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  1. The last time I done the curved glazing several years ago, think i’d used a hot air attachment on a gas soldering iron with the glazing on a rounded surface. Not entirely successful. I’m this time going to be using 5th glazing and try a few different suggestions Michael
  2. Thanks I used a lining pen. I Blue tacked a strip of plastic on the coach. Michael
  3. I’ve added the seat ends to some of the 124 seats. I’ve also done the lining of the 124. I’ve added the cab detail for the EMU ends and also made start on the jumper connections/lights. Michael
  4. I plan to update the website by 31st October (in time for the GoG virtual show) Also I’ve discovered is that I can accept card payments remotely now. It’s done by me sending a email or text (smartphones only) I can’t do that by ringing me up and quoting the card number Michael
  5. Took the 124 for a test on Sunday and apart from raising the height on the motor bogie, all good. Ive made a start on the Gresley EMU trailer bogie (even though took pic showing the back!) (think these were just the HD bogie but with roller bearings) and also the motor bogie for the 304 I cut out a 20/40/20 as going to put rivers on the outer frame and then laminate, once all done do a mould to replicate so can then send away to be cast in whitemetal Michael
  6. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that had problems between the ends and roof. I’m doing some as a commission And so many ideas of what new stuff to develop Michael
  7. I’ve recently finished spraying the 124, annoying some paints come off, touch up required, hopefully test run on Sunday also last few days I’ve been making the low roof area for the 304’s. For some reason the 304/2 had a longer one that other classes. I started with a base then gently curve a couple bits of plastic, laminated them and glued on top. Next done the transition area, added a sloped bit then cut a piece to form the roof curve. Definitely didn’t get shape right and took a lot of work to get to look reasonable. There’re going to be designed to use the PRMRP pantographs.
  8. Many thanks, that was the idea to help show a way of doing things Michael
  9. I will be resending the drawing off to redo again so slight delay but with improvements. John Talbot (Appleby) does the cranes. Michael
  10. Put the buffer bases and window bars on the L/W and made a start on the driver desk. And started the next ends, only needed the 304 ends for the moment but thought it be lot easier to do the other variants at same time whilst it was fresh in memory.
  11. Done bit more to the 105 and Derby L/W ends. Made up the inner ends for the 105, added the drivers desk for the 105. Added the buffer beams to the Derby LW. Think I’m there with the dome for the LW. Next is add the window bars to the LW Michael
  12. You never know one day (depending on more drawings) one might appear Michael
  13. I’ve done a touch more to the various ends/domes. I’ve added strip for the destination blinds for the 104 &105. Added the lamps and route indicator to the 105. I started the Derby L/W a while back and as having a purge on ends got bit further. For the driving end used evergreen strip to form a framework then stuck the already done outer skin on. Michael
  14. Looking good, what did you use for representing the chains on the doors? Michael
  15. Looks like they were a later addition as the photo of the BR one in GWR Freight wagons and loads in service shows didn't have when built. Also the little J pieces under the wagon body in front of the solebar were later addition, guessing added when fitted with tarpaulins. Michael
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