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  1. I shall be using this style I designed Michael
  2. If anyone wants even larger sheets try these https://www.plasticstockist.com/High-Impact-Polystyrene-Sheet.aspx For a large quantity as well definitely worth it. At least one side will be glass though. No connection just happy customer. Michael
  3. Got a bit further with the 304 and also the Flatrol’s. I’ve been adding some underframe boxes and also some end steps/handrails. Had to fettle one on the smaller boxes on the MBS where it’s sits on the trussing. Added a few more bits to the flatrols. Michael
  4. I’ve been working on the Flatrols. I used a couple of wooden dowels as formers for the ends. Michael
  5. I’ve started adding the plastic on the Ironclads and also started the other 2 coaches for the 304. Realised that hadn’t done the mould yet for the 304 DTBS. Doh Michael
  6. It was good to have a club meeting a few weeks back without a restriction on numbers. So at long last I can announce that next meeting, which all are welcome is the 19th September Michael
  7. I've virtually finished the 105
  8. I've received the etched seat legs back. Price per DMU coach will be £22.50, which includes the cast seats whether straight across or scalloped (i.e. for the 105) Michael
  9. A little more progress on things. I’ve added some ends on the Ironclad push pull and also the lifting points on the 304 (strange that the 305/308 didn’t have these). Also started one of 2 of a Flatrol MVV Michael
  10. Definitely it’s a BM container and can’t see it mentioned on the http://www.ws.rhrp.org.uk/ws/wresults.asp Michael
  11. Forgot to photo as well SR EMU underframe for 2 SUB motor coaches. Added the floorboards then the trussing today along with trussing for the Bulleid coach. Found that the Ironclad end moulds needed upgrading but needed new ends which I’ve also done recently Michael
  12. If it’s NSE and I’m thinking the right person then slowly yes
  13. Ive made a start on some new bits. In the photos (if I’ve said these in the right order) 304/1 BDTS 975025 inspection saloon Bulleid corridor composite Ironclad 2 car push pull (just the one coach photographed) Trailer composite for a 4-CEP Next for me for the Bulleid and Ironclad is to add the footboards Michael
  14. I’ve recently put the numbers on the CCT’s. Also I’ve painted some containers (the 2 BM containers are ones I made the master for a long time back). I added the etched corner pieces to all and the U channel on the A container. I added the rest of the glazing to the 105 and the seats. The silver paint I used has to be more than 50 years (was my dads) old as the the contents are in fluid ounces Michael
  15. I've lined and numbered the 105 and slid most of the glazing in, I've painted the seats as well Michael
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