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  1. It was a brave move Jesse. You were right, it looks cleaner and the track layout makes 'more sense'. now. Regards, Chris.
  2. When you say Vanguard, I thought you meant the later Thomas Hill 0-6-0 loco that is the rebuild of the Sentinel 0-6-0. The Mike Edge kit. Chris.
  3. V1/3, they did sterling work in the NE.
  4. Beetle's are an aquired taste. Having driven one, tuned to the Nth degree , they can get lively. A bit like Porsche 911's. Push 'em, they'll kill you.
  5. Any chance of a 4mm version of this please? I'll have a go at scratching the chassis. Got the wheels, Got Jamieson valve gear too.
  6. As usual, lovely Job. I'm in a minority, but I like the Saltport Estates loco with the lettering on it. Regards, Chris.
  7. It's a tough looking piece of kit. Much tougher than the BR example. A lovely job Dave. Regards, Chris.
  8. Both were flawed, yet capable of superb work. I'll say A4s. For Mallard's record and the stirling work done on the Aberdeen expresses as a superb swansong.
  9. If that Atki. has a Gardner in it, it will have been a gentle rumble into Derbyshire. Depending on the gearbox, that is. The beast I drove had a crash box, so the lazy torque of the Gardner came in very handy. These are superb shots, Full ofatmosphere. Regards, Chris.
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