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    Blue diesels in the mid seventies until the early eighties.
  1. TexChem

    First Attempt 00-SF

    Don't have a 20 p coin - what about US currency? Actually, I might have one somewhere.
  2. TexChem

    First Attempt 00-SF

    I appreciate the continued comments and helpful information and I will, when the time comes, make a call about the "timber" widths to get something more appropriate. Had a water leak this past w/e, so no modelling - we have a holiday this Monday, I am going to try out the suggestion of using the short model switch and see how it turns out. I did not mention that I had widened the gauge to 16.5 mm at the ends of each of the switches to connect with regular track. I will not do that the next time and see how things go. Tex
  3. TexChem

    First Attempt 00-SF

    I appreciate all the encouragement and feedback. These are just my first attempts and I am unlikely to use these on my layout - I am learning how to fabricate the parts, put them together and wire them up. Mike/Martin - appreciate the tips, time permitting will have a go this weekend. Dave - I purchased the copper clad from Clover House (I am in the US and this is US-based company), they are 3 mm, I believe, and so they are narrow. While I am in the learning phase, I am not overly concerned about this, but when it comes time to do them for use, then I will have to worry about it then. Tex
  4. I decided two or three years ago to have an attempt at building my own turnouts - bought gauges, copper clad and some BH rail. Then, like many on here, life intervenes, confidence fluctuates, motivation ebbs and flows - nothing happened. This Christmas I took some time off work, closed all of my work related software (specifically email) and spent quality time with my family, which included some modelling time. As part of this modelling time, I pulled out the gauges, rail and copper clad and had a go. I made two B6 turnouts (using standard templot templates - no messing around, just set to 00-SF) - here they are. I have not yet gapped them, tried them electrically or put in tie bars - but they seem to operate ok when I had push through a short wheel base wagon. The curved turnout may need a little fettling in the diverging road, but I was quite pleased with them for my first attempts. I have to say it is really addictive and I want to replace all the turnouts on my layout - not sure I am ready to do it, but.........
  5. Please continue - I have greatly appreciated the efforts of you and others on these threads who take the time to digitize collections like this and post the results. For an ex-pat like me, resources like rmweb and others are absolutely invaluable.
  6. Thanks for all of the suggestions - these are exactly the types of ideas that I am looking for. Happy New Year All
  7. Thanks for the additional suggestions. At least I won't have to look too hard for a supplier for swear words......
  8. All, Thanks so much for your valuable suggestions; given me lots of food for thought. Tex
  9. I am seeking the wisdom of the collective in identifying approaches to constructing access ladders (and safety barriers) that are found in fuel storage areas in TMD's. I am at a fairly advanced state of building a representation of the fuel tanks/pump buildings at the former Buxton TMD. The basic construction has been completed and I am in the process of adding the details, specifically at this point the access ladders (and safety barriers) - I am a bit stumped on how to progress. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Either components (etched or plastic) or from scratch are on the table. What I am trying to produce: https://www.flickr.com/photos/httpwwwpeakdaleworkscom/7700426500 What I have so far. Thanks a bunch.
  10. TexChem

    Hatton’s Customer Service

    I too have been exceedingly happy with their customer service. Ordered some pre-owned wagons - a three pack and only one of the three turned up in Texas. Called and spoke with very nice gentlemen who investigated and found the other two wagons still in the sleeve in the storage bin. Apologized and sent the remaining two wagons which were received a few days later. I have been ordering from this store for longer than I care to remember and this was the first time there was an error and it was handled with class. Job well done.
  11. Mark + JDW - thanks so much. I will check them out tonight when I get home. I know that they are far from perfect renditions, hence why I plan to use them to hone various skills. Tex
  12. Over the years I have picked up several of these vans on ebay in various states of (dis)repair and plan on improving them - a means to learn some skills. As part of this general process, I need to strip the paint off two of these vans as the prior owner repainted them and I would like to separate the bodies from the chassis to facilitate the process; I do not see how to do this. Rather than force the issue, I thought that I would appeal to the general audience out here and solicit your help. Any advice would be gratefully received. Also, I am based in the US and I do not have ready access to "authentic paints", i.e., railfreight brown - any suggestions for alternatives in the Tamiya range? Thanks, Tex
  13. You can probably figure out where I am located. I have found that as noted above many of the UK-based model shops ship quickly and accurately to the US; the VAT saving typically offsets the postage costs. Depending on the $ to pound exchange rate, the costs are really quite affordable. US-based British outline items can be found on ebay from time to time, including some kits, I have obtained several things by this route. And, if you're prepared to undertake some kit bashing, a good number of the US-outline kits can be Anglicized, particularly the industrial ones (I realize this is not what the OP is after). This forum is excellent and while views sometimes differ, there is nearly always a solution to a problem that you can use.
  14. TexChem

    Bargain Hunters Mark 2

    Thanks for the tip-off here - bought some wagons that were at decent prices, coupled with no vat made for a very satisfying experience.

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