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  1. I can supply the 10’ wb LNER clasp underframe parts as these pics for example. I haven’t done the linkage bar for the other length wb’s but that’s no problem to do https://www.flickr.com/photos/milesperhour1974/50904593497/in/album-72157635177969582/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/milesperhour1974/50904470001/in/album-72157635177969582/ Michael
  2. The W irons and brake gear are my own etches/castings Michael
  3. The price for the motor bogie kit will be £80 plus p&p and this includes a 1532 motor, gears (pictured are 13:1 but can be 26:1) and choice of wheels (3' 0", 3' 3", 3' 7" etc) Michael
  4. I do try to do simple things, then at least I can build them. Michael
  5. I managed to the other week warm up the workshop to do some paint spraying, so got the wagons sprayed up then painted loads of black etc. Also got the CCT's in primer. Michael
  6. I've received back the revised Salmon and also the motor bogie etch and got so far with the build. I thought on the Salmon that I'd put some half etch holes on the rear of the solebar in the wrong places so drilled them out in a different position for the securing chain shackles but nope I'd had the half etch in the right place all along. At the same time also had the 305/1 driving car and the 304/1 TC (also suits 302, 305/2 and 308) etched. Prices to be advised. Unfortunately you can guess where the buffers and bogies for the Salmon, maybe a while before can obtain some more.
  7. I’ve got primer on the control desk of the 124 and also done last bits on the body of the LMS D1663 Michael
  8. Graham had done several bogies for me as well and incorporated them into his range. Sadly missed Michael
  9. I've added the first class and no smoking signs along with the buffer heads for the 124 I've done the castings for the 104 and driving end for the Derby L/W Also done the castings and stuck them on the 105 and also over the New year break done a bit more at last to the Hawksworth coach Michael
  10. Graham sadly passed away from Covid last Saturday. Only found out he was on a ventilator the previous Wednesday and was informed by one of my customers on last Saturday. I knew he was employed by BR but only found out by his last telephone call to me he had worked in the same department as me (S&T) He’d also had something to do with the NMT train (flying banana) Michael
  11. Very much looks like one. Definitely still use ones about 15/16v output for charging batteries for signals and in signal boxes for such things as for the lever locks Michael
  12. Belated update due to being at work over Christmas then late few weeks off from business stuff to get some mojo back. Anyway got some wagons and CCT’S finished and ready for spraying. The 8 planks are modified Parkside with new solebars as needed them as 10” wb and the tarp bar is spare parts from Parkside. Michael
  13. Yes meant crepe paper, just can't spell, be thankful it started with the right letter. Anyway I've suck the tops of the curtains in the 124, next is to move the bottoms a bit to give a bit more shape. Also at last made a start on making the moulds for the driving ends. As the 105 had support pieces behind the buffer beam added 10th plastic around the back so it lay flat. Michael
  14. I'd brought some creche paper just before you'd posted, so will try that first. Don't seem to have achieved much recently but have done a conversion of the Parkside SR 8 plank open into a 10' wb with lift link brakes. The sheet rail was made from spare Parkside bits Michael
  15. I’ve been about for 20 years (mostly with late father) range is slowly expanding when get a chance Michael
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