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  1. Set back a few yards and they could recreate one of the Thomas stories, taking water from the river. The fisherman might be cross though.
  2. Or another technique is to use a rubber, paint the surface of that and then press gently against the raised mouldings.
  3. Perhaps it's worth redefining 'weakest'. I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert, but it seems to me it exploits those with at least one of a number of sets of particular circumstances, not all of which are immediately apparent as what the average person would regard as medical vulnerability. That would explain why some very fit and (at least superficially) healthy people have been killed or crippled with it, as well as the unsurprising cases, the old, infirm, obese etc.. On the basis knowledge is power, if we could identify more about the virus, we'd be able to target it more effectively an
  4. This is a view of the River Coly from East Devon, a gravel/pebble riverbed and about one-two foot deep. Maybe 20-25 foot wide but the closest I could get.
  5. The biggest influences on the appearance of water is the colour and brightness of the sky. For slow-moving shallow water, you'll be able to see most of the riverbed, it won't be obscured by the current kicking up sediment and/or mud and pebbles being dragged along. If you haven't already, Google 'river images' or something similar and keep trawling until you see something similar to what you have in mind. But FWIW, I attach a few of my snaps, hope they are of use: 4mm scale model for Railway Modeller, shown in varying angles and camera settings. Water from Deluxe Materia
  6. I don't know if it's the lighting, but in the recent pictures (unlike that of the 17th August) the colour of the path and retaining wall behind look very similar, did you repaint the wall?
  7. Preiser 20395: https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/preiser-pr20395.html (ignore the circus bit of the description).
  8. I'd think about your length of reach, particularly at a high level. Unless you're planning baseboard 'sub-assemblies' that will just lift into place, you need to be able to reach (preferably easily) all parts of the baseboard. Also, possibly replacing the curtains with a set of blinds that fit within the window recess.
  9. I will have a look when I have an hour or so but the contemporary photos we have are all on the web-site. Some are available in higher res if required. It is not certain but it looks probable that the third engine (1923-31) came from a WWI tank, specifically a Mark V** variant of the Mark V tanks, with a Ricardo engine bored out to give 225hp. Are there any non-railway photos of such machinery? Whether on the Interweb or in military books? Or does anyone live near Bovington, they might have some material? (Researcher is one of the vacancies we're advertising! I'm afraid I'm a bit tied up with
  10. To give you an honest answer, pretty much any scatter will do. I usually use GreenScene (Worcester) and Woodland Scenics (WS). Coarse and/or fine scatter are equally OK. Colour is probably more important than brand or sub-type. And decisions on that really is in the eye of the beholder. Fifty shades of grey has been misquoted a lot in modelling, fifty shades of green could also be used. You can always mix your own, for instance with WS I mix their fine scatters 'green grass' and 'burnt grass' to provide a more muted shade. You can use these for bushes and trees as well. 'Flock' f
  11. I'd suggest something would add some 'balance' to the cameo. Whether refreshments (muggertee or a glass of something?) a second paper/part of one, attache case and umbrella or overcoat or maybe just a hat? Does he have a cat or dog, to play the faithful four legged friend? (In anticipation of a tickle round the ears, walk or biscuit)...
  12. For the Collett to stop shunting those wagons and clear the road? Though a footplate breakfast whilst they're waiting sounds rather good...
  13. Very subjective but I think I prefer this one. Not that I've ever seen a photo from you I didn't like. I like the way everything looks so natural and not contrived.
  14. Thank you both; also for the PM. Adverts, whilst I would prefer not to have them, I can accept them as the cost of a free blog. Copyright & libel, not a problem or concern, it's more GDPR I'm concerned about. If that's dealt with by the provider, fine. If I have to start keeping records, then for me right now that would be more than I want to handle. Edit: As my footer shows, I decided to go with Wordpress for this toe in the water. So far so good, they are (unsurprisingly) keen for me to upgrade to a paid version but the system seems to work O
  15. Would members be able to recommend (or warn against) any particular providers? I've had a blog in mind for a while but it's been on hold due to other things demanding my attention. I know RMW has a blog section and for some things that looks fine - the problem is some things I have in mind would probably be classed as commercial activity/promotion. And some are not railway related. We're talking something very small-scale, so there's insufficient money available to fund a full web-site. And I don't want to spend a lot of time on it, I'd prefer to spend as much time as possible mo
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