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  1. Your new 4-4-0T really does have a delightful vintage look to it Linny. Just the sort of thing an impetuous minor railway might have picked up on the second hand market.
  2. Attempts to model animated tablet exchange using model figures have been tried by various clever folk, but it ended up being very complicated as well as not being very successful. There is a full set of GWR tablet exchange gear available for Trainz, but they are all static models.
  3. I do have a blue Police telephone box model actually. Hmmmm........
  4. It's called a random spelling moment caused by micro sleeping Mr Horth. The word was meant to be 'regulations'. As a rule I read my posts through a couple of times before I click 'submit reply' or else nobody would understand anything I wrote. Somehow I managed to miss that spelling mistake. And yes no doubt the guard was keeping a stern eye on the pair. Edit: Trainz TS2019 places their idea of a driver on the footplate or in a diesel or electric locomotive cab. Unfortunately the males are all scruffy looking Network Rail rejects in Hi-vis jackets or women dressed in corporate looking trouser suits. The digital figures are very well made, but completely useless for anything except the modern error. There is one only male figure wearing a grease top cap, but he's wearing a Hi-vis jacket as well which completely ruins his suitability for the steam era of railways. There are ways of editing the attachment points for crew figures on the footplate so the TS2019 figures don't show up, but in the case of the SER Cramption and one or two others of my mid-19th century engines it amuses me to have that slightly bewildered looking young lady on the footplate. I call this picture 'The driving lesson'.
  5. Some years ago when I was running late to go to work I almost did the same when I was fumbling for my can of hairspray. My bedroom was also my workshop (complete with miniature lathe) and somehow my can of grey primer had ended up on my dressing table.
  6. (A lazy cut and paste re-post from the Trainz forums.) Driving my mid 19th century engines using the steam controls on the TS2004 Turks Castle Minehead route is always a good cheer up for me. This is my standard gauge version with minimal upgrading to run in the Classic tinware version of TS2019 SP1. I did try out procedural track on this layout, but it looked like some bad plastic trainset track from the 1980s so I went for scruffy old legacy UK Bullhead track instead which does actually look like proper steam era track. The big (for its time) SER Crampton is superb to drive on this route and for a legacy model dating from TS2006 it does look very nice in SP1. I actually own clean versions of this engines as well, but this mucky one is my favourite. Excellent to drive using the steam controls and of course with this being the 1860's no continuous brakes so no cheating with using the train brake control. I see the Crampton's young driver has his strange girlfriend from the future on the footplate again in defiance of company regulations, but she can shovel coal really well by all accounts so the running shed foreman turns a blind eye.
  7. 9F and train at Little Keldon right at the southern end of the layout. The '2' on the station building is to remind me that it's platform 2 when I'm setting up passenger train schedules because I always forget and think it's platform 1 which causes absolute mayhem.
  8. If I was a wealthy woman I'd commission several Sacre engines for Trainz because they really are beautiful engines in my opinion. I have 4 Sacre E8 2-4-0T's in late condition on the layout which is better than nothing I suppose.
  9. By the time period for my layout the old MS&LR liveries would have been a complete anachronism, but I don't care. While coaches in the later dark teak livery do exist they aren't all that good and while I have 9F's in the later unlined black GCR livery I don't care for them much in that livery.
  10. Great Eastern was in motion sailing from the viewer's left to the viewer's right when I took that snap. Soooo that means she should have been showing a green starboard light. If I could find suitable lamps it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to attach them, but something tells me that GER brake van lamps might not be suitable on this occasion. Not quite the work for her that Brunel intended, but Great Eastern did prove to be an excellent marine cable laying ship. Built at the wrong time for a world that wasn't ready for her yet her final fate was very sad and undeserved.
  11. It's rare for one of the E&GR Hawthornes to be seen on the mainline since the mineral branches are their usual haunt. The Hicks 0-6-0 shedded at Oakmarket that usually does this run needed attention this morning so the old Hawthorne was borrowed from the shed at Grimwold.
  12. Since my layout is supposed to be circa 1910-1913 Great Eastern would indeed be a ghost ship by then. The sailing track that I set up for the Great Eastern is at the edge of where the sea mist starts to thicken up when I've selected the appropriate 'cloudy' settings. So the ship emerges from the mist just a little as it passes Hopewood on Sea and then gradually slips back into it as it sails past. I don't mind the anachronism because it is my layout afterall and I've already bashed parts of Norfolk about severely so I might as well do some time distortion as well. I'm having a stupid Annie morning this morning so could you explain that. I have the feeling that I know about this somewhere inside my head, but my brain keeps telling me to go away when I ask it any questions.
  13. Nice. A proper GER van and not a modern image one. Looks like a preserved one that's starting to compost itself due to neglect and an inadequate paint job which is a bit unfortunate. Never been that keen on the post 1902 large lettering.
  14. There's a not very good set of brass band figures from the earliest days of Trainz that I found and while they look terrible close up they look adequate at a distance. I'm going to use those as placeholders until I find something better. There was a rumour that a French content creator for Trainz was working on a set of brass band figures so I'll have to see if I can track those down. I know it's not very likely that the Great Eastern would have been seen off the coast of Norfolk, but it's a magnificent model and I like it so it occasionally sails by when I'm running trains on the layout.
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