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  1. I'm thinking a big gazebo over the terrace.
  2. I'm going to guess something based on Devizes....
  3. Thurso - there are many pictures of coal wagons in the bay platform, but I would presume they were unloaded on the offside. I'm not sure how that was allowed, as there was no trap point.
  4. What about moving the turntable road to the right and running the carriage siding off the run round, parallel with that?
  5. Is the class 40 at Nairn on a passenger working, or is the BG in the consit of a freight train?
  6. Could the bay starter be placed to the right of the siding to give it enough room as per the Kingswear example earler in the thread? The Kingswear starter is beyond the run round loop rather than a siding, but I'm not sure if that makes any difference. It would greatly improve visibility from the GWR driving position, especially given the curve.
  7. Nuclear flask wagons were originally included in mixed freight trains, which were not always fully fitted.
  8. I wonder what the reason for that move was - points failure perhaps, or attaching a van to the rear of the train?
  9. I think the reason is more to do with access to any sidings at the station These need to be accessed via the "normal" setting of the sprung loop points. As most of these were originally trailing points, the loops have been reversed so that they are now facing points.
  10. There are a couple of problems with restoring the missing point and using it to form a run round loop. It is in the goods yard and is of no real use for running round passenger trains, and using the majority of track length in the goods yard as a loop severly curtails the already limited siding space. Re the arrival platform, although it was signalled as such, I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a passenger train arriving at it, although I have seen a picture of a loco in the train shed, suggesting that it had arrived at the "departure" platform. I have seen picture of wag
  11. At some time after closure to passengers in 1938, they must have removed the platform lines from both faces and removed the run round loop. They must have then put in a connection between the goods shed siding and truncated main platform road to form a new run round loop. I wonder why they went to all that bother rather than just leaving the original layout intact as happened on almost all other branches which lost their passenger services that early?
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