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  1. 37025 'Inverness TMD' & 37099 'Merl Evans' on a test train through Snowdown today: Quite an unusual sight (and sound!) in East Kent! Ed
  2. Hi all, Some more progress on the level crossing: It isn't fixed in place yet but this gives an impression of what it should look like in time. Ed
  3. Hi all, This view shows the extension with the new sidings, with the small depot/loco servicing facility at the far end. Today I've been working on the level crossing, using the Wills Modern kit. I started by mounting the road/track panels on a piece of card with PVA, for ease of painting, using some spare track lengths to get the spacing right. I then primed the panels with Halfords grey primer. The next step was to start painting, using a mixture of black, brown and grey acrylics from Humbrol and Vallejo. When I was happy with the rough colouring, I started on the road markings. Next up I'll tackle the rest of the lines, followed by the anti-trespass boards and the barriers. Ed
  4. Hi all, I realise I haven't posted anything for quite a while! Lockdown has allowed me to devote much more time to modelling and I have made good progress with the new yard. Here is a short video of an MoD train on the layout, hopefully to be supplemented in the not too distant future with some Cavalex KFA Warflats from Trains4U. Ed
  5. Not too surprising for a tunnel... Ed
  6. For those who are interested, Heljan have provided an update on the Cargowaggons on Facebook: Ed
  7. I asked KMRC about a month ago but they didn't have a specific delivery date. Ed
  8. Impressive, but the colours look a bit off... Seriously, though, can't wait for mine! Ed
  9. I don't know the true specification but Halfords red primer gives quite a good rusty red look that isn't a million miles away from the prototype. Ed
  10. Congratulations on a superb wagon! My three DRS examples do not disappoint in any respect. In anticipation of their arrival I started on an approximation of a full-height LLW container. Accurascale PFA by Ed, on Flickr Ed
  11. Now on the KMRC website (about two thirds of the way down the page). Ed
  12. This is excellent news! These have been on the wishlist for a while. Ed
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