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  1. Thank you but none of those buildings are on Wilbury. They were built to sell. I used to sell them on ebay. Have done any for a while.
  2. A few of the many N gauge buildings I've constructed over the years.
  3. Thanks gents. The Lionel track looks very similar to the old Hornby stuff so I'll go for that. Thanks again.
  4. I know nothing about vintage O gauge so am in need of a little advice. I'm looking to buy a small amount of coarse scale 3-rail track to run a vintage Hornby 20v loco. I've seen modern replica track is available. Should I go for this rather than vintage track? Are the two compatible? Can modern and old be joined? Is vintage french Hornby track the same as UK track? All advice very welcome. Thanks.
  5. I'd much rather have tatty but original rather than bright and shiny and new looking. Bright and shiny and new looking is great on a new product or one that has been looked after but this loco plainly hasn't been kept in it's a box and has been played with by many people, over many years, and that to me is part of it's charm. I like to imagine all that it has gone through in it's life. Where it picked up this dent and that scratch. How it laid unloved in a box after many years of happy play. Antique dealers call it patina. It's part of it's history and it's appeal. Of course all this is just my opinion. But then it is my loco. For the time being... I friend of mine who is into O gauge is going to a Hornby Collectors meeting tonight where he has a friend who specialises in spares. He is going to try and get me a smokebox door. I'd like one from a clockwork model as, like David said, the ones with the big bulb look silly. So much for originality!
  6. I sent pics of the loco to Mike Delaney who you may know. He runs a business called Vintage Hornby. He happens to be based near me. Here's what he said, 'The loco dates from 1935 and is called an E220 special, part of a range issued in 1929. The electric version was issued in 1934/35 which is what you have SR (Southern Railways) A759 L1 loco. In 1936 they changed the number to 1759 so yours is prior to that. The tender belongs to the Lord Nelson Loco so is mismatched with the Loco. The Loco and Tender were sold separately in shops so it is possible that they have been together a long time. The tender will date from 1934/35 to 1938. Any attempt to restore it will in my opinion be a shame. It is a very hard to find loco in clockwork or electric but the condition does let it down.'
  7. I like the fact that it still has it's original paint even if it is very tatty. I think it would be a shame to completely repaint it. To me it has extra charm and appeal because of it's condition. And it isn't on the scrapheap it is on a shelf in my 'man-cave'!
  8. Why does it have 'special' in it's name?
  9. Thanks for the info. I had no idea what it was. I picked it up in an antiques centre in Hungerford a couple of weeks ago. It was in a box of Hornby O gauge stuff. There were some signals, track, couple of wagons, buffers and a few smaller locos. The chap wanted £80 for the lot. I 'm not into O gauge at all, I just liked the look of this loco and offered him £25 for it. The rest of the stuff might still be there!
  10. Hi Excuse an N gauge modeller muscling in your O gauge forum but I hoped you gents might be able to supply a bit of info. I recently bought the loco and tender shown in the photos in a junk shop. I know nothing about them apart from the obvious, ie they are O gauge Hornby electric. Can anyone tell me when they date from? Do they match? I notice they carry different numbers and have different style of couplings. Are spare parts available? I don't want to restore them as I like the battered look but I would like to find a smokebox door. Any information gratefully received. BTW I paid £25. Was I done? Cheers Rich
  11. Good advice but my layout is old and already features R1.
  12. Thanks for the info. I might give it a miss then as I have setrack points.
  13. Hi All Will the N gauge Dapol 9F cope with Peco setrack Radius 1?
  14. Built this 'freelance' dairy using card, printed brickpaper and bits and pieces from the scrapbox. Inside is detailed with pipework, tanks and figures. It is N gauge and the close-up photos don't do it any favours. Hope you like it.
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