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    UK and Canadian/US models. If you are checking my profile as I have left negative, disagree or indecipherable feedback, I can only apologise to you. It is not deliberate negative feedback - it's a combination of my tablet, fat figures and my IT incompetence. Sorry.
  1. Tim. Could you post another couple of photos? I think the loose wire is red (maybe wrong as I am slightly colour blind). If so, and wire is coming from decoder, I think it is the right hand track connection which maybe should be soldered to top right hand pin (opposite pin labelled as number 1). However your final photos seems to show black wire having two wire connections to pin below. I am not sure why black (or red) would need two wires soldered to pins but additional photos may help. Could you show a photos looking where other end of black wire goes if there is a second wire from pin other
  2. Reverse the decoder around. The wiring on the some of the Brighton Belles is incorrect. Reversing the decoder should fix it.
  3. Best I can suggest is buy full loco from scograil (99.95 and free postage) and then sell on loco after taking out tts chip. Cheapest price I have seen. Note, I think the non tts loco has the 8 pin plug in at the front of the loco but the tts version dcc bits are all in the tender.
  4. CV 29 is the cv to switch to run with dc. You will need someone with a dcc system to do this. As detailed above, a local model shop with a dcc set up should know how to do it or, alternatively if you state where you live, you may get a forum member nearby you who could check out loco. It should be fixable. Best of luck.
  5. Hi. I am not an NCE powercab user but do have a few tts sound chips. I have found that, even though sometimes my dcc system can't read the chip, I can reset the address on programming track and then run the loco on the new address as normal. Another fix that sometimes works is to move chip into another loco just for programming and then move it back. However, as above post, access to sounds above cv6 should not require any programming - I haven't had that problem with any tts chip.
  6. Possible suggestion that I have found worked with the same issue when trying to address the odd tts chip. Rather than just putting 67 in and loco not being recognised, I found I had to write 067 to get the number recorded on the chip. (Using railmaster, which I think is great and so will give it a plug here, but others will disagree, and was only required on a couple of tts chips, others had no problem taking a new address withour the need for the zero to be specifically input at start.) Once I had got number changed, the loco can then be called up as normal with just the reference of 67. W
  7. I unfortunately can confirm above post that Hornby have stopped giving vouchers. My 31110 loco has finally succumbed to expanding chassis although I managed to spot it before the body incurred any damage. I did send the chassis back to Hornby who confirmed mazak rot but weren't able to offer a replacement chassis or any voucher. However, I have always had excellent support from Hornby whenever I have needed help in the past, and have no complaint against Hornby here - my class 31 was certainly a good 8 years old and I can't think of any other industry that would honour a warranty 7 years out
  8. Hi. You are right. You can just hard wire a decoder in the centre car and run it like that. You will then have all lights on at both ends but , as a temporary fix until you have two more spare decoders, it will be fine. Hardwiring central motot car is as simple as they come. Bachmann have instructions on their website and it is very easy. Once I did get round to fitting decoders in two end cars for lights, I couldn't get the lights to work when using the Bachmann instructions (as, using a four function decoder the wiring didn't seem to have a return) but if you search in bromsgove models v
  9. Quick plug for Scograil and their website. Hadn't come across this retailer before but they have a good website and some very good prices (I was looking at Hornby). What's more postage is included if you spend over £50. I ordered Saturday night and package was here by Wednesday. Very well packaged, excellent prices and great service. Delighted. One thing that made me hesitate slightly was pay screen - initially I thought you couldn't pay immediately by card but the final option on the pay screen does allow you to easily pay be card. Just a note so others aren't put off by this.
  10. John. I for one would be very sorry to see it go but can absolutely understand your decision giving the cost commitment. I have used the site many times and found it extremely useful. I would certainly have suffered more breakages and damages if I hadn't had your OO installation guides. Thank you very much for having continued with the website for so long.
  11. I bought a copy yesterday having been waiting for a new version for a several months as I bought my last copy a few years back. Whilst it is great to have an up to date version, I echo some of above comments and am disappointed with the proof reading of the document and the ordering of the steam sections. There are many mistakes with lots of sections obviously rolled forward from previous versions - references to new developments on existing models being two or three years out of date, cross references incorrect, inconsistencies with individual write ups where sentences have been added that ar
  12. Not new, and not sure whether it has been mentioned before, but Peter's Spares has some excellent prices for the Bachmann train sets. http://www.petersspares.com/Bachmann-train-sets.irc I had been looking for the Thames Clyde set for several weeks and the original price showing of £148.71 was good compared to most other retailers. It has then been reduced by a further £22 to £126.40. Not so sure if the other sets are as much of a bargain but, having bought the Thames Clyde set, packaging is superb and customer service very good as well. Delighted and would certainly recommend.
  13. Just a quick post to praise Hattons once again. Ordered one of the absolute bargain class 128 DPUs late last week. Super quick delivery as always. One sandbox was missing and Hattons managed to find a replacement and send through within a day. I have to say, I have always found there service to be excellent despite the high volume of customers/orders they must have.
  14. Baldy

    Hornby P2

    Had a nice surprise Thursday this week when my replacement P2 with tts sound was delivered from Hornby by uk mail (the original order delivered in January having been sent back as it has a large crack in body) . Hornby had indicated a replacement wouldn't be available until September. No update from Hornby since but uk mail started messaging me on the Thursday saying they would be delivering that day. Anyway, have now had a chance to give it a good run and am delighted with it. I was initially put off by volume with sound clearly coming from tender and juddering running, but, having run in and
  15. Charlie I am a dcc novice but am using an elink with dcc concepts (8 pin direct) and gaugemaster (assorted) non sound decoders, and your class 67 sound chip (which is superb). I also have one zimo sound decoder. You can't easily read/write to CVs above 255 but, other than that, am not aware of any problems and I also can't remember reading of any particular issues on the Hornby railmaster forum.
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