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  1. I understand that they have the necessary mineral-extraction permissions to enable them to continue for decades. auldreekie
  2. Albion Stone, who run the main (if not the only) current stone mine on Portland sometimes do trips down the mine. It's very interesting indeed, not least because mining is now encouraged on Portland to reduce environmental impact, whereas in past years time out of mind mining (as opposed to open quarrying) was forbidden. auldreekie
  3. May I suggest a book which will tell you quite a lot more about Portland: Gill Hackman: "Stone to Build London - Portland's heritage" . (Folly Books, Monkton Farleigh, website: www.follybooks.co.uk) It gives some geology, a lot of history of the quarrying, giving considerable detail, based largely on archival research, on local, national and transport context (shipping and railways); and, for those interested, an extended guided tour of Portland stone sites in London. Incidentally, I really like the job you have made of those Silver Fox trams. auldreekie
  4. Why not knock 'em up out of styrene (microstrip and microrod) shards, as I did on my NZGR small C class 0-4-2ST, double-pugbash, which can be found on the "pugbashes etc" thread? As I remember, only four are needed, and the moulded items which they replace are none too fine in appearance. auldreekie
  5. Ah, well. If you wish to go Swedish, what about the F class pacific? auldreekie
  6. What about Chapelon's SNCF 240P? Or the Maffei S3/6 ? auldreekie
  7. To return to the OP, as an alternative to Cardean (or to keep it company): North British Atlantic, anyone? auldreekie
  8. A double pugbash, ie two pug kits made into two rather different locomotives, both on the 9mm gauge, each a fair approximation to a real-world original. DSCF3220 by Fred Hackman, on Flickr A New Zealand Government Railways "Small C" class saddle tank and a "bicabine" from the CF du Vivarais in France. Neither was in reality on a gauge approximating to 2ft 3inches, but neither was/is so large as to make this utterly beyond reason. auldreekie
  9. Can we work in a reference to Great Snoring, please eg as a horse bus destination). It most definitely IS in Norfolk, and it seems as if it might fit in quite well....... One way and another..... auldreekie
  10. Blimey. Great Mulling bids fair to be a significant railway town in some Norfolk/Fenny/ LNWR (?) otherworld..... auldreekie
  11. Just as a minor diversion. IMG_0050 by Fred Hackman, on Flickr Some ten years or more ago, I had purchased a Bachmann "Lord Nelson", available at that time only in BR green, as I remember. I made a fairly rough job of re-doing it in Maunsell's Southern green livery, with coaled-up tender, cast brass chimney, and snifting valves faked up from a couple of small b.a. washers and some truncated Hornby brass whistles. I made it up as "Robert Blake", so I made sure to incorporate the residual steam-pipes which I believe poked through the smoke deflectors on that one machine. Here it is in company with some other work-in-progress, but particularly with the new Hornby "Sir Francis Drake". Unquestionably the new model has more finesse and detail, and it is altogether worthy of praise for this. However, the old stager shows up fairly well in this comparison from a distance of about eighteen inches. auldreekie
  12. I hadn't realised this was another one-party state.... auldreekie
  13. Chimney pots by Peedie Models (no connection save as a satisfied customer). auldreekie
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