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  1. Thanks Andy, I have had MR digitally through Zinio for a couple of years now, but have just dropped it as there's no way to access the video that I can find, where as there is with a paper subscription! But I'll check out the NMRA sit. Thanks to everyone for their help, @GP9u thanks for the email list option, which I have joined. @mdvle Yup, that was the one one. Shame its gone, but I'll have to go and see what he's doing for the new one! Never know I may yet end up starting a layout thread on here - will have to come up with somewhere to run all these Atlas and Kato locos that I keep acquiring! Rich
  2. Chaps, Can anyone direct me towards any websites or US forums that specialise in US railroad modelling. I have done a bit of a google search, but trying to work out what are the decent ones is less than easy! My US limited interest is modern day based, but it would be nice to see what some people are doing, especially as several of the US guys go for bigger multi-level layouts! I used to enjoy one layout by a chap whose name I cannot remember that was, I think, called the Siskyou Line? But that seems to have vanished. Any links/pointers would be welcomed, if anyone has any favourites? Rich
  3. Hiya, I always find shed door spacing difficult. I think it’s best to work in real life figures then scale down. Take the width of the loco, leave a good two foot for the crew to keep their heads out on either side, and then times by 7 to get the width in mm. for example, if the loco is 5.5 foot wide, plush two foot either side is 9.5. So 9.5 * 7 = 66.5, so I’d round up and in that example say work on 70mm width. Just my way, hope it helps. Rich
  4. Mmmm looks very nice Adrian. A growing fan on the LNER Apple Green livery. Certainly Papyrus looks right at home there already! Are the nameplates etched brass ones or screen printed flat ones? If the latter, they are good as I cannot tell with any certainty on the pictures! Rich
  5. Thanks for that. Yes I've looked at diagrams on that site quite often! Fascinating website for anyone with an interest in signalling. Shame they took the forum offline (which was to do with spam being posted I think?), instead of just removing the ability to post. There was a lot of useful info and background on it. Keefer/Mike, Many many thanks. It hadn't occurred to me to look at the SRS - logical choice and I really should have done. That PDF of March 1939 is fascinating. I hadn't realised the number of boxes around York, even after the power signalling update. Amazing.
  6. Well that could lead to models being marked 'Suitable for Ages 18+ only'!
  7. I don't think they've announced it yet. There are two or three (I believe) going through Stoke, all of which require varying degrees of work, and the one to be numbered 69001, will be the first one that is complete and outshopped, rather than a specific donor, as I understand it - that was the last info that a good source at GBRf gave me. Rich
  8. Hi Ade, Love to see some pics, when you get chance. Just a query though, would it sound right with sound (other than a fireman shovelling) coming from the tender? Not criticising, just thinking out loud. Rich
  9. Thanks David/Mike. We are trying to track down a signalling plan from the semaphore era - which would be before the power signalling came in in 1938. Does any one have any ideas where such a plan may exist? I did think about contacting the NRM, but felt it was unlikely anyone would a) know, or b) have the time to go looking! Rich
  10. Im not sure if the 397s have actually caused a problem, but certainly there is now an instruction in force that Class 331s and 397s cannot currently be stabled for more than 30 minutes with their pans up in the Preston area. The problem caused the voltage regulators (I think it was) on two separate GBRf 92s (one working north, one heading south) on the same night to trip around Preston. Also there is some instruction (I cannot remember the precise details) where drivers of 331s have to contact Preston PSB to ensure there are no 92s in the area before raising the pans.
  11. 350s are mostly now staying with TPE until January. Four sets move to WMT for December TT change - the remainder will go progressively so all 10 are with WMT by end of February. Current focus at TPE, I gather, is the 802s as these are needed for the Liverpool-Newcastle services which get extended to Edinburgh from December, and the paths are timed for electric traction. Whether there is enough current in the OHL is another matter, and Im old that some LNER 800s on Edinburgh services may have to work south on diesel for that reason. ORR have signed off the 397s, so the delay is all down to crew training at the moment.
  12. Valid point! We are looking at the 30s in general - but a lot is steered my a keen interest that we both have (my mate especially!) in the A4s and V2s, so 1935-37 would be the key time period. Thanks Mick, yes I think an order has been placed!! Cheers Rich
  13. Hi all, I am helping a friend with some research on operations at York in the 1930s. He’s been told that the LNER Society produces a station working book for this decade (possibly 1934 I think he said) that contained details of local service formations. Does anyone have a copy who would be willing to either sell or photocopy/scan a small section? We are just looking to understand the make up of services from day 7am through to mid-day. Even a rough overview of sample workings would suffice. Failing that, can anyone offer any insights into the locos and stock used on local services around this time? I believe it was mostly ex-NER vehicles still, and I am guessing the Gresley teak vehicles would have been long-distance workings only. Any help, pointers or book directions would be appreciated. I’ve lent my friend my Steve Banks book for the long-distance trains! Rich
  14. Yes in theory, I was more meaning that Dapol have (on the face of it) put forward a Class 66 model, that is detailed, fully working lights, DCC socket, and even cab lights for £375, which is superb value for money. The Heljan locos are 50% more and have little of those 'added extras' except directional lighting. This is 2019, there isn't even a DCC 21-pin socket. That was what I was meaning by Dapol walking all over them. The Mk1s from each company are chalk and cheese in my view, and again Dapol wins (ignore specific types of vehicles produced). However, we're getting off topic! Full marks to Dapol for the 66 move - it was one that had to come, and if the prices I am seeing are right, it could be another winner for them like the Class 08 was. Lets hope so, as we all benefit in other ways - the EWS 66 would be an interesting product for the Dapol HAAs if they did another run, and people had the room. Or the equivalent of Knottingley with the 56s, 66s and MGRs giving an mid-1990s feel! Rich
  15. Interesting that at £325 for a DC and £475 full DCC Sound, Heljan really do need to up their game as Dapol are walking all over them. It makes Heljan's centre-headode announced Class 40 at £540 RRP somewhat expensive for a pure DC model. As the OP was Derails, I'd better mention that they are doing the pure DC '66s' for £276! Well done guys Also not mentioned in the BRM piece is that Rails are doing a Limited Edition model of GBRfs 66779 Evening Star. Which for £325 may need to be a display item on my mantlepiece! Rich
  16. Well done Simon, it looks good. Despite all the "fiddle & faff" its always demoralising when its doesn't work as you hoped, and immensely satisfying when it does, so enjoy the latter experience Rich
  17. I feel this is one of those occasions for a low level drum roll in the background......
  18. Totally unrelated to this thread, but lovely to see the late Roger Barker at the helm of No. 7 in your photograph Hillux. A great chap for whom I always had a lot of time and respect.
  19. Andy, Watch out for those diesel-fumes ... can be damaging your health you know Also, I may be being a little critical here but im not sure that the field on the left is that realistic - im sorry to voice a negative ... but it doesn't seem to have the usual amount of detail in it that you usually get .... your not going all abstract on us are you?? In all seriousness, it looks good and I can see where you are going with this. Rich
  20. Simon, Apologies if I have asked this before - but do you use Tamiya masking tape? You seem to get hardly any, if any, little paint bleed on the edges. Rich
  21. No problem - it is almost wall to wall 66s these days .. but 37s/68s can appear on test trains, 47s are a possible on movements to/from Wabtec, 56s or 70s on the Colas jobs (as Paul's photos proved), and the occasional 50 ( see below) or 56s if DCR have a movement are all possible. Hope you both enjoy the visit! @hmrspaul Nice shots selection of shots there. This shot was a pure fluke, I'd just stepped off train on my way home! Rich
  22. Hi Dave, Thanks for the interest! Yes I am planning to - we will be a similar time period too, as mine will be set in 1990/1991 to get different liveries and the last days of Speedlink. Once the first couple of points are in and working and there is some movement then I’ll open a thread. Your layout, Duncan’s Shirebrook and Simon’s Dallam Sidings have all provided much of the inspiration for me, so thanks for sharing what your doing. What’s next on the agenda for Maid’s Morton? Rich
  23. Following along as ever Andy - I am sure you've got something inspirational to inspire us all with as ever ... and make us feel like snails. Think thats seven you've completed in the time I have been planning and trying to get started For the love of god, slow down!! Is this one a OO gauge I'm guessing given the baseboard size, or have you developed a liking for small Minerva/Dapol locos and a couple of sidings in O? Good luck with it tho ... oh and good luck with the house move mate. Rich
  24. Very nice Dave, You've done a stunning job with whole section, but the fence really does look superb. Just acquired my first Farish 87 and 90 for a new 2FS North West WCML layout ... partly inspired by Maid's Morton Rich
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