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  1. And the autocar is due to run this weekend at the Great Central's Winter Gala - http://www.gcrailway.co.uk/special-events/winter-steam-gala/ - in the 'railcar' slot, three round trips on both Saturday & Sunday. I know we have some fans in that part of the world, so I hope you get chance to visit over the weekend. Sorry it's short notice but it's only just been confirmed after this afternoon's test.
  2. It's not for me - but it's a great idea which I hope Hornby do well with. Keeping products based on existing models will keep the costs low while the idea's tested and I really hope you get the chance to follow up with some more adventurous models. I see Hornby laying down a marker with this, whether it's LCD or SK or both, there's both a sense of style and business logic to it. New markets and new people for the hobby, even if it does have the purists spluttering into their cocoa! Good publicity for the business and the hobby and if you're acting as an ambassador at shows, even better. I'll be interested to see how this turns out. And thanks for starting the thread and engaging with us. (Not quite a grumpy old man)...
  3. And in more typically Welsh weather, four snaps from Llanfair Caereinion. There had been heavy rain in the early-mid morning, when we'd got to LC it had (more or less) stopped raining, so I tried some arty ones including reflections in the puddles.
  4. There's definitely been something virulent going round last month, most of the country seems to have had it (me too). I get on well with Deluxe Materials Solid Water water as well, haven't tried Aqua yet, so handy to see it, thanks. Preiser do some (non-German) politicians and heads of state in 1:87 but I've not seen a Mrs. T yet. Could you take a female passenger in twinset and with handbag, repaint suit and add some hair?
  5. Two Bowens light stands, as used by photographers for indoor photography when extra light's needed. These were damaged in transit but are effectively new. On each stand, at the base, one of the leg struts has sheared from the [metal] base assembly. All the other parts work. The damage may be repairable or you may be able to use these for parts or as part of a layout display/lighting? I had replacements from the supplier who doesn't want these returning but I'd prefer not to throw them in the bin. The technical write-up from one ex-stockist was: Constructed from black anodised aluminium for a sturdy, attractive and non-reflective appearance. Aluminium locking clasps, rather than plastic used by some other brands, this ensures ultimate stability and maximum safety. It reaches 11¾ Foot ( 355cm) and closes to 39 Inches (100cm). Because of the size and weight, I'm not able to post these, so it's collection only. (Near Ilkley, West Yorkshire). Any questions, please ask.
  6. And a clearer shot, courtesy of 'Lawrence of the A Team' via Twitter. Looks good....
  7. I've heard a rumour it's actually river silt. Whatever it really is, I sprinkle it (and a few other mixtures of my own creation) in wet textured paint for extra texture and colour, the combination usually turns out alright.
  8. Oh, it'll run this winter, the only uncertainty is whether just testing/proving runs or whether we're able to offer passengers rides. I've posted some photos on the Warley thread in the Exhibitions section, short version: it's there and looking good. Thanks Dava, that sort of thing is music to the ears, especially of the organisers!
  9. Courtesy Paul Jones, a picture of the autocar in place. Unfortunately, due to sudden family illness, I won't be able to attend, which is a bitter disappointment, but many key players in the restoration will be there if you have any questions. We also have a guidebook fresh from the printers and a DVD about the restoration on sale (stand B39). BTW, how many sticks of chalk or rolls of masking tape for marking out do you think they use? Big hall, big show, big exhibits (except for the T gauge layouts!).
  10. Pack of three wheelchairs: http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=PR10479&style=main&strType=&Mcode=Preiser+10479 And maybe for outside a hospital if you want some drama: http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=PR10532&r=1 And whether arriving/leaving depending on your taste: http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=PR28096&r=1
  11. I second that suspicion. When I first heard the news, I said it would have the purists spluttering but looked like a canny move on Hattons' part. Nothing I've seen or heard since has given me reason to change that opinion. And I appreciate the way they have been willing to listen to us, whether the requests for full brakes or advice and information from the better informed about coaching construction and dimensions.
  12. Time for an update. I need to let you know, contrary to what I said earlier, the autocar won't be running the Sundays in November. There's no heating installed yet (one of the things we are fund-raising for) and the railway felt it wouldn't be a good time of the year to run an unheated train. Sorry for any disappointment caused. On a more positive note, preparations for Warley are proceeding and we look forward to seeing many of you there. And after Warley, the autocar will be off to the GCR for some engineering work and advanced fettling and may run there, possibly during their winter gala - now this does depend on various things, so we're stressing the may at the moment. Other visits are planned for 2020, including a visit to Didcot at Easter. (More hires to be announced and/or more details given when we're not going to pre-empt hosts' gala announcements). There's a newsletter due to go to the printers next week and a DVD in advanced stages of production. As ever, if you can help, especially in volunteering your time and skills, do get in touch. As well as 'dirty fingernail' roles, we'd like to hear from people willing to act as explainers/stewards and/or act as a fund-raiser, researcher, professional consultant (especially re civil engineering, as we are looking at the possibility of building a museum/workshop). The autocar at Embsay attracting plenty of interest. With platform 2 clear of carriages, the photographers can get a good view. (Courtesy M Clark) 3170 seen in the landscape. Heading towards the photographer, 3170 has just passed through Stoneacre Loop which was 'switched out' on that day. The view from the saloon [towards the photographer] is as good as any first generation DMU. (Courtesy Alan Chandler)
  13. Yes. I couldn't see it on the web-site (I can only presume you've found a cached/old version of the site?) and e-mailed John, who replied saying sorry, it had been discontinued because the paint supplier had changed the colour formula. Thanks anyway.
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