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  1. Here is my Lima ARC 59 which has been motored and fitted with the new Legomanbiffo V5 sound chip. I'm waiting on an EM2 speaker to beef up the sound a bit. Note I have not added any detail or modified the Lima model in any way, other than fitting two Hornby self contained motor bogies.
  2. Does it actually state the Minions are being produced? As you know they are completely different to the other 73/9’s. cheers Shane
  3. I may be getting the 82 as that’s all he has at the moment. What’s the verdict on these? cheers Shane
  4. I’ve just done the same with my 87. I put one sugar cube in between the boxes on the underframe but it sounded awful. I swapped the speaker for another one and it transformed it. I suspect I had somehow damaged the original speaker. After being very impressed I added a second sugar cube and my god it was loud! I had to turn it down quite a bit and it’s still very impressive. Thoroughly enjoying playing with this one! cheers shane
  5. I’ve tested the decoder in another 21pin chassis and it’s shorts straightaway. Not tested the speaker yet.
  6. I see you didn't ask why, an answer to that may need to be more information provided. I did at the very end of the topic What does 'part built class 25' entail?. Its a Hornby body on a modified Bachmann chassis - modified by cutting out the fictitious solebar and making a new cosmetic underframe, these are the white bits that have melted. What is the white plastic shown and what temperature does the plastic melt at?. see above Who is Mark Miller?. A friend who is a member here Can you show very clear photos of the DCC decoder, the PCB on the top of the
  7. Hi All I had a spectacular failure today of my part built Bachmann 25. It is/was fitted with an ESU? V3:5 sound chip. The loco was sat on the track and not running but the motor got so hot it melted the cradle it sits in and also the plastruct underframe. The chip is also fried. I discussed it with Mark (Miller) and he has never known anything like that. The motor is damaged, but I have a spare and the loco is salvageable but not the chip. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr The focal point for the damage seems to cen
  8. It was still busy as visitors did not know about it until arriving at the show. It’s not been advertised by the LWMRC as that my have put people off attending but that’s just my thoughts. It was all open fully by midday but I had left by then. cheers shane
  9. The BEP buffet coach is progressing nicely, now got as far as the first coat of primer, but first stage by stage pics of how this was created. First one shows the parts all glued together and part of a Hornby mk1 added, as I didnt have enough of the Bachmann coach. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr The filler now applied Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Partway through the sand/fill/sand/fill stage with the smaller windows now formed. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Looking more like a coach now Untitled by Shane Wilt
  10. The other items of rolling stock that were worked on were a couple of DMU's. First is a Heljan 128 that I bought part finished from Salty. He bought this as a painted body shell and he made the chassis and fitted the underframe gubbins. I made up the bogies and got it mobile. I have another that I am building from spares so this one is unpowered. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr The other job was to paint up a lovely Bachmann Brassworks Met Cam 101. I was tempted to keep it all brass but it was crying out to be painted. So be it. Untitled by Shane Wilton,
  11. I still need to finish this one, the last pic shows the current status of the loco. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
  12. Not much activity, had a flurry of activity in October but its been quiet since then. MM1 class 24, body and chassis as they come mounted on Heljanand MM1 bogie parts Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Any ideas which one its going to be! Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
  13. Thats pretty much how I did mine Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
  14. Also being worked on is Mark's 205 Thumper, having a third vehicle added. This is a Replica Railways 64ft suburban body on a CEP trailer chassis. Two of these to do, one for Mark and one for me. Mine is going blue and grey for a bit of variation. Untitled by Shane Wilton, on Flickr cheers Shane
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