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  1. How many on here are into US steam esp the UP historic collection? Got an idea running around that may have legs
  2. Will put these in the for sale section if there is enough interest, I have been asked to sell a collection of books on various parts of the US system Total of 42 and are mostly Morning Sun publications from about the mid 90s or so and the main are of coverage is the East Coast Would there be interest on here, or is it best to do a job lot with one of the railway booksellers? Feel free to pm with comments
  3. Anyone know the diameter and thickness of the discs used for trains codes in the steam era?
  4. JUst a quickie Follow the signs on the Main footbridge , you exit on the West side of the station and there is a walkway. You cannot miss the entrance just seek the crowds!!!
  5. 298 Thsnks for putting that photo up. Brought back lots of memories from my very early days of getting into 'spotting' LT stock
  6. Waaay back in the early 2000's? Plat 9 had a selection of school banners hanging and some warning signs on the platform floor I did take some pics at the time but cannot trace them on the PC Did anyone else phot,ograph them and could let me have copies?
  7. Some with long memories may be able to answer this. Years ago one was named Terence Cuneo and he painted a mouse on the loco Was this ever saved or just painted over?
  8. Thanks for the input. I do have GA of the first batch of tenders ( GE style) for 2800-09 and that is where the anomaly arises It shows the water coop gear on the LH side behind the driver (locos being LH drive) and using a handwheel. IIRC the B12 tender has the handbrake in that position with a 'bent' handle Having said that the LNER Pacifics have the scoop gear on the LH side with a bent handle The B17 lot only have a GE Chassis. Will have another go at the Scottish source. something may have surfaced since i last asked
  9. I think i may have 'drained the pond' with all the photos i can get hold of , even going to the B12 at NNR, which is not 100% a B17 tender What i am after is a picture of the front end of the tender showing the positioning of the Handbrake and Water scoops. I have tried the NRM but no success, although that was a few years ago and there might well be additional photos come to light. Also the NB museum in Glasgow is a bit sparce in that respect, when i enquired, But as they appear to hold most of the NB details i feel sure there must be one somewhere Anybody out there might be able to point me in the direction of my Holy Grail?
  10. Apologies Budgie, it was said with tongue very firmly in cheek
  11. Worked on it twice, at the old West Ealing Milk Dock and Kensingtom Olympia ( as BT rep) for thepics somewhere, and a Buzby scarf from one of the girls ,might still have the tie!!!
  12. Does anyone recall the pic that appeared in the RM some years ago of the banking to end all banking IIRC there was a LMS 2-6-6-2.The LNER Garrett, Big Bertha and a 9F
  13. Re the Indian monsoon Very rare shot of an indian train without roof riders (lol) Serious question Now How many carriages was he hauling? it seemed to go on forever
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