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  1. The last Hornby Toad van pee's all over the Ratio kit. Ratios version is a mix n' match twixt diagrams.
  2. Many years back I started a City of Truro plastic kit and the Nellie chassis was used as (if I recall correctly )it had the same wheel base. Never finished the kit. No idea what happened to it.
  3. If you look at the picture in the original post, the frames on an Armstrong 4-4-0 are achievable using two Lord of the Isles bodies and the tender can be detailed up as well. A City has completely different frames/splashers and boiler. The City kits tender would need the upper sides removing, easier to just go with an "Isles" tender imo.
  4. What belpaire firebox? Lord of the Isles has a roundtop one. Use a Branchlines chassis or if you have an old Triang Nellie, use the chassis from that.
  5. The trick is don't wait for the glue to go tacky, just dab the glue on and stick to the side straight away, which gives time to adjust.
  6. I emailed a couple of times to try and purchase some goodies. Never heard back so I'm guessing gone the way of the Dodo.
  7. lofty1966

    EBay madness

    Glad I'm not the only one who laughs at the garbage this clown spews.
  8. Thanx Will. Two of the 'F's have been shortened to the correct length. Same problem with the decals. (No room) Also have a 'C' with the same conundrum.
  9. The brake gear on the wagon kit etches (that i have) are useless. All attached to the solebars, so out of line with the wheels and usually so thin an etch they bend when you so much as look at them. The Damo B had the "relief " detail on the wrong side when you folded up the solebar etch anyway too. Definitely more scratch aids than esoteric kits.
  10. I've bought a couple of these kits recently (via ebay). Thanx for the heads up!
  11. Er....shouldn't it be the same? It's per revolution which is the same for any scale
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