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  1. Hasn't the business been sold? I'm sure I read it had recently.
  2. The chances of getting a 47xx Stateside in one piece is negligible. Packaging is junk. I've had two here in Canada that arrived in more pieces than the average kit! For that reason alone the 61xx is a safer bet. ( my model of that loco arrived perfect!)
  3. Im not sure who manufactured the kit, possibly Roxey?
  4. I'm building a straight frame Hornby Saint with an ancient Crownline conversion kit. I'm also bodging a Saint using the remnants of the kit with a Grange boiler and Airfix Castle frames.
  5. Some of the projects. Slower than glaciers at the moment. Got bouts of vertigo and can't see straight.....
  6. Not guilty your Honour (yet). Possibly Kandu_au ? I think he asked about it on one of the Facebook Western groups though.
  7. Still got the cab shelf with the lining pulled out of whack.
  8. I think I'd be inclined to glue the internals With a subfloor assembly (compartments/seats etc) to the chassis to get the rigidity required if you're going to keep the aluminium frame rails. Body should be plenty strong enough by keeping them. Just a thought...
  9. Them be Westdale. The ends are stamped aluminium with no detail. Bit of a to glue as there isn't a lot of 'meat' to play with. I toyed with using cast whitemetal ends but yet to find anything that matches the roof profile.
  10. I'm currently bodging a couple of them (hopefully) to reasonable success. I picked up a Crownline conversion kit last year with almost enough parts to make a straight frame and curved frame version. Turns out the kit wasn't "complete" so had to raid spare parts bin and scratch build. First the straight frame is on the awful Hornby offering. The curved frame after reading some info here, (thanx peeps) Is a Grange boiler with Castle frames. Lots of fun!
  11. Watching with interest as I've several Hammond etches to build.
  12. Looking closely at Hattons pic, it seems the shelf is still there, 12 spoke bogie wheels and the vertical moulded cab handrails. Same half ar$ed shoite, different day, it would appear
  13. Persuaded the G/F to treat me to one for Crimble! Happy Xmas everyone !
  14. Let's not forget cab steps out of line of the cab doors and the massive slop in the coupling rods.
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