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  1. I’ve added the detail to the 3 roofs at long last, once I’ve sprayed I can put on the body mask the green up to spray the underframe black (once I buy more). I’ve used ‘oo’ handrail knobs and 0.45mm wire for the conduit and made the lifting rings using rounded pliers. michael
  2. Excellent work, very impressed Michael
  3. That’s one of mine, the customer I’d originally designed for wanted the bottom 2 planks as replaced by steel channel, so done the master with the option of filling the recess in with plastic to go back to representing the planks Michael
  4. A bit belated are my next photos, I've got a far as painting the yellow, then the green and I've painted the inside partitions (Humbrol 28)and sides (Humbrol 62) for all 3 cars. Next stage will be the roofs, need to get some shell vents and then lots of conduit and water pipes to add!! May take a while. Michael
  5. I need to remould a cab to make roof bit thicker and haven’t put the revised chassis together yet as been busy with other things. The 104 will be little while yet as waiting to here back about the drawings and still waiting to here back about price for the DMU seats Michael
  6. Quick update, I've now at the etchers the drawings for the Ironclad push-pull, 4-LAV and the Class 104/110 (The last batch of the DMBS 104 & 110 had the guards door opening opposite to the earlier 104's) Michael
  7. I can report the all the Scale 7 track is now laid and has been tested. The wiring is being tidied up underneath and plug coupler wires are being changed to colour coded. Last meeting the Guild SE area Rep was a guest visitor Next meeting is 28th April (not the 3rd Sunday as believe easter sunday) Michael
  8. They shouldn’t deteriorate that quick, I believe I’m using RTV 101 for my red rubber moulds using Tiranti number 3 white metal and some moulds I’ve easily had 100 plus from them. What you have done looks good michael
  9. The only times we’ve had problems with sticky paint is when it’s a new pot and it hasn’t been shaken/stirred enough michael
  10. I've got a bit further with the Hampshire unit in fitting such things as buffers and steps etc. next was the etch primer Michael
  11. I might have some brake shoes in the whitemetal moulds I've got, wouldn't be sure if the correct type Michael
  12. I've added some interior partitions and jumpers to the Hampshire and when I was looking up which livery it was going to be in discovered should of cut out a hole so the route indicator to be glazed. So had to carefully break out the driving ends and cut out. D'oh!! Michael
  13. I believe that I'm starting the master fairly soon, then after soon other different open/van bodies Michael
  14. Hello John its available as the pre wipac state (not sure without looking who does the wipac lights) as the photo shows. It’s available in Blue/grey, NSE or the southern green named ‘Caroline ‘ regards michael
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