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  1. You shouldn't need to do anything with the Grange. DCC ready wouldn't normally be a problem, that means it left the factory wired with a DCC socket but has a blanking plate in place - a DCC ready loco will NOT run on DCC as it's not fitted with a decoder. Your Jubilee has had a decoder fitted by the previous owner, in the form it left the factory you wouldn't have had any issues. Martin
  2. I used to see them regularly in Bradford Exchange, particularly on the early morning Bradford Executive which avoided Leeds using Wortley West & South Junctions. Most of the other London services to Bradford reversed in Leeds and tended to get another Holbeck loco dropped onto the eastern end rather than the incoming loco run round, so they were more likely to be a 47 or 31/4. Martin
  3. Or wait a couple of years for the Peco/Kato ready to run version? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/146262-katopeco-announce-fr-locos-in-009-confirmed/ The Langley model is an old model and the diesel loco chassis doesn't do it any favours as the wheels are very undersized compared to the prototype, it also has a tendency to go banana shaped if you're not careful during construction. The Backwoods models are like hens teeth and go for silly money when they surface, one went for £340 on eBay a few days ago. Working examples are few and far between, having built some of the others in the range and knowing the work done to them by those who've got them working they're not the easiest of kits to build and I wouldn't recommend one as a starting point in etched kits. Martin
  4. TRPS - Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society, this is one of the annual AGM weekend specials from Paddington to Towyn 24th September 1960, 9017 & 7330 hauled the train from Shrewsbury to Towyn - see https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/60s/600924tr.html Martin
  5. OPC hasn't been part of the Ian Allan stable for some time, it was sold along with the rest of the Ian Allan transport publishing catalogue to Crecy: http://www.crecy.co.uk/ Martin
  6. I believe it was always intended to be without valances but the original illustration was wrong, it was corrected back in March. See this thread Martin
  7. Here's 755412 heading towards Felixstowe at lunchtime today running in to Derby Road station. Martin
  8. I use the crossing fairly regularly both as a motorist and cyclist, it bypasses an underbridge alongside which is single-track so cars have to wait for a gap leading to tailbacks at busy times, particularly as there can be extended closures of the crossing if main line and branch movements are close together. There is very poor visibility over the crossing as it's quite a steep hump, but under normal circumstances there would never be anything queuing at the exit of the crossing, cars heading north have right of way over cars emerging from under the bridge. There have been roadworks beyond the crossing over the last few months, starting about half a mile north of the railway with the work site slowly moving towards the crossing over time so I would think the queue is held at temporary lights. Not condoning the actions in any way, you should drive to the conditions and not assume the road is clear if it's not visible. I suspect it confirms it's a local driver who is familiar with the crossing and had never before met stationary traffic. Martin
  9. You can tell it's an early variant of the Liliput U class, you have to unscrew the chimney to dismantle it... Martin
  10. You might find this page of interest http://www.australiansteam.com/JAB 5.htm Martin
  11. Interesting that the initial pair of England engines are Princess and a green Prince. That to me suggests two models of the England engines in post 1890s rebuilt condition. This probably rules out Prince in current condition (red or green) as it's a much larger beast than Princess due to being put on Boston Lodge steroids during the rebuild in the 1970s. This might indicate the Fairlie being Livingston Thompson/Taliesin or Merddin Emrys in pre-1970 condition, these would match the pair of England engines for period. All just guess work, we'll have to wait and see. Martin
  12. Yes - this was a Hattons commissioned model.
  13. Probably difficult to provide suitable ID as that tends to work the other way, student cards are usually issued at 16+ and can be used to prove you are older than a certain age. Can't think of anything our kids would have had at the time to prove they were under 16.
  14. Ah - reminds me of summer weekends at university, taking a flotilla of sailing dinghies up Oulton Dyke and along the Waveney to the pub - used to have much fun with the holidaymakers and it certainly honed your judgement of when to tack/gybe. Remember one bloke watched us so intently that he completely missed the bend in the river with much crunching of boat and bank! Martin
  15. Having listened to a full explanation of the most recent incident from those involved I would not be particularly concerned about the risk to normal operations. I am of course not able to provide more details as it is under formal investigation.
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