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  1. Great to see you making a start on another building mate, looking at the finished articles I don't think anyone would guess the origin, but it does give a good solid shell to add the detailing to. Al.
  2. Yep, they certainly will. I think I need a couple more to cope with the demand. Al.
  3. That's a cracking job mate, all credit to the brain-cell. Al.
  4. I finally got round to fitting buffers and a coupling to the footplate end of the Caledonian tender: What prompted this was the arrival of a new addition, a Deeley tender, to which I made the same modification: My thanks to Rob @MrWolf for spotting it on Ebay and bringing it to my attention. So, beginning to build up a stable of water tanks now. Thanks for looking, Al.
  5. I bet they are the only 4mm turned wooden table legs in the world! Wonderful, really wonderful. Al.
  6. Love the clock, just right. Al.
  7. Thanks for the mention chaps, but those benches are a work of art. But, like the mower, if you work on something in 1:1 scale, then you know how it all goes together, and what it should look like, then modelling it in 4mm is a lot easier. Al.
  8. When I was doing Cromford Bottom (ooo errrr missus) it's what I did. Sadly never got round to doing the resin bit, but here's what colour I painted it: Al.
  9. A tidy workbench is evidence of a sick mind... Still looks good compared to my cellar though. Al.
  10. ...or just paint the bottom a suitable colour before you pour the resin... Al.
  11. Hi David, With regard to the lighting, and I apologise for not having come across this sooner, but you might find that extending the top of your layout box about 3 inches (8 centimetres) beyond the front face and having a strip of LEDs pointing backwards would help improve the lighting towards the front of the layout. I appreciate this would necessitate some butchery of your existing box, but as you have it now most of your lighting at the front is almost directly overhead, which causes dark shadows when trying to photograph the rolling stock. This is what I
  12. No that makes perfect sense to me - I'm obviously just as deranged as you are... Al.
  13. I rather think what Simon meant about the join was that you have so far only done this bit of the canal: So there will be a join where the next bit is attached which might be difficult to disguise, unless you are not planning to resin it until the full length is completed? Al.
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