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  1. Dubmill sidings stood up well to the 180 mile bounce from Derby to Fareham and ran very well. A big thanks to the organisers for a great weekend - Thank you.
  2. Just finishing some small jobs on Dubmill Sidings (the 0 gauge thingy) before packing it all away in the car and trailer for its 180 mile bounce down to Fareham tomorrow. We are all looking forward to this weekend.
  3. We are taking Dubmill Sidings which at 43' x 4' could be classed as a large layout. It is nice to get the opportunity to take it somewhere, especially a guild show and play trains. Looking forward to the show at Doncaster. We are also doing another one day show at the end of October at Binfield.
  4. I have a 40' long 0 gauge layout - Dubmill Sidings. I use the Gaugemaster Prodigy wireless system with a 5A power booster. Normally have 3 handsets in operation at any one time but have been known to use 4. The wireless operation is brilliant and provides just the flexibility we need when operating. Had one or two problems with handsets but Gaugemaster have sorted these quickly. Biggest problem was at the NEC a couple of years ago which we ultimately put down to interference from other NEC equipment. Decoders vary from TCS1, Gaugemaster DC0025, Lenz Gold and NCE DR408. Consisting is easy as is
  5. To Nick and the organizing team a big thank you for allowing us to bring Dubmill Sidings to the show. We had a great weekend - good organization, especially at break-down - well-done.
  6. I exhibited my DCC wireless (Gaugemaster) layout at the NEC last year and had some technical gremlins which were quite intermittent. This year I visited the show and saw another layout using the same control equipment so I enquired if everything was OK or had they encountered any issues. They confirmed that they also had been having some issues! Does anyone have any ideas as to what affects wireless operation at the NEC. My DCC equipment has performed faultlessly at all shows since last years NEC.
  7. Looking forward to taking Dubmill Sidings to the Midland Railex event. Promises to be a very enjoyable weekend. Come and say hello and let me know what you think to the 08 now it is fitted with a sound chip.
  8. Try laying static grass on top of the green mat. I've done this and the green matting provides a good base colour.
  9. Build one out of plasticard. I've built a couple now for my layouts and use the 4mm scale corrugated asbestos from the Wills range. Looks just right for 7mm.
  10. I run an exhibition layout, Dubmill sidings, and have half a dozen or so Heljan locomotives on it. We can sometimes be running 3 Heljans all at the same time using a Gaugemaster Prodify wireless system with a gaugemaster booster in circuit (and an NCE circuit breaker just in case we drive one the wrong way into a point, currently set at 5 amps). I use the NCE D408SR in most of my Heljans which is rated 4 amps continuous and 12 amps peak. Never had a problem with them. I have also used either TCS T1 or the Gaugemaster DD0025 chips with one per motor. These are rated about 1.4 continuous and
  11. Big thanks to the organisers, Warley MRC and the NEC staff for a very enjoyable weekend. We had a few control system problems with our layout, Dubmill Sidings. Not sure if it was the system (wireless prodigy) or the layout? Did anyone else suffer with their wireless systems? However, apart from an hour on Saturday and Sunday mornings where we seemed to have to re-set the system every couple of minutes everything else was fine. Many thanks for all the compliments we received and also the interest from the visiting exhibition managers. We hope to get some more invitations as shows are the only o
  12. Hi, Myself and the family will be there on stand B51 with Dubmill Sidings. We are really looking forward to exhibiting Dubmill at this show. Just tidying up the last few bits hopefully to ensure everything works and it looks good. Hope the new backscene turns out better than the last one! See you all there. Steve Thompson
  13. Just catching up after the hetic weekend at DEMU with our layout Dubmill Sidings. We had a great weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the whole occassion.Thank you so much for all the nice comments. A big well done and thank you to the organisers.
  14. We took our Dubmill sidings layout to this show. We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience over the weekend and from an exhibitors perspective we were well looked after. Thank you to all who organised it.
  15. As a modeller of the late 1960's in 0 gauge, yet again nothing for me. LOL
  16. Took Dubmill Sidings for its first show of the year. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to have the layout up somewhere before hand to de-bug it after its winter hibernation (its stored in a tow-a-van trailer on my front drive at home) so we had a couple of interesting little problems to sort out. Enjoyed the show - especially the bacon cobs! Well done Liz for organising everything.
  17. Regarding the air brake hoses on each end of the wagons, the red one is the brake pipe and the yellow one is the main reservoir pipe. When air brakes were first introduced in the 1960's the system had both pipes and was called a 2-pipe system. The brake pipe is charged to 5 bar pressure to release the brake and then reduced to approx. 3.3 bar to provide a full service application. The main reservoir pipe was pressurised to 7 bar and was basically there to charge the brake supply reservoirs during brake release. The air brake system can function as a single pipe system and during the 70's and 8
  18. Slaters do an instanter coupling with a cast instanter link. I prefer the Parkside ones as they are cheaper but just as good.
  19. Hi out there. We have recently got back on the exhibition circuit with our new layout Dubmill Sidings. We hope to post updates and photo's, etc, as it progresses and we add to it. Hope you like it.
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