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  1. Fantastic news this! Being the proud owner of several of your awesome BBA wagons I’m sure these will be simply superb! Can’t wait. Good choice guys.
  2. J10967 looks an interesting formation, what looks like four 1st class coaches? Was this normal? Yet another great set of pictures.
  3. Stunning!!! Don’t know what else to say really! Apart from that I wish I’d ordered some British Steel wagons!! Looking forward to these!
  4. Will the wagons be delivered by the weekend???? I do hope so, really looking forward to these!!!
  5. I bought some of the figures as mentioned above, they look naff straight out of the packet, but once they’re ‘seated’ and seen from normal viewing distances they look ok. just don’t zoom in
  6. Brilliant build and paint job. I’m particularly impressed with the “chipping” effects you’ve created. I’ve been meaning to try this hairspray technique on some 16 tonners, and looking at your finished model it has given me the urge to get on and do it! I do enjoy the older Tamiya kits, they may be basic by today’s standards but the fit is excellent and goes together with no fuss. The Cromwell and Churchill tanks are good examples of this.
  7. Ordered one of these yesterday at 14:21, arrived in the post today! Top class service from Kernow. Also top class model, really pleased with the finish. Cheers.
  8. Absolutely love the shot of the Deltic in the snow, just oozes atmosphere. I always enjoy looking at snowy railway pictures, there’s just something about them. Thanks David.
  9. Disgusting. I absolutely hate graffiti, I just don’t get it.
  10. Another good set of pictures David. The single clean coach in the C18546 HST rake sticks out a mile, I wonder why it’s not dirty like the rest of the train? Could the coach have been inserted to replace a defective one maybe?
  11. Seems there’s a kit for this building now..... https://railwaylaserlines.co.uk/product/rll642ph-cardiff-canton-pump-house-oo-gauge-laser-cut-kit/
  12. Just had email from Hattons confirming the latest batch are due in stock sometime in August.
  13. Really enjoyed the pictures the last couple of days. My wife is originally from Loughborough and never really paid much attention to railways until she met me, she had never even been on the Great Central! We now live in Newcastle so enjoyed the pictures around the station. So some nice connections. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to upload for our enjoyment.
  14. That makes sense, I might flog the tipplers I have and get some without the top flaps. I have some Parkside kits of the iron ore tippler that I have repurposed as ZKV’s, I also some of the new Hornby stone tipplers that I will use as unfitted ZKO’s. At this point I think I have more engineers stock that anything else, I find the subject interesting given the variety of wagon types used. Thanks for the replies chaps.
  15. Hi everyone, I’m looking create a rake of ZHV spoil wagons, complete with slots in the bodies, and have a couple of questions. 1) I have a few Bachmann 16 tonners with top flap doors, Ref: 37-226F. I’ve searched the net and browsed Mr Bartlett’s excellent site and can’t see any of this type as a ZHV with body slots. Were there any? Or did only the wagons without top flaps get used? 2) was there any set size or placement of the slots? All I can tell from the pictures I’ve seen as it appears pretty much in the middle of the body panel either side of the side door. 3) I also have some of the Bachmann olive green ZHV tipplers. I can’t seem to find any pictures online of them in this livery? If there was any in this livery, would they have had the slots cut in too? Look forward to hearing any replies. Rich.
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