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  1. I like my Piko coaches. Just bad that the Steuerwagen is not dcc for the front lights. But aside that, they are good to handle, not too many details (that can fall off) and a nice price. I turned from a Roco into a Piko fan, those guys are amazing. Can't wait to get my Blue/Beige 181.2!!!
  2. Thank you I did a through station because the Kilmister layout is already a terminal station. But a terminal station is a lot of fun as well, lot of shunting in the US. Not just put another loco on the other end...
  3. Of course, but that's not a up and down line system like in the UK. It just shows the kilometers, I never heard or read someone who is saying: This train is running in the direction of descending kilometers, hehe. But the up/down and in the USA the east/west is a well-known term also by the public. The kilometer posts are, as I think, more an information for the people working for the railway. So if there is trouble, they can tell: I'm standing on kp 104 and the loco doesn't move anymore (or whatever). Or you can say the track workers WHERE their workplace is. Every railway system, or at least
  4. Et voilà, some more to see! A sketch for the top of the station over the entry Added a railing on the top These are the support for the middle part of the trainshed's roof. The parts are from Faller, a bridge kit. Looks pretty cool! Then I finished the bottom of the warehouse Amtrak E8 is showing up My Atlas S-2 switcher, good runner with nice sound. Have to be weathered! Frontview from unde
  5. I needed some time to get that with up and downlines... London and Paris are the Center of their countries. In Germany it is a bit different. When the railways started, the UK and France were countries with the biggest city as their capital. But in Germany there was Prussia, Bavaria and all the other smaller countries. That was not a united country like the others. So there was no center or the most important capital. Ok, it was probably Berlin, but don't tell the Bavarians!!!! It's like you tell the scottish people that London is the capital of Scotland! I think that's the reason
  6. There is nothing like that in Germany (or Switzerland). We don't describe that.
  7. … and a bit of Sellafield… Pengzilla is here!
  8. I hope Bachmann will announce the Arriva 158 in the blue/turqoise livery, I NEEEEEEED that!!! The model looks good, nice one.
  9. Hi Simon Interesting, the commuter trains theme is just perfect for little space. If you do Metra then you have a lot of possibilities with different engines. If you are looking for something special and are good in painting, these is for you: https://www.shapeways.com/product/MHSL3T7S2/ho-scale-emd-f40c-metra?optionId=57248148&li=marketplace But I wouldn't do an functional REA track, exept your layout is set in the 60's. I will use my REA buidling as a local warehouse when Amtrak rules the layout. Another solution is to use one track as a refueling station or just
  10. The boards are 45 cm deep and 80 cm long. The height is 30 cm.
  11. The Faller kit is Oehringen, a beautiful station kit. Can be used for UK, rest of Europe and USA as well. Here's the one: https://www.faller.de/App/WebObjects/XSeMIPS.woa/cms/layout/lid.223/bid.16519/index.html It's good to cut, good plastic, not like the stiff Walthers stuff, it's like trying to cut potato chips!!! I ordered two bridge kits from Faller for the trainshed. I want to use the lower metal supports for the top roof. Here are some more pix with the not complete finished station... First I added a railing Lower support
  12. Hi Simon Yeah, they are looking pretty good. Sad that there is no manufacturer doing them. I wrote already years ago Walthers and Rapido to bring out "modern" versions, means late 60's -80's specific version. Hopefully one day... I would love to have a E9 in Amtrak phase 2. Kilmister: Yes, but they were the best pix. Here we have some news from the Union Station! The side wall Here three advertisement to choose from, I decided to use the Jack. Then I used this photo
  13. It's funny comparing my original Kilmister layout, starting as a highland terminal, looked a bit different after some years... I made a lot of buildings for the US-version of that layout after a complete rebuilt into a city terminal. And hey, it seems that I used the "white building" on that layout... but I arranged it in different versions, I had a lot of possibilities. All E-units are from Broadway. Not really happy with them, some are really bad runners. I spent 2 E8's and one E7 a respray.
  14. Ok guys, look at this beauty. Some stock and locos still have to be weathered, but.....mmmmh! Really bad that Walthers also cancelled the Cigar Band E8's. But at least the IC version came out last year!
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