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  1. Don't all jump on me at once but I'm starting to wonder just what is the point of this thread after 52 pages?
  2. I think it came from B&Q as in that lighting it looks real
  3. I read somewhere horse box's had black ends
  4. This is starting to go over my head a little, I'll just sit here and wait for the rain to stop
  5. Wow' your lad is going mad with that tin of black paint
  6. leave it there till someone paints the ends black
  7. I've been able to pick up a Dart casting detailing pack (when it comes) but I'm having a problem with the Shawplan glazing I'm not sure if you can order from their web page, but saying that I could be reading it wrong!
  8. You should put a frame around that photo great stuff
  9. Seems a long time since we've had a good announcement
  10. I must say your lighting if its possible makes your layout look even better
  11. I have two 48xx's/ or 14xx if you like! And they both run very well.
  12. I've just picked up a Hornby auto coach sadly its not new and its a little (very) basic, I wondered if anyone did a detailing kit the pipe work and hand rails etc.
  13. I enjoyed the cat photos...there you go I like trains and cats but sadly not threads that go on for 50 pages and get no where!
  14. My God are we really on page 47 already? Sorry but the only thing I can find to worry about is where is my next 48xx is coming from if not from DJ, odd thing is a big seller has dropped the price on them wonder if I should stock up
  15. Your only saying what everyone is thinking
  16. I've read through 31 pages of what ever this is and I'm still none the wiser just what the new loco is everyone is talking about?
  17. I've just finished reading your layout thread, superb modelling thank you so much for sharing. The 4550 I may have missed it but who is it from?
  18. My three came on Wed' bodies were a little loose but only took 5 min's to put right apart from this very pleased with them.
  19. Your right where possible I would do the same but I buy a Imperium chip for £20.50 with £1.95 postage
  20. I'm not sure how many 68's are running in TPE livery I think its 4 so I'm sure your right about another one being released
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