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  1. I'm continuing to work on tidying up 'Cairnrigg to Balessie'. The S&DR Bouch 4-4-0 is still acting as test engine and last night just before end of play I was able to do a run through to Balessie goods yard without any derailments occuring. TRS22 does not like the older version tunnel and bridge models I originally used on the layout with the tunnels in particular somehow managing to invisibly fold their attached track back under the tunnel entrances causing the Bouch 4-4-0 to end up half thrust through the tunnel floor. I don't like doing tunnels at the best of times, but I found a new kitset of tunnel pieces I hadn't tried using before and after a bit of mucking about I was able to make a reasonable job of building up a replacement tunnel. The sparrowcam view of the tunnel in wireframe mode. The hole in the landscape disguising tunnel mouth+mountainside models aren't quite a perfect match for the tunnel kitset parts, but I think they'll do. That split in the tunnel wall is a bit annoying, but if that ended up being the only fault I think I got off lightly. I might be able to fix it with a little careful tweaking of the tunnel casing. The Bouch 4-4-0 leaving Cairnrigg yard. The signpost in the middle distance reads Cairnrigg 2 miles, - so perhaps I should think about renaming the station 'Cairnrigg Road'.
  2. Lovely work on your latest tram engine Neil. I like the way that you've developed a unique company style for your tram engines that allows for the individual differences between them, but still identifies them as ETCo engines.
  3. Now that's better. Hundreds of days ago back in 2018 I purchased an engine shed model based on the engine sheds at Beamish from Paul of Paulz Trainz. I thought it would be just the thing for the MPD at Cairnrigg and it would be certainly better than the very tired old engine shed model I was using from 'Ultimate Trainz' from waaaaay back at the end of last century. Only when I went to look for the engine shed I couldn't find it. Normally I'm obsessive about backing up my Trainz files, but for some reason I failed to do it this time. After hunting back through backed up copies of TS2009 and TS2012 without any luck I resigned myself to searching through all the emails I'd ever received from Paul and just as I was about to give up and go to the kitchen to make a pot of tea I found the email that had the engine shed as an attachment. (Alleluia! Alleluia!) Needless to say I immediately made a backup copy of it so I wouldn't have to go through all that again.
  4. Another engine that I've taken across to TRS22 is this wonderful old Longridge 0-6-0. On my Norfolk layout it works the mineral trains on the Grimwold branch and it's lots of fun to drive on the steam controls; - tender brakes only so I have to be really on my game to drive this old engine without bumping into things in a properly engine woman-like manner. The Shrewsbury & Chester owned a Longridge locomotive, - a 2-4-0, - but that's about the only one I know of that's similar to my 0-6-0 Longridge. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/images/f/f6/Im1921EnV131-p069a.jpg
  5. I remember those wooden kits with those cast ends Linny. I might even have some odds and ends left in a box somewhere. The coaches look to have been very nicely made and someone certainly put some effort into making a nice job of them. It also looks very much like they didn't want them to fall apart, - looks like some kind of resin glue. The sides aren't ply, - the sides were machined out of some kind of hardwood, - or at least the old coach sides I have are. I wouldn't have a clue who their maker was though. I read somewhere that CCW used laminated ply, but I don't know how accurate that is.
  6. Thanks James. 'Cairnrigg to Balessie' was a generic Scottish layout I built a couple of years ago so that my collection of mid-19th century 'North of the Border' locos and rolling stock had somewhere to call their own. I was still learning how to use the layout building tools in Trainz back them so some things weren't done all that well. I thought that with the release of the latest TRS22 version of Trainz that I'd return to my old layout and give it a wee bit of a tidy up as a way to find out what the new version can do. Unfortunately my lovely old Stockton & Darlington Bouch 4-4-0's are orphans as I don't really have anything else much I can run with them. I thought I'd get them out of my digital trainset box and use them as test engines and give them a run while I'm doing track repairs. They are old Trainz models from TS2004, but despite that they run very sweetly in TRS22. It was also an excuse to get my chauldron wagons out as well, though I had to make do with an N.E.R. 'birdcage' brake van as I don't have a S&DR one.........yet.
  7. Playing trains engaging in serious testing on my old Cairnrigg to Balessie layout in TRS22.
  8. My money was on one of the 'Queens' Mr Northroader. Of course I much prefer the early 'Queens' with their Gooch influenced domeless boiler, but there you go. That's a tidy piece of research you've done to help unlock a part of this puzzle, Ta for that. I frowned at that little barrow for a good while before the penny dropped that it was an important piece of rivetter's kit. Now I wonder who I can show that photo to because it would make a great item of workshop equipment if modelled in a 3D kind of way.
  9. Morning GWR cheer up picture: A Wolverhampton saddle tank locomotive '1501' class 0-6-0PT; - No 1805, was built at the Stafford Road Works in 1881 and shown here circa 1890. (I like Wolverhampton built engines.)
  10. Yes you're right, - I can see that now. Definitely proof of the fact that a good photo is needed when modelling a particular pre-grouping GWR engine.
  11. This is all very confusing James. The numberplate clearly reads 1971 so what is it doing with that bunker? And to top it off the mystery engine hasn't got 'H' spoke wheels. GWR '850' early Swindonised condition.
  12. I recognise that layout And yes Ed makes good and accurate digital models. My old layout 'Cairnrigg to Baleesie' presently being tidied up a bit in the beta version of Trainz TRS22 .
  13. In just 10 days we can make you a peasant. Seriously though that's pretty darn awful. When I was living on an offshore island for a time the power would often go out when we got the Winter storms coming in. Three days was about the worst we had from memory, but with it being a small community we knew very well that the local power board guys would be out in it all carrying their gear across the salt marsh or through the bush where there wasn't road access. Where I was living at the time we didn't have the power on so it didn't make much difference to us personally, but it still wasn't a good feeling knowing that the power board guys were out in it all trying to get things reconnected again.
  14. The engine is also fitted with the shorter chimney received when joining the Belpaire club. That makes it circa 1903 according to photos shewn in Russell Volume 1 (Alleluia! Alleluia!).
  15. I've been informed that No.1971 was built new in May 1890 and rebuilt as a pannier tank in August 1914 so that helps to narrow down the date of this photo a bit.
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