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  1. I got 6 spare axle boxes with my Scaletrains GE ET44AC loco
  2. I.ve just picked up a Revolution JNA box wagon really nice wagon but I can not for the life of me work out how to remove the false floor to fit the batteries for the tail lamp? Any one have any ideas
  3. sorry I should have said my none green Freightliner loco 'One'
  4. Yes I'm really worried "is my loco the right shade of pink"....sorry but come on its all a little late to change the livery now
  5. Just when your wondering where your loco is? You can always rely on somebody starting on about a livery not being just right.
  6. I'm not sure how long a delay has to be before its 'bad' I'm really glad I never sold my Bachmann 66's on
  7. The newer liveried locos that missed the plane are still down for January with the 2nd run stock down for February
  8. Freightliner class 66 in pink livery with 'one' printed on the side.... how am I being smutty? I don't think I'll be joining in anymore.
  9. This thread was a bit of fun till you started with the smut
  10. So do we know when the next release that includes my Freightliner 66 that's not green will be here
  11. You do know I was asking about a class 66 right....
  12. I was wondering if the next release will be coming by ship (my pink 'One') as any delay will have the Chinese New Year on top of us
  13. Ok its 2020 so when do I get my pink 66? Happy New Year to you all
  14. I'm sure I've seen a 'Rush-Rail' 66 in a video it was over here for repair or a service, and I have to agree that smoke unit looked out of place. Not long before my pink 'One' turns up
  15. And stick pins in dolls when no one is looking
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