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Welcome to Dubmill Sidings. This is a 7mm 0 Gauge finescale layout that depicts a freight transfer yard set in Cumbria in the late 1960's / early 1970's. It is operated using the various classes of diesel that could be found in the North West during that era, though the Deltic is a personal favourite of the wife so needs no justification whatsoever. This is a truely family affair as we all join in.

The layout measures 43 feet in length and 4 feet in width. It is in the throes of being modified to make it scenic for its entire length. It is operated using Gaugemaster wireless controllers that give us unrestricted access along the entire length of the layout. Point control is by Cobalt point motors wired back to control panels down the back of the layout. We have had trouble with the auxiliary contacts of these point motors and have had to modify them by the addition of external microswitches that can take the track current.

Rolling stock is mainly kit built from Parkside or Slaters kits in the various liveries of the era, fitted, unfitted, insulated, etc. Locomotives are Heljan, Dapol, LLC and JLTRT. New locomotives and repaints are always happening.

Trackwork is C&L except for the double-slip which is Marcway.

Scenically much use has been made of Greenscene products. Buildings are either scratch-built, Skytrex or Modelex (signal box). Work is being done to add to the scenic side - lots of small details to add.

Upto now we are still trying to figure out the best way to operate it and its been fun, but very tiring.

Forth coming shows include Worthing (Sept 2018) GETS (October 2018) Taunton (October 2018) ModelRail Scotland (February 2019) RailEx NE (July 2019) and Erith (January 2020).

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