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  1. I have to say, that parcels railbus certainly looks the business - for some reason I am imagining it in Royal Mail red alongside a 128!
  2. If you're still looking for a new name, I've always liked the sound of Wicken Hill, or to be more precise Wicken Hill Lane, on the Isle of Wight. There is also the town of Mottistone on IOW, which as far as I can tell was never served by a railway (for obvious reasons really; 'bout the only thing there is the Manor gardens & estate). Just a few suggestions, *edit* Spelling GJ
  3. Before the static grass was applied I was looking at the photograph with the Regional(?) coaches and was thinking......"hmm, peak district moors in winter." But the diorama looks very nice as it is now. You just need to find somewhere to photograph it using forced perspective a la Sandhills of this forum and job's a good 'un........
  4. Just love that pointwork and the wires look great! Reminds me of a project that never got started for an 009 electrified tramway.....
  5. Welcome To New York...........

    1. Metr0Land


      So good they named it twice....

  6. Can I just say "wow", that is some pretty darn good scenery there.....
  7. Hullo all Its been a while since I've put an update up so here is progress as of today. The main task that has been completed is the backscene; I have attempted to produce the appearance of a cloudy overcast day. While the paint has dried somewhat lighter than I had anticipated I'm still pretty chuffed with the result! *Again, I apologise for the image quality. I currently have no access to the DSLR so please bear with* Fig 1: Overview of the current state, showing the backscene You may have noticed the cardboard tube.This, along with the concrete building to the right, acts as
  8. The Tilly is indeed a plastic kit, taken from the Airfix RAF Bomber Command re-supply set. Mini-Update While not usually purchasing Hornby Magazine, one thing I like about that particular publication is the relatively frequent free kits, usually from Scalescenes, that can be found in the pages. And it would appear that this month has got another free kits. Due to my irregular reading habits of HM I typically find these free kits halfway through, so they are of no use. This month, however, looks like it contains an entire building that is very nearly perfect for the Depository. This means
  9. Looks good to me. I wouldn't like to sit in the open topped coach (I presume third class?)-rather a lot of soot and steam about! Have you got any ideas for the loco to on run this? GJ
  10. I did trial doing that, but there wasn't quite enough space to have the main features that I wanted (two tracks and a loading platform). I could have squeezed it all in at a push but the front track would be too close to the front for my liking. That said, I suspect most of the bowing on the box was caused by me gripping the side while cutting. The box is still quite sturdy despite the gaping holes in it, so it should be alright. I hope. I'm sure that somewhere among all the alien tech is something that will help with the bowing........ GJ
  11. Now this has certainly provoked my curiosity! That coach looks very nice, as does the station building. I wonder what is available for 4mm in this period...... Anyway. I shall be watching this with interest. GJ
  12. Thanks for that Dan. Just to add to my post a few mins ago. I do have a few concerns about the buildings as, over the years in a large box, the sides have bowed out slightly. I have a feeling that the bowing worsened somewhat when I was cutting apart the goods shed.Ev en the back wall of the box has bowed. Steps have been taken to try to counteract the bowing, which as worked to a degree. However, the bowing is still there and things may go drastically wrong as I try to stick bowed sides to bowed walls, if that makes any sense. I do have a backup plan though Thanks for looking GJ
  13. I did wonder about that black SUV that tore down the road yesterday evening.......especially as the camera had been fully charged not that long ago...... In all seriousness, here are a few progress pictures. The less said about the quality is probably best, as they were taken using the poor camera on my iPod Touch 4th gen. But first, here's an Austin Tilly. Below is an aerial view of the various features in roughly the position they will be stuck down in The right hand side of the micro. The concrete strucutre is from a Superquick coaling tower, with the sides of the goods she
  14. I wonder if it says anything about me when my initial thought upon seeing the picture above was "oooh look its a VW Campervan". But with all seriousness, that's some good progress you've made there. I've often thought about building an SLT and I shall watch with interest. GJ
  15. Hullo all, Good progress has been made over the duration of today. The fiddle yard exits have been cut out, the front cut down to make it easier to see into and the goods shed (from post 2) is now in several pieces ready for gluing to the box. Unfortunately I am again unable to post pictures as some darned fool (who was most certainly not me ) left the camera on and the battery is flat. Never mind. The next job involves electricity........ Thanks for looking GJ
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