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  1. Many thanks Adrian - will spring into action once Covid-delayed mail to the end of the world arrives. Think I will go for proper plates to be part of the "family uniform".............. David Hobbs NZ
  2. Just about to follow in your footsteps, and wondering - 1 - if it's better to repaint over the awful grass-green Isebrook or a black sentinel 2 - Did you consider no. 13 rather than no. 12, in view of its longer currency? It seems to have worked at the Park Royal Trading Estate until 1946........... Can you help please? Thanks in advance. David Hobbs NZ
  3. Have been dithering about this as a useful addition, & finally decided it wasn't really worthy of serious GWR attention. However, your respray into GWR 12 idea has reversed my decision & now I must rush to get one after all!!!  Question - should I get one of the nasty black ones or the funny green one to get the best final oversprayed effect, do you think?


    DCH (N Z)

    1. Adrian Stevenson

      Adrian Stevenson

      I am going with the horrid green coloured one.


      Cheers, Ade.

  4. The O gauge Dapol phantom 45XX has now disappeared from its website completely - whether in the Shop section or the fairy Product Development area. Hard to escape the feeling that this company sets out to baffle its customers. Anybody out there with any facts on this subject?
  5. Well, it's 28 January here in New Zealand already - how about a peek at what Bristolians are about to find out ? The imagination's running wild...... dch05+
  6. Oh yes!!! So the 28/38XX really is on the way! Despite the odd comment elsewhere, I must now rush off and increase my order from 2 to 3. If this loco runs as well as the Hall, I can see serious shifting to Dapol as the only serious GWR N manufacturer.
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