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  1. Nicely done, and they look about the right size, too. I'm liking the new avatar btw. Al.
  2. Worthy of several downvotes, I feel... EDIT: Is sausagephobia a thing? Al.
  3. I haven't had a lot of time for modelling this week, but tonight, I've attacked a new purchase. I managed to buy a Corgi Trackside Ruston-Bucyrus shovel secondhand for under a tenner, and then instead of keeping in clean and pristine in it's box, I proceeded to dismantle it and scrape off the "LMS" lettering on the sides... And then I attacked it with paint and weathering powders. I'm sure model collectors will all be having the vapours now... Anyway, this is going to work for its living, and here it is, working: Looks much better all dirty Al.
  4. I haven't used foamboard for baseboard construction, but I did use 50mm insulation foam for my Grindleford boards, and was amazed at how light they were, even with 6mm ply reinforcement round the edges. It sure beats getting a hernia trying to lift a solid timber board! Al
  5. Hi, You might find that a zig-zag of diagonal pieces makes it more rigid than a longitudinal spine? Watching with interest, Al.
  6. Female rabbits can be strangely attractive... Al.
  7. I reckon so, the prototype pic doesn't have a very big berm round it, by the look of it. Al.
  8. For the groundwork I used a grey wood primer paint, and then brushed ash into it with my fingers whilst it was still tacky, so no painting as such, just the combination of the ash colour and grey primer as it mixed. Al.
  9. Hi Steve, On Ladmanlow and Cawdor I used Humbrol Matt Acrylic 113 (Rust) for the rail sides and chairs, and Humbrol Matt Acrylic 29 (Dark Earth) for the sleepers as a base, then used Humbrol 62 (Leather) for the brighter rust on some chairs, and a dilute wash of Humbrol RC401 (Dirty Black) to give the sleepers some definition. Al.
  10. Feel the Force, Luke err... Rob Pecketts, Pecketts, Pecketts Pecketts, Pecketts, Pecketts, Pecketts Al
  11. That's looking good Andy. I recognise the fuel tank, that's the same as I used on Cawdor, from a 7mm Slaters wagon kit. Al.
  12. Sadly, that's a legacy of the British railway modelling tradition, as we use 1:76th scale (4mm = 1 foot) vehicles on 1:87th scale (3.5 mm = 1 foot) track. But then you have the other problem, that most plastic kits and accessories are nominally 1:72nd scale which is actually 1 inch = 6 feet, which is slightly larger than 4mm. It's a nightmare, really... Al
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