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  1. Hey Luke That looks pretty cool! I like the arrangement of the background, gives a lot of depth. Cheers Simon
  2. That's the Illinois Central part of the CN. They now have tracks to New Orleans!
  3. Hi Joseph There are some more pix of the whole thing... the whole island is full of industries. Check it out on Google, or here: http://railpictures.net/showphotos.php?location=President's Island Location is Memphis, Presidents Island.
  4. That looks fantastic Paul, hmmm... I think that J70 would be a nice addition for my South Docks. Simon
  5. Wow, that looks pretty cool!!! Amazing layout, really like that. Cheers Simon
  6. Hi Steve The most are Preiser figures.
  7. Haha, yeah, there are a lot of birds now, but I think a streamlined mallard would look definitely out of place!
  8. Hey guys Here are some more pix, this time also with diesel power! I think I have cats somewhere, just found one with no head... sorry mate! First time with full lights The woodland lights were a good choice so far And now a little bit of diesel Here are my newly weathered wagons. A close-up from the "water" Then I added some more life... here's Ozzy, and he's flying high again! Here you can see how it's fixed. Because the light comes from the right you can't see the little plastic strip. So long my friends, hope you like it! Cheers Simon
  9. I thought the same about the height. But it gives the opportunity for a nice frame, with a good light = perfect! Looking good so far Simon
  10. Hey Guys Look at this picture, isn't these the perfect prototype for a small US-layout? http://railpictures.net/photo/688070/ Regards Simon
  11. Ok ok, here we go... Some basic nature added Ladders and a Woodland street lamp Surprise, this little one is running very good! Some fresh painted stuff mainly from Kibri. Here some load from Artitec. Bushes from Heki A lot of loads for the open wagons and the quay. The E4 is a little troublemaker. Still have to make some adjustements for better running. Another Southern beauty Added some little stones and tall grass. That's it for today! Cheers Simon
  12. Thank you all!!! Yesterday I made the first test runs... Diesels (Cl. 33 and 37) run excellent, but some steamers are not happy... The two tracks in the front are a bit lower than the track in the back. This little bump cause some trouble with an E4 and the Black Motors. Have to fix that! And some adjustements for the fiddle yard are necessairy as well... but overall I'm really happy as it turned out, will get some working men figures and some bushes for the back along with other details this week. Will post some pix later this week! Cheers Simon
  13. Another Micro Man! I have ideas for hundreds of layouts, always hard to pick the right one. I was always interested in harbours, there are not that much in Switzerland... thats why I picked that theme for my new micro. BTW my cat LOVED my background. It dried on the floor and when he came home he immediately took place on it! After a short meal he came back and sat down again... I removed the background the next morning and he was looking for it when I came home in the evening. It was hillarious, he really was looking everywhere left and right, he looked at me like "there was something there yesterday, where is that? I liked that dude, put it back or I give you a face lifting!!!" Cheerio Simon
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