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  1. Just found this very useful thread whilst doing some researching. Does anyone happen to have equivalent trip working diagrams for St Blazey engines for the late 80s/early 90s at all please? I've got a few WTT Section PFs for the main diagrams but, in common with the OP, am trying to find more detail about the trip workings for maximum realism. Rivercider's 1975 diagrams are a great starting point but I expect things would have changed quite a bit in the intervening 10-15 years. Tim H's comments above are very useful and any similar information in the same vein (or redirection towards other thr
  2. Pete, Sound is definitely the way forward! Very interested that you could get the speaker to fit so (relatively) easily without any butchering of the 37 chassis. I've just found this thread which I'd missed previously - was this the one you were referring to? Regards, Graham
  3. Gents, thank you for your helpful and informative responses. I'll busy myself with the TrainController forums/software research for the time being. Rich - I will be following your project with great interest, thanks for the steer! Nigel - thanks for your help once again - sadly I won't be at RailEx this year despite being 'relatively' close as I will be taking the family to visit Pendon instead! Regards, Graham
  4. My next layout will include mechanical turnout and signal operation using a lever frame and home-made mechanical interlocking. I want to couple this with semi-automatic DCC train operation, i.e. I choose the train and it then proceeds automatically according to the route I set, stopping at stations or not depending on the class of train, and obeying signals and speed restrictions. At the end of the route, an operator needs to be able to take over and shunt manually if required. It won't be a huge layout by any means, but one in which I can enjoy being the signalman and watch the trains go by o
  5. Thanks all! Install was really simple, it's a sound chip run in consist with the 37 powering a 65mm diameter speaker mounted beneath the embankment. Full details will be in the Oct/Nov 15 edition of The 2mm Magazine. Mark - yes, I'd seen Iain Robinson's website already, it's most impressive! Graham
  6. A short clip of a china clay train arriving at the dries, with the added interest of DCC off-board sound. Still a few tweaks to make. Let me know what you think. Graham
  7. Well if that's not inspiration for all of us I don't know what is. You seem to be missing a 37 or two though? Graham
  8. Just discovered this layout - loving the progress so far! You mentioned using sound in an earlier post - how far have you got with this? I'm experimenting with below-baseboard sound but would be interested to learn of your experiences... Graham
  9. Very nice indeed! Have you found you need to add a little more weight to the vans or are they heavy enough as they are? Graham
  10. Thanks Pete! Modelling time will be at a premium from now on I fear... Thanks Nick, I've just added a link above - it runs a lot more smoothly than I thought it might, helped by the addition of an extra couple of PB wipers on each of the centre axles of the 37 - it's only got 4 axle pick up out of the box. Agreed Jez, thanks - I'd love a train of 11 in total, not that there's room for them on this layout, but maybe the next one... room for 11 on yours though?! Graham C
  11. Despite a new job, new house and a move to the opposite corner of England, progress has continued slowly but surely over the last year. Spurred on by a recent 2mm North East Area Group meeting, here are some recent photos showing scenic progress on Board 1: The layout is operational, in that I have a total of 2 wagons with DG couplings at each end which can be run-round in the loop and shunted by the 37 (still waiting to get my hands on one of the new class 37 releases from Farish with a more appropriate livery), with the DGs being operated by an under-the track magnet attached to
  12. Looking good Pete! But why test with a 47 when an EE Type 3 would be more appropriate, surely? The lighting really sets the mood - there will always be enough ambient light at exhibitions to show up some of the detail on the harbour wall that would otherwise be in the dark. On electrics - why not switch to DCC and have all tracks live all of the time? Graham
  13. Double slip - brave man! Looking forward to more on this. Graham
  14. Superb as ever - I completely agree with your comment about viewing behind-the-scenes! Graham
  15. Thank you all for the information - gratefully received! Thanks Eddie, North Eastern Branch Line Termini arrived today, and it has a far larger section on Alnwick than I was expecting before I read your post. It really is just what I was after. I may also look up the Model Railways article when I'm further down the route of detailed layout planning. I'd heard mention of that book in one of the posts I came across during research, I'll look it up as I'm sure it will have some good design simplifications, thank you Ah but sadly only in OO guage as far as I understand! Perf
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