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  1. The new range of coaches has to be the N gauge version of the HaulMark coaches as revealed by Accurascale earlier this year. It’s obvious.
  2. Today we finally set up the layout in its entirety, had a few snagging issues with the wiring to sort. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr And the first time we have managed to set up the full scenic section since we bought it. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
  3. Wolf27

    Hornby APT 2020

    Wasn’t September mentioned further up this thread?
  4. One of Marks Hornby 50's was given a more accurate partial repaint with the overly dark blue replaced with the earlier light blue, a thicker white cantrail stripe and black window surrounds at the no1 end.Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr While one of my own 50s, originally a BR blue example purchased from the estate of the late Keith Wright have been given a repaint into original NSE livery as 50017, still work to to on this one before its considered finished. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
  5. You sure that’s not the Heljan 7mm version?
  6. A genuinely exciting announcement, a very welcome and unexpected surprise. It’s great when something like this is pulled out of the hat. Well done.
  7. What is the point you are labouring to make?
  8. I would have thought that Bachman, or any other manufacturer would produce a whole new set of tools for pretty much everything other than common parts, of which we do not know are. Otherwise there is the potential to disrupt a production line of other models. But only the people making them will know that. This argument is pretty pointless anyway and serves no further purpose in this topic.
  9. I can’t work out if people are happy with Bachmann announcing this or not. Seems like 50/50 reading back.
  10. I’m sure he does, it’s just the predictable comments like this he doesn’t find funny.
  11. Wolf27

    Preorder email

    You do realise that any email sent late on a Friday with either not get read till next week or just ruin somebody’s weekend, and it won’t be Simon Kohler’s. Then it will get filed in a folder named angry emails or worse.
  12. Wolf27

    Preorder email

    Clearly some do.
  13. Wolf27

    Preorder email

    All those who are stating they will not buy from Hornby again are just sh*tting in your own nest. What are you going to do when Hornby announce something that you have been wanting for years? Do you want Hornby to fold and disappear? Perhaps stop your reliance on places like Hattons and look elsewhere.
  14. Now that’s a cool tank wagon, different to any other currently available wagon and great for speedlink services and short block trains. Great choice. cheers Shane
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