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    British Railways in Manchester area. Industrial railways of all periods.

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  1. Great to see the Dormans Sentinels are getting closer to being a kit. Looking forward to getting two of those, Mike. Regards, Chris.
  2. As usual, you have created a gem. Regards, Chris.
  3. Yes, I'm afraid they are. MAJ kit LMS bogies are worth getting. Plastic and Romford coach wheels fit fine. I assume the Hornby LMS bogies are just as expensive. Peter's Spares is where I go to get my bogies. Regards, Chris.
  4. Get the Bachmann bogies, they rock and run really well! Regards, Chris.
  5. Looking good Dave. Watching with interest!! Regards, Chris.
  6. That's a cold Bristol!! I remember 1981, the diesel in our tractors froze in Wiltshire. I could bleed a Ford tractor engine in 15 minutes. Field Marshall engines never bunged up, however!! I remember one of my agric. college lecturers, Dereck Sadler, thawing out one of the Ferguson 35's on his small holding, by lighting a bale of straw underneath it!!! It worked and he didn't burn down his Dutch Barn either!! Regards, Chris.
  7. Dave, you are remarkable. As a stubborn sod myself, I completely understand why you are sticking with this. Regards, Chris.
  8. I like the look of that motor. Could you post a link please? Regards, Chris.
  9. OK, here are the shots. I apologise if my photography's a bit dodgy. When Mike origionally built them, they were fitted with the GEM Flexispring bogies for the outer bogies. Over the years, these 'things' got worse and worse. Mike rebuilt them for me, with Bachmann LMS bogies. If I'm building LMS stock, they are , now , my go to bogies. I'm happy with them. The last shot is a Tony Hammond LMS lounge brake. Mike built this from a set of etches purchased at Bristol Mod Ex. It runs in my Manchester Executive train . This runs round the Manchester Loop carrying business people from Manchester Olham Road. At least, in my mind it does. Regards, Clive. Chris.
  10. I'll take the shots today. I've been given a kicking by my covid booster shot, so a day off work, unfortunately.
  11. Photos of the underframes Mike built. If you want shots of the bodies, please tell me.
  12. Those are damn tasty Clive. You need the underframes sorting. I got two brake/third artic twins off Dereck Lawrence. My dear feiend Mike/Coachbogie, built them for me. Lawrence provided standard trussrods, Mike scratched the central trussrods, from the pictures in Jenkinson's LMS coach volume. Regards, chris.
  13. That's bloody lovely work!! Regards, Chris.
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