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  1. However the tax authorities at the destination country can levy VAT [or similar tax] if applicable.
  2. My issue is that the loco will not run but push body shell down it will. However, take the body shell OFF and the chassis alone runs perfectly so not a bogie pick up issue. Put body shell on chassis but NOT push to fit then runs perfectly. I suspect a “connection” issue when body is firmly in place. Suggestions please.
  3. Six pin decoder? Aren’t the other new releases 18 pin? Also Gaugemaster state all wheel drive in motor units. Does that mean that there will be dummy units?
  4. I have had coupling issues on some Dapol coaches. The self centering mechanism sometimes has the coupler drop so I push it up or vice verse so the corresponding couplers are level. Unfortunately uncoupling happens especially on curves. Not an issue with GF. Takes the pleasure out of running certain Dapol coaches.
  5. Is DJ Models registered for VAT and if so have you or anyone else checked the VAT number is valid? Here in South Africa we can check a VAT number on line on the tax authorities website.
  6. Many of us could be pleasantly surprised if DJM took business advice and decided to stop before it was too late. There is a slim possibility that there is a clean liquidation I.e. assets exceed liabilities. Highly unlikely. At least Dave may be ceasing before he got into really hot water and faced possible criminal allegations. This is why I’m glad he didn’t ask for more money and then still couldn’t deliver.
  7. I would say if Dave had any news that arose whilst he was “out of the office” it would have been shared on his return, the 17th or shortly afterwards, one week max in my view. So I read it that there was no news. Of course Dave could have put out a brief note out saying “I am back sorry no updates but I am again available by email and phone”.
  8. As I see it for my N gauge items: 1. King - Digitrains are purchasing enough to allow the project to proceed. Like the rest of us they I trust that they are providing up front cash for DJM to move to tooling. If progress by DJM is slow would Digitrains do as Kernow did and step in and take over? Probably not as they are not commissioning. Cash flow should not be a problem. 2. Class 92 - so far behind Revolution Trains. However, GF continued with the Voyager when Dapol announced there’s. I note GF are doing another run of Voyagers. Are DJM confident that the market is big enough? Perh
  9. Finally caught up. People posting faster than I can read them. So do DJM invoice for the class 92 and King or fold? Drawing on my work experience of many years ago, DJM need to tread carefully. Running a business and taking monies with little prospect of delivering and then going into liquidation could lead to an allegation of a criminal offence. I really want these models and would probably pay the final installments.
  10. What does Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den say?
  11. Maybe the announcement is that he is going to pay in full for his one and only DJ Models share at one pound! Check the filed Accounts.
  12. Newsletter for the n gauge version? Soon hopefully.
  13. Sorry Njee20 and others yes I have received an n gauge newsletter.Regards, Trev
  14. Thanks Dave.Was it my gentle nudge or pure coincidence? Regards, Trev
  15. Yep.I have a Caledonian on order with Revolution. Not sure which one with Dave but definitely a different one. Weren’t the two announced about the same time? Maybe not enough demand for both producers! If I remember correctly wasn’t Dave’s going to have something unique? Trev
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