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  1. Re Shipley, sorry to rain on your parade but not this September - https://www.shipleymrs.co.uk/ - subject to the usual constraints, they plan to hold the 2020 show in 2021. Yes, we all want the current restrictions to finish but I think it's a case of festina lente, otherwise there's a high risk we'll just get recurring waves of infections/nasty consequences.
  2. Sorry to take things off-topic but https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-which-employees-you-can-put-on-furlough-to-use-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme (end of first sentence of first paragraph under bullet point 6) says zero hours contract workers are eligible. I appreciate it's entirely possible there's something else we're not aware of which makes her ineligible, and I don't want to pry into her circumstances, but at face value that doesn't ring true. I know there's been a lot of controversy over the scheme (and I really don't want to discuss that here) but if someone's eligible and an employer's not claimed for them, that raises some nasty issues. More constructively, have they checked themselves whether they are eligible or just taken someone else's word for it?
  3. Just a snippet - re the Rails model, the artwork has now been approved and decorated samples are expected 'soon'. Re the full sized article, as you'd expect, very little happening right now.
  4. Blatant bump. I heard about this today and know some modellers have 3D printers, found this when searching for potentially duplicate threads.
  5. Although with the lockdown, we might have to rethink that traditional "hat, coat..." line? Or am I just in denial ...
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying. What with work and trying to look after with two 'vulnerable' people, life's been somewhat chaotic lately. Two plans and an old photo attached. I think that's probably the best we can do re the radiator. There are some photos at https://electricautocar.co.uk/archive/ - I think the sixth one (leaving Scarborough) and the 14th ('Autocar') probably give the best views of the radiator.
  7. There was a detailed article in the Gauge O Guild Gazette November 2014 from someone who had built a 7mm scale model from Worsley Works (rather than NER days). From memory, I think the radiator is something which has caused problems/uncertainty previously. (At the risk of disillusioning/disappointing George H, there probably isn't a photo/drawing...). I've had a quick look but it looks like something I need to do some digging on to refresh my memory, if I get anywhere, will post further details. Alternatively, I know at least two members of the Pontefract club have built NER Days 7mm kits, also I think a few [non-club] members of this forum have as well. Any ideas/information welcome...
  8. Thanks to all those who've been complimentary about the GCR Gala and posted stills and videos online. The autocar's been very popular for a non-steam vehicle. It worked well for us and we hope to do it again. The AGM's been and gone. In between other things, I'm trying to get the winter newsletter out asap. Unfortunately I've a lot to deal with at the moment and could do with some help. Not just personally, but we could really use some assistance as an organisation. As with most volunteer groups, we're very keen to hear from people who are interested in practical work. (https://electricautocar.co.uk/volunteer-vacancies/) A donation, whether a few pounds via PayPal or a substantial cheque is always going to be welcome. However, to keep the autocar running and to do the things we'd like to do and make full use of this remarkable vehicle and the trailer autocoach, we need people to volunteer their time. For instance, just before Warley, I announced our new guide. It's had good feedback and we sold a good number at the Warley show. But we also need people to sell this on the autocar, whether at Embsay or when the autocar's 'on tour'. As well as volunteer stewards, we need someone to deal with online sales, setting up a 'shop' and fulfilling orders. We have quite a few products for sale but no-one to sell them. How about yourself you may ask? Well, I chose my user name on a day I'd been rushing around fixing problems and despite my best efforts and some short-term gains, right now it's worse than ever. Due to the family illness that resulted in me missing Warley and serious ongoing care issues, I've had to take a step back from most of my activites, including the publicity and project work for the autocar. (Thanks to those who have expressed good wishes; I don't think 'Fate' was listening). Our secretary has advised of his retirement come November. Like me, he has increasing demands on him and we can't do it all. Other volunteers have put a lot of effort into the project for up to ten years and would like to reduce their workload. Knowing how much time and commitment they have put in, I fully understand why. The Secretary, Sales/Fundraising and Publicity roles are the well-defined roles we'd like to fill. We would also like to investigate building a museum come workshop for the autocar - we need someone to act as co-ordinator and manager for this and this is a rather more nebulous 'vacancy'. None of us have the necessary expertise or knowledge to work on this ourselves and depending on the early results, it could be set for 'an early bath' or develop into a very significant role, akin to the project engineer's role currently, though with a different subject. We would like to build on what we've achieved so far and without suitable volunteers, it's not going to happen. I know many of you will have busy lives already and I know that feeling all too well - but if you can help, even if it is just a few hours a month, do please speak to us. Do not rely on 'the other fella' doing it. If you can't help, do you know a friend or neighbour who is/may be interested and might be able to? Thanks to technology, some roles can be done literally anywhere in the world, so whilst we don't expect a Thursday working party commute from our overseas members in Australia, or Texas, or British Columbia, or even the Isle of Colonsay to Embsay, if you can help with any 'back-room' or off-site tasks, don't be shy. Please help us with the most precious asset of all - your time. (Don't tell our Treasurer I said that ...)
  9. Yes, I couldn't make it to the GCR myself but everything I've heard so far suggests it's been popular. Perhaps a bit too popular, judging by some photos. We're working on the autocoach as fast as possible! A few more photos, courtesy Paul Abell and Sean Croshaw. My thanks to them.
  10. And the autocar is due to run this weekend at the Great Central's Winter Gala - http://www.gcrailway.co.uk/special-events/winter-steam-gala/ - in the 'railcar' slot, three round trips on both Saturday & Sunday. I know we have some fans in that part of the world, so I hope you get chance to visit over the weekend. Sorry it's short notice but it's only just been confirmed after this afternoon's test.
  11. It's not for me - but it's a great idea which I hope Hornby do well with. Keeping products based on existing models will keep the costs low while the idea's tested and I really hope you get the chance to follow up with some more adventurous models. I see Hornby laying down a marker with this, whether it's LCD or SK or both, there's both a sense of style and business logic to it. New markets and new people for the hobby, even if it does have the purists spluttering into their cocoa! Good publicity for the business and the hobby and if you're acting as an ambassador at shows, even better. I'll be interested to see how this turns out. And thanks for starting the thread and engaging with us. (Not quite a grumpy old man)...
  12. And in more typically Welsh weather, four snaps from Llanfair Caereinion. There had been heavy rain in the early-mid morning, when we'd got to LC it had (more or less) stopped raining, so I tried some arty ones including reflections in the puddles.
  13. There's definitely been something virulent going round last month, most of the country seems to have had it (me too). I get on well with Deluxe Materials Solid Water water as well, haven't tried Aqua yet, so handy to see it, thanks. Preiser do some (non-German) politicians and heads of state in 1:87 but I've not seen a Mrs. T yet. Could you take a female passenger in twinset and with handbag, repaint suit and add some hair?
  14. And a clearer shot, courtesy of 'Lawrence of the A Team' via Twitter. Looks good....
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