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  1. i had a pre order in with Hattons for some N gauge, no surprise i got the email this morning saying its been cancelled! Instead i went to TMC (The Model Center), redid my pre-order which was the easiest iv ever done on any website! id recommend going there if you want your pre-orders done nice and easy!
  2. we ran the valanaced mallard on our layout "moorside valley railway" at TINGS the full weekend, and i would like to add it was an incredible runner! very smooth, hauled any train size/rake etc in forward and tender first directions with no problems what so ever! so safe to say, Bittern and Mallard will be coming my way, along with an apple green one and silver one lol
  3. is this a sight for soar eyes or what Silver Link and Mallard sit on shed while Sir Nigel Gresley steams by all i need now is Mallard to be valanced, a Valanced Bittern, Union Of South Africa, Dwight and Canada then thats my 6 A4s
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