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  1. Oh the over roof will be staying James. Apart from the fact that I like it I spent absolutely ages getting it all properly and neatly in place, - so after doing that it will definitely staying. I agree too that having one important station with an overall roof on this type of 'system' layout is a defining feature which simply must be present if not absolutely compulsory. I did consider putting in a fourth platform track, but the problem with doing that would be trying to feed all the tracks through under the iron railway viaduct. Just getting three tracks under it involved an awful lo
  2. What a lovely picture. I went with a station with an over roof as that was what the original 1925 layout had, but after that the LNWR invaded and took my layout over. I hadn't given much thought to what engines and rolling stock I was going to run on the layout but with its tight curves the LNWR 2-4-2 tank engines proved to be ideal. Most of my LNWR engines and rolling stock live in my digital trainset box and never see the light of day so it was a good opportunity to get some of my collection out of the box and onto a layout
  3. The internet went down here for around 24 hours so I worked on the 1925 MRN layout to pass the time. I got an amazing amount done so perhaps I might have to declare 'no internet' days from time to time so I can catch up on projects. I fell asleep and forgot to take pictures so here's picture of a 4ft 6in tank engine shunting instead. I need some 3 plank drop side wagons so I bodged around my recent artwork for L&Y 3 plankers and came up with these.
  4. The station at 'Misnomer' is possibly a bit too grand for the size of the layout. I have wondered about extending the line at platform 3 (next to the parcels bay) out through the end wall of the station and onwards to a fiddle yard. Edit: Perhaps I could call it the 'Eggcorn' branch.
  5. Thanks, The coaches are the work of a very clever gentleman named Ken Green who has made quite a lot of pre-grouping coaches for Trainz. The 5ft 6in tank engines are particularly nice as well. I don't get my LNWR models out of my digital trainset box all that often, but after running these around on the layout while testing things I'm starting to think I should mend my ways and give them a run more often than i do.
  6. Well I decided I would go with 'Misnomer', 'Malaprop' and 'Dogberry' for station names with 'Misnomer' being the large posh station with the grand over roof. I'm at the detailing stage with the layout which is a task that takes a lot of time to do, but one that I enjoy doing despite it being a fiddly job at times. The station building at Malaprop is a very old Trainz model based on West Ewell. I've deliberately used buildings from the early days of the trainz simulator because they seem to be a good match for tinplate buildings from the 1920s.
  7. Alnwick station 1887. Now that is a very nice station James. Being a little different to the usual kind of terminus with its central platform would make it a very interesting model to build indeed.
  8. I struggled at first with all those different layers Jake. With my foggy brain I have to be very disciplined about checking which layer I have switched on before I do anything and be equally disciplined about switching a layer off once I've completed that particular task. Basemaps in a brilliant tool though since it makes it very easy to take a trackplan and drop it into Trainz to see what it looks like. I would be very disappointed if you did give up. Most of my attempts at layouts back when I first started off in TS2009 were awful, but that said they were all steps along th
  9. Having already built a layout named the 'Sumwheir District Railway' Jim I would be a little reluctant to follow that theme. On my huge rambling Norfolk layout there is a signpost on a certain road that points to a destination named 'Misnomer', - so I thought it might be time to set off in that direction. However having been reading James's explorations in late 19th century Norwich and discovering there was a street named 'Unthank Road' my imagination has got loose and is running off in an altogether different direction.
  10. Thank you very much James. It seemed sensible to me to keep 'Euston' as a large and important station, but if I'd done the same with the other two stations I would have made the layout look smaller than it is and far too cluttered. This way the layout looks far more open and has room to breathe if you take my meaning, There's still quite a few finishing details to be done yet, but essentially everything is in its place and needs no further adjustment. The LNWR 5ft 6in tank engines are exactly the right engine to operate the layout. Despite making the layout wider than it is on the trac
  11. Still WIP in places, but it's getting there. I was a bit naughty and kept on pushing on with it when I should have stopped which means I'm going to crash out sometime soon and sleep for ages.
  12. Well whatever it is and whatever its history I don't really mind. The vendor seems to think it's an old scratchbuild that was no doubt robbed of its wheels and mech at some stage of it's life. Anyway it's mine now and once it arrives I can have a proper look at it and see what needs doing in the way of body repairs. I have a couple of biscuit tins containing wheels and various mech bits stashed away so hopefully I'll have enough bits to put something together.
  13. Whoops indeed. It would be the Reformation all over again.
  14. That's what I couldn't understand Kevin. Apart from the odd bent footstep it's in very nice condition and once the enamel paint is cleaned off there wouldn't be much needing to be done at all.
  15. This repainted Hornby L1 tender and loco bodyshell have been on our local on-line auction website for awhile now without a flicker of interest. I vowed I wasn't going to buy anymore tinplate train stuff since I struggle with doing any kind of model work due to narcolepsy, BUT this could be the only way I could ever get to own a Hornby L1 since normally they sell for the sort of prices that are way beyond my slender means. So I've put in a bid, - nothing ventured, - nothing gained and all that.
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