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  1. So, selling stolen goods now. What a way to celebrate retirement... That looks good, feels the right sort of fencing too. Al.
  2. I like that. I think it looks good and achieves what you wanted. Al.
  3. Yeah I forgot to mention that after cutting the pan-scourer into strips I pull the layers apart to give the hedge some width: Al.
  4. Previously, for hedges, I have used scouring pads cut into strips, hairspray, and Woodland Scenics blended turf: The end result looks like this: Al.
  5. I totally get where you are coming from Jeff, my own modelling has now morphed into creating a believable scene with a bit of railway in it, but I'm now concentrating on small diorama type sections, which I can complete individually, but can be joined to extend out to a decent run if necessary. Al.
  6. Look out, bad penny re-appearing!. I would encourage you to have a go at building one yourself from embossed styrene and so on, it really gives you a great feeling of satisfaction if you get it exactly how you want, and the materials are not that expensive. I would avoid Wills sheets and go for either Slaters or SE Finecast, much easier to work with. I've built a number of tunnels and bridges over the years, but Totley is my favourite: Al.
  7. Hi Jeff, like all the others, I'm very much looking forward to following you on this new venture. Great stuff, can't beat a good viaduct. Al.
  8. I reckon you should leave it like that, as a snowscape Looks good mate, suitably bleak. Al.
  9. Monsal Dale and Headstone Viaduct, what's not to like! Al.
  10. Sorry to hear about the elbow mate, but glad you're managing to keep some modelling going. I'm very glad we mostly don't have termites and timber buildings here, that looks like a never ending battle. And your visitor is worth an Aaaaw! Al.
  11. If you'll forgive me, as this isn't meant to be the LSpace Web, I would avoid the Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic as first reads. They are from when pTerry was still finding his way, and are no-where near as good as later work, IMHO, I would go for Guards, Guards! or Wyrd Sisters to get into the Watch or Witch series', and catch up with others later. Al.
  12. Looks great Chris, very good. Al.
  13. Hi Bob, don't forget that back in the day weedkillers were not eco-friendly, and were extremely effective at killing everything, and they were used generously by railway companies. A visible weed would be an affront to any prideful SM Contemporary photographs rarely show any trace of weeds or moss on pavements and platforms. Al.
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