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  1. The first 7.1 shake woke me up around 2.30am Jim. I'm a good distance from the quake epicentre with the spine of the Coromandel Ranges between me and the coast so I felt the first shakes as three distinct long slow movements, but fortunately without any strength behind them so no damage or anything. There was no traffic on the road so I knew at once it was an earthquake and not a logging truck so I had a look on GeoNet NZ's website and sure enough there was the epicentre marked on their map 105 Km east of Te Araroa. https://www.geonet.org.nz/earthquake/history/2021p169083
  2. I did some more work on this B&ER 5 plank. The chap from the creator group who did the meshes for these Broad Gauge wagons put them together in a really odd way which doesn't make doing any texture revisions very easy. I had to make a normal map he'd left out altogether, but I'm reasonably happy with the final result. Even simple jobs are taking me ages at the moment because I keep falling asleep.
  3. Waaaay back in my 20 somethings I gave S scale a go and I found it very good for building 19th century models. Since I'd been previously been trying to scratchbuild 19th century models in P4 the 'hard' bit wasn't that 'hard' anymore since everything was a wee bit bigger.
  4. Photo shamelessly stolen from the Didcot Railway Centre page on Faceplant. I shamelessly stole the words too.
  5. Thanks very much. Be careful though, the Broad Gauge has a way of casting a spell over you and in the aftermath you will never be quite the same again. Apart from the DLS this page on Steve Flander's website is well worth a look (freeware). http://www.jatws.org/ing4trainz/gwr-broad.htm The B&ER 4-4-0ST I commissioned can be found here (freeware). https://darlington-works.weebly.com/freeware.html
  6. I'm having difficulty staying awake past two hours at the moment, but despite that I managed to get these two B&ER open wagons finished. Their meshes were part of a project I was involved in last year to create some generic mid period Broad Gauge open wagons based around the BGS's plan 408. I've been meaning to do something with the body meshes ever since and I had all kinds of WIP wagons hanging about that really needed something doing to them. I was annoyed and disappointed to discover my copy of the 'Broad Gauge at Watchet' is falling apart. Perhaps I need to stop frowning at th
  7. From OS maps and such old photos as I've been able to find very much showed that there wasn't much in the way of trees. The pictures that you found of Cornish wind blown trees would make for a final welcoming touch to the whole area I don't think. While I was doing research I read about the Red River and how horribly polluted and corrosive the water was. Along with a landscape honeycombed with open mineshafts it sounds like the perfect place to build grotty modern housing and retail sheds.
  8. Thanks for the picture of Tuckingmill Simon. Even modern pictures of these old mining sites still have the quality of being an ancient Sci-Fi war zone about them. I haven't done a great deal with the old mining sites around Chacewater yet beyond start to mark out their location, but I can already see that a big pot of 'Blasted Heath' is going to be needed
  9. Thank you very much Simon, it's very likely that I will have questions to ask as I go along with this project. I had noticed with studying old maps that some towns and villages changed little over a long period of time then all of a sudden they became larger and more spread out. The original builder of the layout I'm modding back into the 1880's period used Gaggle Earth as a guide. Even for the claimed 1930's period this was completely wrong and I had to do so much deleting of trees, buildings and other infrastructure that simply should not have been there.
  10. Thanks for that Schooner. I see trying to model and represent communities as being more than just plonking down houses, - which is why I've struggled with building up Truro for so long. Chacewater in the 1880's is easy because there isn't much there, but I know that Redruth and Camborne are going to be fairly challenging. For a Kiwi who has never been to Cornwall and isn't ever likely to be able to visit I seem to be drawn to the region and its history. I'm no scholar and geography has always been a weakness for me so what my modelling is about is trying to make things look right.
  11. I shall make a note of that Simon and be more careful in future. I did wonder about that though when I was searching the NLS website for old OS maps and I wasn't finding anywhere in Cornwall using 'Cambourne' as the keyword. I've taken the 1880s as the time period for the layout, but haven't given much thought as to the Newquay branch as yet. I would really like to get the West Cornwall line as far as Chacewater done and dusted first before I start pushing onwards,
  12. In amongst crashing out and falling asleep all the time I finally managed to finish off this open wagon and get it uploaded to the DLS. I thought I'd already completed it and sent it off, but I hadn't. My pre-grouping WIP texture files are in a right old state so I'm trying my best to get them sorted out. I've got various test WIP goods wagons all over the place as well and I haven't a clue what I was intending to do with some of them.
  13. Thank you very much James. Even though it's been a lot of work transferring my Cornwall layout over to the newest version of the Trainz simulator it's really good to be back doing things on the layout again. And you just knew that I would get around to returning this engine to my Cornwall layout. Officially it's my track testing engine, - something which it's very good at, - but sometimes I just like to play trains with it. At Chacewater (WIP). I am planning on eventually taking the West Cornwall line through to Camborne and while Penzance has been talke
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