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  1. I've roughly laid out the equipment on the underframe. box posisitions may be out by a 1mm or so Michael
  2. I've done the castings for a 7mm version, I'll try to arrange them underneath and take photos. Michael
  3. I've done the bogies for the 120 and the single car (not all pictured) and finished off the Queen Mary that's in one of the previous posts. The other SR steam bogies are for a Bulleid coach Michael
  4. I used ones from Modelmaster shock vans, Clasp decals (shame they don't do these anymore) and also the stripes from HMRS sheet 26. Fox transfers do them (FRH 7945)
  5. Made a bit of progress with the 120 second class seats. Also done some painting and numbering on some wagons. Amongst the wagons are the LNER 6 plank (LHS 4th down) and just to the right the 2 SR vans Michael
  6. I’m doing the master for the LNER dia 116 van. Hadn’t done any kits for the LMS vans yet, first one will be D1663 and I know I’m doing more and wrote down somewhere which ones I’m also doing the BR CCT and will be a Fruit D as well as kits. I already do a MK1 BG Michael
  7. For cleaning the Slaters buffers out I use a 1.3mm drill to remove the powder and a 1.8mm to remove the burr inside (could both be 0.1mm smaller). Think it’s a 7/64” for the Oleo ones. Just have to be careful not to drill all way through but after a few tries you get used to how far to drill. I do these whilst still on the sprue Michael
  8. I've measurements of such things as the plank widths etc of a Fruit D which when I find time I'll forward to you Michael
  9. Done some DMU lining with a lining pen, must of had right consistency of paint as went very smoothly for once and fitted a few more details to some of the wagons I've cast Michael
  10. Illustrated history of Br wagons volume 1 says about these in a photo. Have seen photos of these with holes towards the centre of wagon as well, they may of swapped the axleguards whilst having attention, who knows? Michael
  11. I looked at the SR wagons volume 4 and it said nothing about the ferry vans (ie as in standard SR van) or opens being a different livery Michael
  12. I do some of the types that Dapol don't do Michael
  13. The China Clay and the SR vans are resin body with sprung axleguards, with white metal for the underframe brakes with etched lever guide and brake lever. (some wagons have white metal brake levers). The vans have plastic roof. The SR vans can either have Morton or lift-link brakes. Michael
  14. Definitely will be a 304/1, I'm just waiting closer to when I have everything coming together to find out if I'm doing the commission as a kit or RTR. Least having that then opens the door to other classes with only different underframe boxes I.e. classes 305, 308. Once have the fly press and get hold of the drawings (cant at mo due to something happening in the world) then a 310 and imagine as very similar a 312 is a strong possibility Michael
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