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  1. Unfortunately I never got the chance to work with Dexters. A friend of mine had two as house cows. They certainly knew their own minds, shall I say.
  2. Can I offer my thanks as well. The quality is superb. I have a second unbuilt Garrett. These shots will be very useful.
  3. Damn Straight. Never trust any bull. In my experience, Friesian bulls are psychopathic. I never had the dubious 'pleasure' of working with Jerseys mind.
  4. I have been that guy. I was taking a Hereford out of a trailer. He took me for a walk.
  5. Barclay, can you post where you got your bevel gears from please. I'd like to have a go at the bevel drive.
  6. Not in this case. Nobody makes a side for that coach. I know, I've been wanting one for ages and I looked. That's why I'll be following this closely.
  7. Proper chops, Mike. Going down into Chorlton tomorrow to get a couple from Frost's in the precinct.
  8. Please keep us up to date with the compo brake build Clive.
  9. My garratt has Romford wheels. They used to do the right size. Don't know if Markits do though.
  10. So THAT's what that is? Seen this at Tanfield and wondered.
  11. Great to see you breaking these old locos out.
  12. Totally agree with you about the sound on the kit built 'Commie.' Watching that clip took me back to watching these trains on that line. Incidently, I 'copped' both of these locos. The 'Commie' at Didcot I seem to remember.
  13. I love your K1. Modelling like we used to do. I saw the photo and said, "K1, NICE!". Your model works. I'm also a firm believer in keeping your model railway history models. That's why my Q Kits Falcon that Coach Bogie and I worked on 40 odd years ago, still takes a turn on my line, despite having the Heljan model/ Mike still runs the 47 his Dad made out of a Triang 31. I'll get off my soapbox now. Love your layout.
  14. Most of my DubDees are DJH. Primarily because I bought the kits before the Bachmann model came out. I got a Bachmann WD in the good old days, when Hattons flogged off locos at daft prices. Remember Heljan green 47s for £45? Initially, I was disappointed with its haulage. Then I got my sensible head on and realised my mineral trains are made of some weird and wonderful mineral wagons and are Bloody heavy. I wanted to make a 'Doncaster Firebox' WD, from the excellent article in Model Railway Journal. Plastic bodies are right in my wheelhouse, I kept the Bachmann. Umpteen years later, s
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