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  1. eBay are offering a 20% discount code - PNY2018 - today until 6pm. Maximum discount is £75, but you can use it on multiple purchases from multiple sellers, providing you purchase all in a single transaction (please see eBay t&c's).I hope this is helpful.
  2. Claud Hamilton

    Hornby D16/3

    In trying to ascertain whether Hornby were correct in their livery I learnt a lot more, which is always good (and one of the great things about this hobby), and so very much appreciate your query. Another, much better photo of "8900" can be found here: https://railway-photography.smugmug.com/LNERSteam/Holden-Locomotives/James-Holden-Tender-engines/Holden-Claud-Hamilton-Class-D1/i-j7k5Kqn/A I think "62614" is a highly likely choice for Hornby and would, I think, be very popular in that livery. I was shown a lovely (if weather-beaten) 0-gauge model of it (or very similar) at the Model Railway Club yesterday, it used to run on the now-retired "Happisburgh" layout. I'll endeavour to take a picture and post it here.
  3. Claud Hamilton

    Hornby D16/3

    In reply to the livery query, the link below contains an image of "Claud Hamilton" in 1937. https://chasewaterstuff.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/steam-locomotives-of-a-more-leisurely-era-1900-claud-hamiltons-great-eastern-railway/ Though not the best quality, it shows the loco in much the same state as Hornby's model, complete with shaded numerals and lettering, albeit maybe a little finer. As for my model, I ran it with a train of (anachronistic) Thompson suburban "teaks" for about 2 hours on the Model Railway Club's test track last night. It performed beautifully and I am very pleased with it. I had already purchased an LNER black Claud last year but was eager to get this example. It wears a similar livery to the loco shown in my avatar, a painting by my father of a "Royal Claud" (one of the versions with a decorative valance). The protype also provided me with my RMWeb nom de plume, and in my opinion is a particularly handsome engine, perfectly proportioned. It is a great shame none were preserved: an MRC member explained to me that one had been marked for preservation at Stratford, but on one side only and the scrap team approached from the other side... The group building a new one have started work on the buffer beam. http://www.claudhamiltonlocomotivegroup.co.uk/blogger-feed
  4. Claud Hamilton

    Hornby D16/3

    My tablet does not take fantastic pictures, but here is my newly-arrived apple-green "Claud Hamilton" (and my first post here).
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