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  1. Battery/hydrogen units will last just as long as the subsidies do.
  2. If I've understood the promo material for this Rocket printer correctly, it works differently to every other low cost resin printer, in that it cures the top, exposed, layer of resin rather than curing the bottom layer held in place by a tank with a transparent bottom. The up-side of this is that there are no peel forces on the print, hence the better surface finish. The down side it that it will need a whole lot of resin in the tank before it will print. A quick calculation using the build envelope suggest that the tank will need up to 2.5 litres of resin depending on how it calculate where the top of the resin is.
  3. Well at £40k-50k per year to lease one it was never going to be a hobbyist favourite. The Rail's SECR vans were all built on one though...
  4. The GNR 12 wheeled clerestory stock had knuckle couplers from the mid 1890s as did the GCR Parker stock from roughly the same date. NER arc roofed non-corridor stock bogie stock were also built with them, an interesting unique example of their use on non-corridor stock. These early examples were described as Gould couplings, which differed from the later Buckeyes by their uncoupling mechanism. Goulds had a lever on the headstock, which when pulled would release the coupling. The GCR and NER stock had these couplings remove in the early years of the 20th century, about the same time that Gould coupling were replaced by Buckeye more generally.
  5. Here you go: https://www.fabbaloo.com/news/rocket-1-fast-and-accurate-resin-3d-printer Looks interesting, but depends on the price etc.
  6. That bit's easy, we just need to face down the greenies and start fracking...
  7. The trouble with talking about places like China is that you can never tell what is Chinese propaganda and what is Western propaganda.
  8. There is also "Great Central in LNER days" in 2 volumes by David Jackson and Owen Russell.
  9. I have a batch of 1015 motors, which I'm willing to part with for a cut-my-own-throat price of £18 post free. PM me if you are interested.
  10. Ok, I'll put you down for 2? I don't think I'll be ordering from the etchers until after Christmas, so they won't be ready until around the end of February. I'll try and get an updated LNER 51' frame etch in the same batch.
  11. If it's just the lower panels that need removing, it may be possible if you ask nicely.
  12. The GER Clauds had the firebox between the middle and rear driving axles, which made for a long cab, and possibly the reason those transferred to Scotland where known as 'Hikers'
  13. Yes, but they had the coupling and connecting rods removed, and because of loading gauge restrictions on the SECR, the outer chimneys were also removed.
  14. There was also a single plank wagon with the bricks arranged in a pyramid. Some of the wagons have incomplete top layers of bricks, which suggests that there was a fixed number of barrow loads per ton of wagon capacity. It would also explain why the sand wagons have bricks loaded above the sides, since they were rated at 20 tons.
  15. What was the coach sat on top of the wreckage, at 00:19 and a number of other places in the video?
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