 2FS Easitrack be used by standard N gauge wheels? Now I know the latter will have problems with the finer clearances on pointwork, but I cannot see any reason why N gauge stock could not use easitrack on straight sections, unless anyone can enlighten me? During a view chat I was showing him some of the track work and being an N (rather than 2FS) modeller, he was impressed with the Easitrack rather than Peco metre lengths and I think is now querying whether he should change and build some. I said I would find out ... so any thoughts guys? Above all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying well, and I promise we'll feature some proper modelling on here soon! I am eager to push on with it... Rich
  25. Not wishing to take this topic away from the 1980s (!) but as we've been looking at those superb images of the 1951 resignalling, I thought I'd show what the south end of York around Holgate Junction was like after that resignalling went through. I am very fortunate to class well known photographer Gavin Morrison as a good friend, and he has kindly said he's happy for this image to be posted on rmWeb. LNER V2 - 60802 leaves York and weaves across from the Up Main (having probably departed from Platform 8(S) and joins the Up Leeds with a service from Newcastle to Leeds, with the South Roundhouse (now under York ROC) and a J94 0-6-0ST in the background. Courtesy (and Copyright) of Gavin Morrison Rich
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