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    Torrington Station on the LSWR in 1912, with the North Devon Clay Co. 3ft narrow gauge feeder line from Marland (modelled in P4 and 12mm gauge); also the Tramways of the Correze and the Paris, Orleans Correze metre gauge lines, modelled in 1:55 scale with P4 trackwork

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  1. I have previously drawn attention to Barry Luck's P4 model based on Plumpton (ex-LBSCR) in 1912. Barry has started a series of films about the layout and its operation - we run to a "timetable" sequence and the layout is controlled by a fully interlocked mechanical lever frame, with communication between the "signal box" and the fiddle yards being by bellcodes using replica block instruments. The films are on Barry's Youtube channel. The first of the videos can be found here. Mick Ralph
  2. I remember that I was in contact with Paul a few years ago. I have a house in the Correze (though sadly I have been able to visit it only once this year). It is near Treignac, which was a terminus on the POC, but the TC is my favourite line. There is are long-distance signposted routes (both by road and on footpaths) along the whole of the TC for the POC), though sadly the Syndicat which oversaw the creation of the trail is no longer around. Several of the station buildings and other infrastructure or vehicles have been restored. I, too, have four or five books on the lines. My avatar is
  3. I presume that you are aware that the next issue of Voie Libre (due July) will cover the A80D in its Dossier feature? I would be interested in buying the Tramways of the Correze version in 1:55 scale. I have been contemplating scratchbuilding one to go with the earlier Saurier, Tartary and deDion Bouton railcars which I am building in plasticard. Mick Ralph
  4. Oh dear! I haven't used the cutter for quite a while, but I have some work I need to do soon. I must connect the cutter with the laptop to see if it works or not. If not, it is a good job we are going to France on Wednesday, as the only non-win10 computer I have is in our French house. I will have to take the cutter with us so that I will be able to flash the firmware on it. Mick
  5. ... and the person in the foreground was an exhibitor (me), not a visitor! Mick Ralph
  6. We will be exhibiting Plumpton Green (LB & SCR c1910) at the Bluebell Railway show over this weekend. I will be operating the layout on Sunday (in the carriage shed at Horsted Keynes) and will be operating the signal box at Kingscote all day on Saturday. Come and say hello if you visit the railway either day. Mick
  7. The phrase in question (in broad dialect) was printed in a Progress Report on Torpoint Mk IV (not a letter to the Editor) in the December 1963 issue of RM. I have been scannining all my old issues of RM and MRC. Mick
  8. Superb - I'm fascinated to see the approach to operating the jacks, as I have been struggling to work out how to operate a self-contained turntable mechanism on some French metre-gauge railcars, where a plate was would down to the rails and then wound further to raise the railcar, which was then turned to face the other direction by shoulder power. Mick
  9. Graham, In the "material settings" area you can set the "number of passes" for the material you are using. If this is set to "2", then there will be 2 cuts made; if you click "Send" twice, then you will get four cuts in total. I would check this first. Mick
  10. I, too, arrived at 11:00 on Saturday and found that the streets opposite were full. I found plenty of parking space on the roads just under half a mile back towards the motorway. A great show and lots of young families present. I would have gone on Sunday, when it is always much quieter, but I was otherwise busy then. Mick
  11. The issue of scribing/embossing has been covered a couple of times in this thread, using a diamond dresser tool purchased from Ebay. You could look at post 541, or do a search for "diamond dresser" in <this thread> to get a listing of the various references to the techniue. Mick
  12. Returning home from France tomorrow in order to assist in operating Plumpton Green. Very much looking forward to the weekend. Mick Ralph
  13. It would be good to get my subscription copy by post, as WHS has it in-store. Mick
  14. Back in post 179, I mentioned Pulborough, which is a scale length depiction of the LBSCR station in 1910-12. We are exhibiting this layout at Scalefour North in Wakefield this weekend. This may well be one of the last opportunities to see this layout, as it is so large that it is difficult to maintain and exhibit it to the highest standard. There is detail about the layout, and the stock which runs on it, on Barry Luck's blog here. Mick Ralph
  15. Sadly, there are no pictures in the posting. I look forward to seeing them. Mick
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