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  1. I just use Metho as its cheaper and does a good job also
  2. Hi Jim, so to finish this off I can import my current wagon into meshmixer as a stl and then import your panel onto the wagon? Am I reading that right? Cheers Chris
  3. That sounds nice and easy but I'm stuck with Cubify. The entire wagon is drawn but I only need these panels done so I can print. Anyone with Cubify knowledge - can you give me the steps as I don't want to learn another program again
  4. Thanks. lol now struggling to work out what pictures 3 & 4 are doing in the above diagram. Will try again over the next day or so to see if I can nut it out.
  5. Thank you for the replies. I want to print them on my printer. I need 20 N scale wagons but still cant quiet make out what to do. I have re-read rue_d_etropal posts about 4 times but still struggling with how to apply it to the raised panel on the door. I understand about the X being scribbed into the back of the brass sheet but these will be 3D prints so I cant use that method. Maybe a drawing in a couple of screen grabs may be the go so I can marry the pictures to the words above. Thanks Chris
  6. I'm trying to chisel (best word I can find) all 4 sides of the raised door on a wagon to create a pressing that's raised in the middle. I've tried drawing shapes and loft cutting from 2 different sides. I've tried a couple of lots but no cigar! Pictures of the model wagon and the real one. If you can help in Cubify all the better as that is what I use. I will be printing these in N scale if I can wrap my head around what to do to achieve this. Thanks in advance. Chris
  7. Martin, I'm here is Aus as well. I do N scale wagons etc. using my laser and brass etching. My N scale VR QR wagon is made from 0.8mm 3ply and the strapping is 0.3mm card. www.spiritdesign.com.au Cheers Chris
  8. Sent files today. Found out as I replied to your post they went to [email protected]! Silly me. Cheers Chris
  9. Calvin did the plan I sent via email help at all. Cheers Chris
  10. Ok, no cubify replies. Can someone show me how to do it in Sketchup and I'll learn it instead as Cubify seems to have died
  11. I've tried different ways to try an achieve a compounded roof end but have had no luck. If anyone out there can draw my carriage end in Cubify so that I can then look into the file step by step it would be great. I don't have the funds to purchase another program so I need someone to show the file in Cubify. Pictures below of what I need. There are two styles of roofs. I hope to 3D print a master and then vacuum form the roofs in 0.5mm styrene. Thanks in advance - Chris
  12. No, our Methylated spirits is not the same as white spirits(Turps) here in Australia. Around 90% of methylated spirits is ethanol; so it's incredibly strong. The main additive is 10% methanol, which is highly toxic, but it may also include isopropyl alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or other substances. This cleans anycubic fine.
  13. Just saw this. Anyway done on all your items fascinating stuff. On cleaning prints. In Australia I use Methylated spirits which is cheaper and does a great job. Resin, filters I buy a bulk pack of paint cone strainers from a paint supplier in boxes of 1000 for about $50AUD
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