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  1. The likelihood is that the Small Englands were probably outshopped in George England's standard blue livery, the order from the FR didn't specify the livery and other manufacturers quotes received suggest that it was down to the supplier. Jonathan Clay painting of Mountaineer in blue The Large England locos (Welsh Pony & Little Giant) were delivered in 1867 carrying a lined green livery which became the standard for over ten years, this was also carried by the Fairlie locos from Little Wonder right through to Merddin Emrys outshopped in 1879. It was only by the 1
  2. A significantly different beast, that's a "Large England" although Prince has grown during preservation to become something not too different. Princess and Palmerston are noticeably smaller
  3. Don't forget Palmerston! 3 extant, Prince & Palmerston in working order Martin
  4. The GWR is correct, sans-serif Grotesque as used by Caerphilly on a number of locos including some 56xx. There's a photo of 6697 at Didcot in this livery further up this page. There are other variants being released with the standard lettering Martin
  5. Then there's the mess at Stratford. Got off a North London line train late at night some years back and saw the next train home along the GEML was due in platform 10 in a couple of minutes so I legged it down the subway and saw the steps marked platform 10a, went up there to find my train running in (and then departing) on the opposite platform. I now know that unlike everywhere else that 10A is not one end of 10 but a completely different platform to 10! How many other people get caught out by that? Apparently it couldn't be numbered 11 when it was broug
  6. As far as I know the first class compartments are in use on a (literally) first come first served basis with all compartments declassified for the moment Martin
  7. I'm not aware of any 3' 6" versions but Tiger at Penmaenmawr was a 3' gauge version with inside frames and cylinders https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Welsh_slate_quarry_Hunslet_locomotives#/media/File:Tiger_works_photo.jpg Martin
  8. Garraway Green, Alan Garraway considered Welsh Pony unfinished business, it was always next in line for restoration but was overtaken by the arrival of Linda, Blanche and Mountaineer and the growth in traffic led to it being put aside. The first donation to the restoration appeal came from Alan so it's going into 1950s/60s green as he would have outshopped it in the 60s. Martin
  9. Network Rail seem to have been quick off the mark releasing the CCTV of an HGV running red lights and taking the barriers out on Friday at Manningtree. The local press had the video up on their site about 3 hours after the incident https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/video-lorry-crashes-through-level-crossing-barriers-1-6762674 Martin
  10. Depends on your database and storage system technology. We moved our business system's 4Tb database from New England to Texas with an outage of around 10 minutes last year, but to get that capability we pay eye watering sums for software and support. It's primarily a matter of counting all the sheep in two duplicate databases for a few days right up to the move. Martin
  11. My understanding is that the Ffestiniog's new build carriages are actually built in such a way as to skirt around the legislation and restrictions that new design's have to comply with. Carriage 122 was a genuine new design in 2003 and does not comply with the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations Act 1998 which new designs have to meet. As a result there is an exemption order (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2003/1687/contents/made) which was required before it was put into service, as far as I know this is only valid until 2026. The latest carriages are a wood
  12. The video's fine, it matches images that HS2 have posted on social media today Martin
  13. I wasn't aware of that ,are the 755's just waiting on approval? I thought they have been to Liverpool St on test runs and were intended to run Lowestoft to London services Martin
  14. The Dornoch Branch on the Highland Railway. Two Highland Railway 0-4-4Ts were retained until 1957 when the final survivor broke it's axle, suitable replacements came from the other end of the country, 2 Swindon 16xx 0-6-0PTs. http://www.fofnl.org.uk/images/180523.55053.Dornoch.07-55.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/38546470685 Not unlike the Lyme Regis branch where the Adams Radials were used until needs meant Ivatt 2MTs replaced them. Martin
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