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  1. Anyone able to tell me please, what coach diagrams correspond to drawing no.s 1025 and 1026? I've been looking at these kits but unsure of what type they are other than the usual Bow ended 57ft description.
  2. I use mini snips as the bevelled edge slips under the head of the pin. Just don't close them right up an snip the pin head off.
  3. Cripes. Without second-hand/pre-owned, I'd have a tiny collection. I'd guess 95% of my stash fits that category.
  4. Pretty much all the 47xx models arrived as kits
  5. Fill the holes with solder and measure and re-drill.
  6. Well for starters DJM have ceased to exist and got kicked off the project very early on so no worries on that front.
  7. I think I'm up to seven PBV's. Bought two the other week with 3 x 60ft brass rooves, 6 K's suburban B rooves, 3 brass underframes and some cast bogies and wheels. Twenty quid BIN....well I had to didn't I?
  8. Collection of six. Got an etched brass one to make and a couple that could well end up as siphon C's
  9. One for the experts here, please. Rooting through my hoard of coaching stock kits I found these. Top one is a Westdale kit that purports to be a D121 (on the box) and the brass sides also came with D121 written on the insides (no packaging). I would dispute either are D121 as the window arrangement run parallel at the bottom (which D121 should step up from the guards door backwards) and as one can see from the pix door and windows do not align with each other between kits. Plus the Westdale kit has vented windows on the corridor side. Anyone got any clues as to their identity please?
  10. Well I've purchased the relevant/recommended GWJ. Just gotta wait for it to cross the Atlantic. I need a rest after drilling literally hundreds of holes for hinges, handles, door handles and hand rails, oh and holes for shell vents!
  11. The pics in Russell's books show suspended ones but most pics are in BR times which has me confused.
  12. I'm slowly grinding my way through 9 various BSL/Phoenix 70ft South Wales coaching stock. I'm lost on gangways. Would I be correct on thinking the bow ended stock have suspended gangways and the flat ends have scissors? If that assumption is correct would the one flat end/one bow end coaches have corresponding gangways?
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