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  1. Yes absolutely. I think nearly all modellers experience a loss of interest periodically, and this last year of upheaval has just made that worse. I haven't done any real modelling since December, and still can't really work up any enthusiasm. Al.
  2. Hi Andy, hope you don't mind, I've tweaked the colour balance a bit: By Andy Peters. Al.
  3. John Tumbrill, the weighmaster at Ladmanlow, is an amateur conjurer in his spare time, and his party trick is levitating sheets of corrugated iron. Here we see one of his early attempts. Al.
  4. All this photographing layouts outdoors, it'll never catch on you know... Al.
  5. Thanks guys, for all your comments. @Andrew P on the "How Realistic" thread you asked "and what's your NEXT project mate?" When it gets a bit warmer I'm hoping to take some video out on the moors in the same location. I've been gathering together all the necessary technical bits to make that possible. I've also started another 2 foot module to add on the end of the embankment board to allow a train to approach from off the embankment. Al.
  6. I have further cropped the photo previously posted, I still think this looks good: Al.
  7. Thanks Jonathan, so there is! That's not photoshopped, I wonder who snuck in and lit the fire?? Al.
  8. Well so long as you don't follow the barberous American practice of adding "the second" and "the third" after your names - unless your surname is fFarquharson or Wimbourne-Pershing of course Al.
  9. Thank you Rob, and err, Rob... I really appreciate your comments. @MrWolf the brick building is a shunter's hut on the layout. Al.
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