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  1. Annoying 'water mark', only watched a few minutes owing to it being dead centre!
  2. ....usually built of bricks & about 2-3ft high, (from my experience).
  3. On this very website is a forum which should interest you, here's the link. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/84210-coarse-scale-o-gauge/page-7&do=findComment&comment=2073573
  4. I have Trainboard in my bookmarks, might suit you. http://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?forums/n-scale.112/
  5. Try using Firefox browser, some sites are having problems with the latest Windows Explorer.
  6. I'm still of the 'convert to R/C' proper camp. (DeadRail as some know it.) Why still use wired track as in the new Bachmann system?
  7. (Just come here from another thread.) Does this 2-wire system allow for reverse loops & wye junctions without any extra faffing about?
  8. Reminds me of the Crooked Mountain Lines, I loved the single unit 'trains' on that. http://themodelrailwayshow.com/cn1950s/?p=3685 Edit: This may also be of interest.
  9. I hate that, when you've been waiting a long time for something, & it turns out to be crap!
  10. I'd need an illuminated magnifying glass in that scale....... (Hope it works out for you.)
  11. Perhaps some enterprising manufacturer can make a modern day version of the block instruments; as there won't be many of the originals available at affordable prices.
  12. Sector plate fiddle leading to three sidings, (as in a 'nook). (3-2-2 will only need about 3ft 6in x 1ft 3in)
  13. That's where a micro comes in handy, something to play with operate whilst constructing your layout of a lifetime. (Mind you, you may get hooked on micros, so beware.)
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