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  1. I no longer have my copy of Essery & Jenkinson to confirm but I believe it's a Vulcan Foundry thing. The first Black 5's delivered were the batch built by Vulcan Foundry (5020-5069) including 5025 which makes it the oldest survivor. They seem to have spaced the LMS on the tender much closer than normal for the pre-1936 livery, I'm not sure if all the batch were delivered with the same style but there are plenty of photos of them like that. Crewe outshopped 5000-5019 after VF had delivered 5020-69 in the same livery but with LMS more widely spaced as on the Royal Scots & Jubilees, here's 5000 preserved in that style which was the normal arrangement (From Flickr, not my photo) The photo of 5407 you showed for comparison has the lettering at the same spacing but this is the 1936 pattern block letters rather than the earlier serif style. Martin
  2. Not any more - it's now green and masquerading as long lost 45562 Alberta (not my photo, Flickr) https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51208018595/in/photolist-2m25tSk-2mafNL7-2jSg1Hy-2jruvvm-2jrtdeP-2k2qWPw-2iyV8Nk-2izi3hz-2m28mzM-2m2hJhK-2k1ofu9-2k1Mf5e-2jwxP4f-2jrViSS-2jDR7UK-2iz3hXZ-2m2e9TT-2iAkBRi-2iyWMd3-2izndv7-2m1NHKS-2jvTYmw-2jrUdDJ-2jAPT8y-2jybPif-2m1Sfkm-2jzbU1L-2jL26xC-2izh2Wy-2hQHBTi-2izBBie-2jjxL6y-2jAynhG-2isKkF8-2jDNko5-2hQ9WrS-2jz7nwY-2iz3ibu-2jT1T8Q-2m1yipY-2jNrXe9-2iz88vB-2mak4t2-2m5ji3h-2iz4rP8-2iBv7EN-2jzhtd2-2jE3uRD-2iyYkoP-2jrRCaS
  3. Been meaning to post this for a while but it's been rather difficult taking and posting pictures of work when you're working from home! Now back in the office so here's the isolated remains of the scissors crossover at at what was then known as Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, Ipswich. We had a branch off the Felixstowe branch, this is all that remains of the private lines, I guess it wasn't in the way and probably too much trouble to lift. Just across from it by our catchpit is another reminder of the links to the branch, an LNER concrete hut continues in use as a store. Martin
  4. They are both photos of #9982 L&BR dark green Lyn (1906-22) - in L&BR livery with the 1907 Avonside boiler fitted (no ash blowout covers either side of the smokebox) and with the Pilton 'home made' nameplate fitted. Martin
  5. It's not a Boston Lodge project, the loco is being assembled at North Bay Engineering Services, Scarborough
  6. Any chance of a Wisbech & Upwell carriage for the Titfield branch?
  7. Drawing and photos of Bryn y Felin bridge on the WHR at various stages from Barrie Hughes site that might help http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/UB174-display-landscape.pdf http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/S9_CP14-3-06BYFa.jpg http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/S9_BWH11-8-06BYF.jpg http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/S9_BWH15-10-06BYFdeck.jpg http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/S9_BWH26-11-06BYF.jpg Martin
  8. Was looking to splash out on one to remember 55017 which was my last BR Deltic haulage north from Peterborough on the way home from University, packed train, deep snow outside, sitting on the floor of the BG behind the loco with a gap between the double doors letting the cold (and Napier wail) in. Unfortunately the lack of rivets on the back of the buffers is a game changer, might have to consider sticking with Lima... Martin
  9. 27006 at Mallaig in 1974 still with it's tablet recess after TOPS renumbering https://railphotoprints.uk/p582944081/h2547E801#h2547e801
  10. Vic Mitchell was one of the last two surviving attendees of the 1951 Bristol meeting out of which the Ffestiniog restoration grew and was one of the earliest members of the Ffestiniog Railway Society. Martin
  11. The layout used for some of the shots looks like Dick Wyatt's Dovey Valley Railway Martin
  12. Steve, As far as operational compatibility is concerned you shouldn't have any problems, there is a standard coupler that all the manufacturers of UK 009 (and European H0e) stock use with a hinged loop dropping over a fixed hook. There can be minor compatibility issues between different manufacturer implementations of the coupler (not always coupling or remaining coupled when pushed together) but most recent models have NEM sockets so troublesome couplings can be easily changed to an alternative. Narrow gauge stock encompasses a wide range of sizes, remember that some were built as horse drawn tramways and then gained locomotives with a restricted loading gauge, many later lines were built to use larger stock that can look a little odd alongside older/smaller lines rolling stock. Generally the older the line the smaller it's rolling stock. However there's always a prototype for anything... The Vale of Rheidol used large stock as it wasn't built until the turn of the century and had no need to restrict it's loading gauge, the carriages are similar in size to the Lynton & Barnstaple and the GWR built locos (009 RTR coming from Model-Rail) are over 8 feet wide, the same width as the SR Hastings Line. On several occasions the VofR borrowed the Ffestiniog's much smaller Palmerston as seen here https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/1024/media/images/77701000/jpg/_77701883_hr_pal1913.jpg The WD Baldwins are a little different, these were acquired by a number of lines as cheap war surplus locos with little use so could potentially have appeared anywhere. Martin
  13. Aha - that looks just like my EFE 373 set - I'd been looking for photos but couldn't find one that matched. Thanks, Martin
  14. I just checked my SR Green one and it's the same, I wonder if they are all like this as the photo on Kernow's site shows the same fault http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68898/E86002-EFE-Rail-LSWR-Push-Pull-Gate-Set-number-373-in-SR-Olive as do Rails and Bachmann;s own images. The photos of red set 374 look like they were assembled correctly. Martin
  15. I think I've got a bit of RMWeb content on the screen in amongst the adverts and video! Right clicking on any of the videos brings up the text 'About Connatix V82898' Martin
  16. We have one at work (Ransomes, Ipswich), I wonder if it's installation was related to us being a private siding off the Felixstowe branch as we've never been railway property? Somewhere I have some photos of it, working from home at the moment so can't pop out and take a photo. Not far away is the remains of a scissors crossing embedded in the concrete at the end of the factory... Martin
  17. The likelihood is that the Small Englands were probably outshopped in George England's standard blue livery, the order from the FR didn't specify the livery and other manufacturers quotes received suggest that it was down to the supplier. Jonathan Clay painting of Mountaineer in blue The Large England locos (Welsh Pony & Little Giant) were delivered in 1867 carrying a lined green livery which became the standard for over ten years, this was also carried by the Fairlie locos from Little Wonder right through to Merddin Emrys outshopped in 1879. It was only by the 1880s that the livery changed to the lined red now carried by most of the current FR Heritage fleet. Mountaineer was withdrawn by 1879 so probably never made it into red. I'd recommend Little Giants by Chris Jones & Peter Dennis as a mine of fascinating information on all the pre-preservation FR locomotives. Martin
  18. A significantly different beast, that's a "Large England" although Prince has grown during preservation to become something not too different. Princess and Palmerston are noticeably smaller
  19. Don't forget Palmerston! 3 extant, Prince & Palmerston in working order Martin
  20. The GWR is correct, sans-serif Grotesque as used by Caerphilly on a number of locos including some 56xx. There's a photo of 6697 at Didcot in this livery further up this page. There are other variants being released with the standard lettering Martin
  21. Then there's the mess at Stratford. Got off a North London line train late at night some years back and saw the next train home along the GEML was due in platform 10 in a couple of minutes so I legged it down the subway and saw the steps marked platform 10a, went up there to find my train running in (and then departing) on the opposite platform. I now know that unlike everywhere else that 10A is not one end of 10 but a completely different platform to 10! How many other people get caught out by that? Apparently it couldn't be numbered 11 when it was brought into use as TFL wouldn't renumber their platforms which start at 11 Martin
  22. As far as I know the first class compartments are in use on a (literally) first come first served basis with all compartments declassified for the moment Martin
  23. I'm not aware of any 3' 6" versions but Tiger at Penmaenmawr was a 3' gauge version with inside frames and cylinders https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Welsh_slate_quarry_Hunslet_locomotives#/media/File:Tiger_works_photo.jpg Martin
  24. Garraway Green, Alan Garraway considered Welsh Pony unfinished business, it was always next in line for restoration but was overtaken by the arrival of Linda, Blanche and Mountaineer and the growth in traffic led to it being put aside. The first donation to the restoration appeal came from Alan so it's going into 1950s/60s green as he would have outshopped it in the 60s. Martin
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