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  1. The Dapol class 68 is a very easy loco to fit a chip into and Dapol even do the chips
  2. You have no idea how glad I am to hear about your mark 5's and the class 92 omg!!
  3. or maybe a rake of ex Virgin mk3 coaches
  4. Hattons have said my DRS blue livery 68 is on the way, I'll think about the TPE 68 when I think of something for it to pull?
  5. No matter how much I look at it the driving car it still looks as if there is a bit missing, why will it need buffers?
  6. I see Hatton's are saying the new TPE 68 should be in between January and March, so maybe the mark5 coach's will be out first
  7. Hi I've seen a number of DVD's which seem to show the coach's used in the class 67-DVT sets having the Arriva branding removed from the sides. Are Arriva not running them now?
  8. It's your train set, run what makes you happy. As in the real world I try to mix things up, if a loco is not working its not making money
  9. Is there any word on dates for the TPE and the blue liveries?
  10. The three I have ran very well straight out of the box, however they were DCC fitted.
  11. This is what's wrong with the World someone shares a Christmas story about his daughter and Hatton's doing something nice and everyone just jumps in and looks for the bad parts some very sad people about. Plus apart from the people who were there no one knows what happened
  12. Is it just me or do's the driving trailer look as if there is a bit missing? Plus who will be the first ones to bring out a mk5 coach?
  13. Once the Hattons RHTT set comes out I'd love to make up a train like this, but I'm not sure if I could do it to two of my locos
  14. I've been able to pick up a Wrexham & Shropshire DVT to save on a full paint job once the vents are done! Has anyone any ideas on how I can take the wording off the DVT sides?
  15. I've been looking at a web site by 'ARCHER TRANSFERS' from the states they do sheets of surface detail with rivets and louvers etc. one I was looking at was a 0 scale 14'' louver but I'll have to work out the width of the door
  16. Sadly you'll always find people who want something for nothing and for what at the end of the day is a really good layout.
  17. Found someone on e-bay selling plain white bodies for 99p each so picked up 2 we can but try
  18. Now that is a really good idea no idea how I'd get the replacement panel made but well worth thinking about. I had wondered about trying some kind of decal for the vents?
  19. Hi I'm trying to work out how to cut the vents in the side of a DVT for Chiltern Railways the vents were put in I believe to help with the cooling of the APU.As always any help is very welcome .
  20. Thank you all for your help the coach is still in bits as I'm hoping to do some detailing work to the inside...but the glazing is fixed
  21. This may sound odd but can anyone help me by telling me how I can take a Bachmann mk1coach apart, some of the glazing has came away any help would be a big help.
  22. You do all know of course that no matter what we ask for, wish for or even pray for we're all going to be wrong
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