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  1. Always on the lookout for sink holes, drilling rig ready for another trial hole, Plant City Florida.
  2. Out of interest currently reading the history of Averling and Porter, the traction engine and steamroller manufactures, who had a strong export market, even then 1900s they had to produce a different boiler design to meet the German regulations, and firebox design for the South American market, nothing is new.
  3. There are fish and seals back in the Medway now, but probably not many at the time of this model, anyway visibility is always zero!
  4. Hi Like the layout and the theme, the River Medway is at the end of my road in Strood, complete with Russian submarine, for interest here is the 1934 map.
  5. Just completed today,Motor Vessel WHITE SWAN Built 1922, wrecked 1956. HO scale Sylvan Scale Models resin kit, built much as the kit with railings and the ships boat replaced, plus some other details added as seen in the the prototype photos, found five on line, pictured on my Fulton Terminal layout.
  6. I've build a number of their boat and structure kits, important to clean the resin of release agent, I used warm soapy water, then rough up the glue surface, Bostik both solvent free and original worked well, but superglue worked best in my view.
  7. Have noticed in various threads, comments that Stainless Steel is difficult to solder, I have found Carrs Brown Lable flux, with ordinary multi core solder and an iron at 400 degrees to work very well, have been soldering brass posts to etched Stainless Steel chain link fencing, and an etched Stainless Steel signal gantry kit, all in HO. Post just to let everyone know it is not difficult to solder or am I missing something?
  8. I have used some from Reality in Scale a Dutch military modelling company, sold as 1/35 scale but I think the small ones were fine for HO, resin trunk with laser cut plastic fons. Would post a photo but am away in Germany at the moment, some photos on my Plant City, Florida thread.
  9. Interesting question, I have modelled a prototype location but have compressed it by 40%, while I am happy to reduce the length of a factory unit to fit, I would not reduce the length of wagons or locos to fit, so have to run shorter trains. It would be really nice to run scale length, but then I think would I really like to have to look after such a big layout.
  10. Seems wrong to throw things away, when the older Ni Cad batteries in my Makita drill started to fad it was cheaper to buy a whole new drill than a replacement battery, maybe the new right to repair laws will help.
  11. Yes Chatham, train coast bound coming out of Fort Pitt Tunnel, soon to enter Chatham Tunnel, the bandstand, on top of the cliff is still there.
  12. As above the turntable says DCC but you still need to fit an auto-reverser unit as you would for a return loop. BE AWARE the Walthers control unit is voltage sensitive, I think it states max 18 volts, I connected mine up to a 12-18 volt supply which blow the unit!!! then I checked with a multi meter and it was putting out 21 volts!!! Walthers replaced it FOC which was good of them, maybe because I was honest. This was all for a turntable bought ten years ago maybe the current ones are different.
  13. Cook Construction, vehicles from Shapeways.
  14. Cook Construction, 4206 National guard Drive, Plant City Florida.
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