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  1. And now we must ask ourselves where will I get one? Dapol are said to be bringing one out...but it may be a while
  2. sorry I'm showing my ignorance here but what is this loco?
  3. Yes but your in a whole new area of nudging now this is nudging while wearing a tie
  4. Is there any other kind?
  5. I think there are still one or two canopy nudging kits left in the shops with the free book 'Nudging for Beginners '
  6. You can almost hear the crew of 4825 saying "is he still looking for that tea spoon he dropped?"
  7. And that's why instructions are always at the bottom of the box
  8. please help that poor firemen find whatever it is he's lost, its killing my neck
  9. I e-mailed ATHEARN'S help line and their reply was very quick, they say to activate all of the light functions I should be looking for a decoder with at 'least' 8 functions and that a decoder with 6 functions would be unable to access the full accessory lighting features... shame its not in the manual.
  10. I've just sent away for a ZIMO MX636D decoder it has 8 functions so here's hoping
  11. I almost got to the end of the article I'll finish it latter when my head stops hurting, I'll also look through the traders sites see if anything is recommend sadly the Athearn paper work is not a lot of help. As my layout run's DCC its something I'll need to figure out, by the looks of it the new Genesis and the Athearn RTR locos fitted with LEDs all need a 21 pin chip even their reworked RTR SD40-2 is fitted with LED lights
  12. I have a new Athearn Genesis SD60E which I'm trying to fit with a decoder this is my second SD60E the first one is awaiting a wiring repair! Anyway the new unit works fine on DC with all the lights working (LEDS) but on fitting the decoder only one ditch light out of four would work, all the other lights worked ok. I've tried two 21 pin decoders a Gaugemaster OMNI and I think the other one was by Dapol but both are the same, in the loco manual it says 'install decoder of your choice' would anyone have any ideas what the problem could be. I've put it back to DC and all the lights work fine. The loco its self ran great on both DC & DCC Billy
  13. Is the firemen a close relative of the lad who do's all your painting?
  14. I have that one on back order, seems they keep selling out
  15. Or maybe its someone at the far end of the tunnel with a torch?
  16. As always very nice photo...but the lad is going to have to touch up the black paint in the tunnel You can see grey bits!
  17. I've just come across a really good book called 'The Art of Canopy Nudging' it is only 3 pages long but it clears up a lot of things I've wondered about for a long time. That's my last word on nudging as its starting to get silly
  18. I think that's what's missing out of my life no canopy nudging! Drop a loco or snap a wire but never a nudge...sad
  19. Hi sorry I should have said its a new Genesis loco so its fitted with a 21 pin chip I think this is for all the lights being LEDS (if they were working)
  20. I've not had to do this before so I don't really know where to look but sadly I was in such a rush to fit a chip to my SD60E and it looks like I may have damaged a part of the wiring as I can not get the lights to work I've changed the chip but still no joy. I wondered if anyone knew of a shop or the like who repairs things for people who do not have a clue themselves
  21. wow I would not like to find that in the bath
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