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  1. That link to the pictures is failing with a blog not found message. Any chance of a revised link please?
  2. The four seasons layout a few years back was a similar idea. Two static fiddle yards and a rotating centre section to the layout - four segments each representing the same scene IIRC a small halt, but in the next season around the calendar. Rotated like a vehicle/drum wheel on a horizontal axle rather than spun on a vertical spigot as a roulette wheel would if that makes sense.
  3. As for Deltics visiting S Coast holiday haunts on railtour train duties you can add Weymouth to the list in more recent times. Seen and photographed but I can't remember the date.
  4. We are also getting the nutters here in Dorset too - see notes in the link. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/18729089.dorset-police-caught-200-speeders-one-week-one-road-campaign/ Went swimming this week off the Chesil (Big stones) and a group of six young women thought having a big blow up Lilo type thing afloat and waving glass bottles of wine about whilst they failed to stand up on it was a good thing. Sadly this year we seem to be getting the type of grockle that normally heads to the Med! (Sadly I guess they were locals!)
  5. The meetings previously expected to be able to run at our Teesside Centre (Coulby Newham, Nr Middlesbrough) this autumn have now also had to be called off. Our meetings at the Ayrshire & Godalming Centres are currently the only one's still in the active programme. Cancelled - the autumn indoor meetings programmes are now off at Kendal, Kidderminster, Manchester, Middlesbrough (both venues) & Newcastle upon Tyne.
  6. Although I am sure the organisers will have updated their formats since I last did a few days work there* as staff on one of the trade stands it was always busy and all the trade stands were in marquees. What surprised me more when I saw that news item of the cancellation was that they had ever thought in the current crisis they could open the event gates. Even on a marina the narrowish width of the walkways would make social distancing difficult. I suspect the killer was the dropping of groups from thirty to only six - the larger trade teams selling top of the range cruisers etc., would probably exceed that when you add their staff to the punters looking around the vessel. *promoting the Harbour for day sailing, yacht/motor cruiser arrivals and selling marina berth slots.
  7. Those protests were actually not the one's I was thinking of but they do add into the general mix of "gung-ho", screw everyone else activity that is going on. More close to us is the stupidity of people who were visiting the beaches on mass etc., plus the music raves further up country. As I previously posted even the general activity in the shopping streets in the nearest town to us (Weymouth) leaves a lot to be desired regarding attempts to social distance.
  8. This new breaking announcement of no more than 6 in a social gathering will undoubtedly put a brake on anything possible in the short-term in England. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54081131 Given the idiotic behaviour we have seen (and this as a personal view) it is several weeks too late and should have had a no travel beyond x miles from home, perhaps 25 except for work and a few other exemptions, ban attached too.
  9. Stunning modelling as usual. One of my wife and my all time favourite layouts.
  10. For a bit of good news, three of our SLS meeting Centres have been able to arrange meetings despite COVID restrictions on their usual venues. The first dates are in October - details at https://www.stephensonloco.org.uk/SLS_perpet_cal.htm#oct Please note although meetings remain open to guests if you are not a regular attendee it is best to check first with the contact listed on the Meetings & Venues page as at least one Centre has a restriction on allowable numbers - https://www.stephensonloco.org.uk/SLSmeetings_venues.htm Regrettably our other Centres will remain closed, probably until January.
  11. Surely this debate is about our perceptions of the risk. As an example I will shop at both our local small Co-op and the village P Office/Newsagent and also one of the big supermarkets over in Weymouth; however, I am avoiding the shops in Weymouth town centre unless it is the only option for a specific product. The reason, these stores are being responsible and the street/car park outside is low risk. The streets in Weymouth though are a busy and disorganised mess, people taking their masks off when not in the actual shops and the vast majority making very little attempt to social distance in the streets. I can't avoid going shopping, we have to eat, but I can choose the environment I shop in.
  12. Speaking for the SLS trade stand our book sales could not be done outdoors as the slightest amount of rain, drizzle, or even mist would wreck the products. The same will also apply to those traders selling anything not ready wrapped in cellophane. We have tried events where the trade is in marquees - horribly hot on a sunny day and miserably damp if it is wet. Also if outdoors any wind creates a different set of problems. It could be done, yes, but I suspect a lot of traders would avoid taking up the option.
  13. Not announced on here by the club but the Weymouth MRA Show on 31st October is now cancelled - see their webpage for confirmation. http://www.weymouthmra.org.uk/annual-exhibition/
  14. Given Mick is assuming the line stayed open why would it not have been electrified along with the actually done Weymouth scheme? (1987 IIRC).
  15. Latest update from the Show Board regarding COVID-19 and the 2021 Show While we are working towards having the York Show over Easter in 2021, we do not feel that we should open for the sales of advanced tickets yet. It is hoped that we will be able to offer advance tickets sometime during January 2021 if the Racecourse venue is confident that it will be possible to offer the Show, as planned, over Easter. Those of you that have advance tickets from the 2020 Show please keep them safe. We will update the situation as things become clearer.
  16. As an Island resident I am more than happy to think local independence would have ruled over the branch if the line had stayed open. Long live Rule 1 for such instances.
  17. I note you are assuming that Easton retained a signal box, hence the E plates, rather than giving them DR for the Dorchester panel box that covered Weymouth. They still were all DR over there last time I looked despite the recent (IIRC) signalling area changes.
  18. The worst thing in recent years in many ways was the abolition of RPM and other retailing restrictions. At first it seemed great to get the lower prices but we now have less options for purchasing as it largely killed off local shopping/specialist shops.
  19. Again a personal view, not an official YMRS post. What will stop many, probably most, exhibition venues re-opening will be nothing to do with how the exhibits are managed or the need to work out how to balance the books against reduced attendance numbers but the practical problem of ensuring safe ingress/egress routes for toilets and managing the control of numbers going in out of them. Think of the usual venues you attend, how would 2m, or even 1m, social distancing be practical to arrange with the narrow, and single, entrance doorways to most toilet blocks.
  20. The family are coming to stay for a few days now that some extension of the social bubbles seems to be allowed so the hobby rooms have to revert back to being bedrooms. Sadly that has meant no modelling done recently but a lot of layout related work all the same as the layout, and all the other railway and modelling items that normally live in the two spare bedrooms for convenience of access have had to be moved to temporary alternative, and far less convenient, storage.
  21. Personal post, not an official Show press release:- All I can add at this point is that the YMRS Board is aware, like everyone else, of the issues. Our first key milestone decision will be whether to reopen the ticket Box Office on 1 October or delay that. No decision on it has yet been determined but the first tentative discussions, and at this stage that is all they have been, have occurred.
  22. I think that is over pessimistic. I liken this to the waves approaching a beach (you can tell I live at the seaside) with that beach representing a return to some form of what we regarded in the UK as normal before March of this year. The wave containing the gung-ho/irresponsible (call them whatever you like) have, in their minds, already reached what they perceive as the no/low risk beach. We don't yet know the future date when the majority will feel they have reached their beach; however, as time progresses more waves will hit that beach than are still rolling towards it and more of the things we have been personally avoiding will appear to us as something we can begin to do.
  23. Firstly this is posted a a personal viewpoint and I stress not an official statement of either the SLS or the YMRS team (see logos in my sig’). I concur with the timeline views expressed above regarding indoor gatherings of over 30 to perhaps a 100. One option that may be relevant going forward is what I did with my Hornby Dublo display many years back now before committing it to its’ first show - I ran it in the bar of the local pub with donations for the Lifeboat (we live at the coast). Whilst I couldn’t repeat that there with anything more than about 8ft x 6ft the local Ex-B Legion club bar could take something considerably larger. Perhaps a way for those of us with portable layouts to bring back the idea of taking up railway modelling to the general public, refresh our desire to show off our creations, and raise money for a charity. I think life will be very different for quite a while yet and we have to adapt to survive. There is an argument the calendar was becoming too overcrowded with new, and large, shows and only time will tell in what format, and how often, we get back to some form of public hobby shows.
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