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  1. On yours, the tiles overhang the barge boards, whereas on Gopher's they don't. Al.
  2. Yeah, I use paper "chads" for roof tiles as well. Al.
  3. You really get into the swing of things, don't you... Such dedication... Al.
  4. Well I reckon you nailed it second time round, they look great. Al.
  5. Thanks Andy. I can't remember if I did post that one, somewhere on the "How Realistic" thread, but it's so long now I can't find it. Al.
  6. Nice work Rob, love the terracotta look to the drain. Don't forget some blobs of brown for the... umm... deposits... Al.
  7. For your purposes Rob, I think the provision of a separate programming track is more than you need: as you will normally only have one-engine-in-steam, as it were, then "progamming-on-the-main" is sufficient. If you had a big layout with lots of locos, then a programming track is a safeguard against applying settings to the wrong loco, but if you only have one loco sitting on the layout it's not necessary. And I would heartily recommend getting a set of rollers, using them means you can set speed settings and other DCC things without fear of the loco suddenly making a dive for freedom off the end of your track, plus you can run new locos in for extended periods without it going anywhere. The rollers just rest on top of a straight piece of track, so will work equally well for DC and DCC, no fiddling required. Al.
  8. All that lovely point rodding, look you... Al.
  9. And my, what big teeth they are, Grandma... Al.
  10. Oh no, sorry to hear that. Yes, spot on, thank you. Al.
  11. This is a reworking of another couple of shots from the first "dawn raid" back in August 2019. I still think the misty background of those photos added a ton of atmosphere: Al.
  12. I'd love to see some wider shots Jaz, to see how it's changed from when I used to follow it. Al.
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