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  1. I’ll have a look in the moulds for them, bit busy for the rest of the week but will look when I can Michael
  2. I’ve added some strapping for the China clay and also cut out and got to the same stage a LNER 6 plank open. Next stage is lots of holes for rod to represent rivets michael
  3. The piece I referring to is the one in the pic. These are used in conjunction with oleo buffers and instanter couplings so the couplings can reach the next vehicle. With the normal say 4-rib buffers or when using screw couplings then the one with the slot and 4 bolts. Hope that makes sense Michael
  4. Must of been when the moulds were made then as I've the masters for that and they're both the same length Michael
  5. The crossheads/slidebars were never part of MTK kits. The valvegear was part of the chassis etch (I need to redraw these at some point as the original was never very good) Do you know which parts on the tender are missing? Michael
  6. I've normally started with the floor then add the sides/ends before the underframe but found need to add 10th strip to lengthen the floor. Found it easier to clean out the buffers whilst still on the sprue. I add the heads on last holding the nut with tweezers. For holding the sides out I use a spare part of a sprue. As using oleo buffers, don't forget to use the piece that goes where the coupling hook that's on the underframe trussing mould. Michael
  7. I'll be having a go at that at some point in the future, it's doable Michael
  8. Yes there's quite a few steam locos in the range. For the BR there's Standard 4 2-6-0, 2-6-4, 4-6-0, Brit, 9F. LMS Black 5, 8F, Ivatt 2-6-0 and 2-6-2. LNER A4 and SR Q, Q1, WC/BB (original and rebuilt). There was more locos in the development stage. There is a lot of work to improve the range required which will take time. Do you know which bits are missing? Michael
  9. I use Parkside roofs and for the odd occasion slaters ones. For things longer than the usual vans then Peter Cowling vac formed roofs Michael
  10. Thanks, I can't imagine which one you'd want me to do first Michael
  11. I’ll return to the DMU etc later but decided needed to push a few wagons on bit further. They’re SR plywood and uneven plank 10 wb’ vans, a China clay wagon and a 1/185 iron ore tipper (10’ WB 8 shoe brake gear) masters michael
  12. I’ve fitted the ends to all 3 cars, I’ll remove the vertical bar on the small windows at some point. Michael
  13. I’ve done a bit more on the test etches of the Bulleid, CCT, GUV and Sleeper
  14. It definitely is according to https://www.bloodandcustard.com/hampshire001.html its 60806 from 1107. It was impounded by the police July to September 1964 Michael
  15. Hi Dave No unfortunately no real progress as been so busy trying to keep up with orders, had the test etch back a while ago and haven't had time to build it yet, I will have to make the ends soon, there's a couple of underframe boxes I need to make as well. Michael
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