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  1. I would second that Mike. I like your chassis, they are buildable by me. That means anybody can build 'em.
  2. I just remembered. Somewhere I have a part built brass kit that was released in the 1980's. I got it in a fit of chemo shopping therapy. I got it with a crazy idea of making a class 11. The fact it is a brass kit, leaves it open to modifying and soldering the body. I think I can sort the chassis out. Now I have to remember where in my pile of boxes I've put the kit.
  3. The Guv'nor is a Kitmaster body, modified on an Impetus chassis. The Impetus 08 chassis was, to my mind, the best 08 chassis kit and easily modified to the other types. Sorry, all of these, you can't readily get. I have been modelling a long time.
  4. Thanks Mike, once again, the calm voice of reason.
  5. Being ignorant, what's the Queen Anne one? The side window cab?
  6. I appreciate there are scale modellers out there who produce stuff far better than me. I am, like Corbs, a heathen, I also have an incurable disease, so my modelling time may well be limited. Hence, the Hornby Ruston is a godsend to me. I can make Impetus Sentinels without endeavouring to make the powerdrive.
  7. AH, there are a few of us then.
  8. I know Ruston has gone in depth into the Hornby Ruston. He is Obi Wan on that subject. I want to point out that this powerdrive, which is a superb thing, is suited to the industrial Sentinel Locos. The excellent Hardy's Hobbies do a 3 D body for one variety of Sentinel. I have got that on order. I hope they can produce a twin power unit locomotive similar to Phyllis, the Sentinel that worked on the Oxfordshire Ironstone line. Just a thought.
  9. HMV Manchester, Market Street. Three floors of tunes, great folk and jazz sections, with knowledgeable staff. Gone now of course.
  10. Because I'm really anal, I played this film through the big TV. I think the Garrett is on its own, the exhaust in the background, is an engine on an adjacent track. Right at the end of its life, they steamed this beast to haul a big test train over the Woodhead. By then, I think it was oil fired. It did not end well, they had to stop for 'blow ups'. I loved the loco. Indeed I have a, now, very battered DJH kit banking heavy trains up to Manchester Oldham Road. This it has done for three different variations for almost 40yrs. In reality, it was yet another case of not letting Beyer Peacock build what they should have. An over-complicated turkey resulted. Hi Clive, good to be back from the dead and posting on here again.
  11. That is Bloody Lovely!!!
  12. I've just started to look at RM Web again after a long time. Life has somewhat taken over. This layout has started the juices flowing again. I always enjoy your stuff. I have the drawings you sent me, which I will do something with when my mojo comes back fully. This is everything I love. Cramped, yet open. The size of the warehouse sets it off properly. It looks used. Marvellous.
  13. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. The layout is looking quite superb.
  14. In the first shot. I assume the face-shovel is electric, there is a big cable lying on the floor. It's chassis appears to be similar or that of a Ruston steam shovel. Did it start as a steam shovel and then was converted to electric, or was it delivered already electric?
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