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  1. A quick update, for the DMU seats I'm doing I've decided to have fold up etch legs to glue on the resin tops. I've nearly finished the legs design and getting there on the top part. The etch will comprise of 11 trebles and 22 doubles. These will be used for the low density DMU's. Once I've these back hopefully should of finished making the exhaust pipe masters and the roof vents (think they're the airvac type ie whats on the 104 & 105). Once these bits are done they'll be several DMU classes to launch. Michael
  2. Done the inner ends for the 304, annoyingly for me is that not quite the same for the ER overhead EMU's but oh well. Also done the underframe boxes for the Battery driving trailer for the 304. Brought some very fine mesh to make up the grills and used plastic glue to hold it in place. In the other photo I've finished off the domes for the 104 and 105, it's easier to remove if required the top marker lights than make a separate new dome. Michael
  3. Thanks, never would of said that about my modelling skills Michael
  4. Managed to now that lockdown has eased a bit to have a club meeting but with limited numbers at the moment. Was good to see some club members again Michael
  5. No doubt that you’ll see pics of the 110 when I start it Michael
  6. I’ve been back making underframe pieces. First pic is for the 304, second is for the Derby L/W, class 108 and the small battery box is for the MK1 GUV. Also done the mould and casting for the Class 110 Michael
  7. Nothing to do with the Palvan. They belong to the All steel high goods wagon. Had same thing myself and had to ask to find out what they belong to Michael
  8. I’ve done the castings of the 105 underframe pieces and stuck them on. Next stage this evening is wash off and etch primer for the brass. Michael
  9. Think I’m there at last with the underframe boxes for the 105. Really surprised how long it took. A spray with grey primer then ready for the rubber. I’ve done the moulds and casting for the Derby lightweight DMU, which attached over the weekend before going back into work at night time. Also done the casting of the LNER dia 116. Very happy how the solebars came out, the extra thin strip of plastic must of certainly helped to allow the air out Michael
  10. Didn’t look in such a good condition when saw it in 2019. Wish the engines/torque converter had been on it. I know it’s a bit late but did measure the roller shutter door (75.75” wide and 51.5” from the next door to the right) Michael
  11. Found the paint should run off the stirring stick and as the instructions say thinning with lighter fluid helps. Found that if when do the lining it doesn't flow off the pen quite right, give up as it'll such a struggle to do the lining and wash the pen out and alter the paint consistency Michael
  12. Thanks Its a Bob Moore lining pen, never used a bow pen, don't know too much about them. The trick is getting the paint consistency right in the first place. Michael
  13. I've been applying some lines while I was in the mood to on some CCT's. The plastic straight edge has been about for a while as you can see. Michael
  14. I've been recently making up some of the underframe parts for the 105 etc. It don't look much for several hours work. I've also a while back made some of the chain shackles for the Salmon. The shackle was a flat etch in which twisted the ends to 90 degree, squeezed down a split pin round 0.7mm wire and soldered the wire in place. Michael
  15. I've virtually done all the other little bits for the 124 at last. I've added the domino headcode (Railtec as you would of expected) and the handrail which i forgot about on the brake coach. I've also raised the motor bogie up a bit. Michael
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