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  1. They're hiding... though not in the same places as hedgehogs, prickly... When I've included them and birds in my countryside modelling, they are often (unintentionally) difficult to spot. But if you're not top of the food chain, being too visible can lead to you becoming lunch for something else. What is the 'small mammal' count Kevin?
  2. But Snowflake's in the harbour and we all know that type can be 'tender' if you start making waves. And Kevin has enough trees, some of them must be beeches. I'd lief be under a beech than on a beach. And can LM be at the seaside if it is without peer?
  3. I think a raft for the local boys would be better. The shed foreman doubtless will kindly offer to teach them to take his door and make a raft from it, however, as they have already done this, they would prefer to politely decline his well-meaning invitation and disappear quietly behind some crates on the opposite side of the harbour.
  4. They just snorted and looked away.
  5. For me, it is weathered. Seriously. The angles on the nose point towards the sun more than the sides, so they could well have suffered more UV fading than the sides. Or maybe the cleaners had to scrub harder to clean off the collection of dead insects accumulated in traffic? Alternatively, maybe those panels were repainted at a different time to the sides for one reason or another. It's close enough to suggest it's the same paint but either applied at a different time or has had a different wear rate. Real life isn't as neat and tidy as a model often is. For me, this difference helps the realism.
  6. I'm not sure if it was Pempoul - but it's a fine layout, so any excuse to post some pictures of it...
  7. Or the Squadron Leader experimenting with an early prototype of the Leigh Light?
  8. An odd but serious question, prompted by Kevin's latest picture. In fog, steam crews could hang a bucket on the signal arm so they could hear when it pulled off. How did railcar crews manage? Would they have had a bucket in a cab?
  9. https://drunkenduckinn.co.uk/ is the only one I know of, at least at 1:1. (Usual disclaimer). My (unfinished/stalled) quayside layout has a pub is called that, though I need a suitable sign to finish it off. True, the others are all good traditional pub names (we have a Red Lion and a White Horse in the village, as well as a Queen's Head, used to have The Malt Shovel) - but I thought Kevin would like something a bit distinctive without being too unusual, so wondered about the Masons and Bull could fit a semi-industrial site, the George and Blue Boar (Oxford aristo heraldry) for more 'classy joints'/ex coaching inns. A few miles away we used to have a 'Brown Cow'. But red cows for Devon... Golden Valley Hobbies (https://www.goldenvalleyhobbies.com/search/products?keywords=backscene) stock/supply Auhagen, including some backscenes. (I did have a trade account with them and they used to supply us with Auhagen bits, including some Feldbahn, but no connection now. Nor do I have any backscenes in the bits I have in stock, sorry).
  10. It's a bit close to a factory and not close enough to the centre of LM for that. I see the location more as 'The Masons Arms', 'The George', 'The (Black?) Bull' or 'The Blue Boar'. If it was closer to the quay, then maybe 'The Ship/Anchor' or 'The Drunken Duck'?
  11. The photo's not blurred, so probably not.
  12. Don't worry, they'll never catch on...
  13. Something many readers may not be aware of is just how hard publishers have to work to get their magazines on the shelves of supermarkets and major retailers. The local model shop just rings up and says can we have a few copies of title X starting from next month please. Supermarkets and chains sell rather more, so they have a lot of bargaining power with the publishers and can impose all sorts of conditions. It's often a case of here's our deal, take it or leave it.
  14. Reflections in water? A midnight goods train rumbling over the viaduct, disturbing a poacher - or a similar story on the curve by the ruined cottage with a badger? Or your cake-box entry, with the railwayman walking home by moonlight instead of in the dawn?
  15. Colour balance, contrast, saturation? Probably white balance and colour temperature though, e.g.: https://photographylife.com/definition/white-balance I agree with the earlier comments, the first camera's set-up makes the teak look very orange. The second looks much more natural. Roofing colour and marks vary depending on both the light and weather, as well as over time and depending on cleaning. I've worked on the tops of carriages (though mainly Mark Ones, not LNER stock) and the overall impression of texture and streaking looks good to me. Even the transverse streaks in the middle of the roof camber can be realistic if there's a slight hollow in the roof meaning rainwater acts as a cleanser/protector from the weathering the rest of the roof is exposed to. I suspect it's something which the viewing distance affects, what you see when you're crawling about on top of them or a few feet away is invisible at 50 yards. An edited frame of the NYMR teaks at Moorgates, showing the variation of sides and roofs.
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