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  1. Can we not tempt you with a shed or two? Al.
  2. Thanks Ade. My recollection is that back in the sixties acetylene cylinders were green, but I could be wrong. I built the oxy set a while ago, when I added the shelves and so on, but I don't think it really showed up in previous photos. Cheers mate, Al.
  3. At great risk to my sanity, and my eyesight, I have added some paint pots to the scene, as suggested by @AdeMoore and I've also built the bulkhead for the Land Rover: Al.
  4. Hi Louisa, and welcome. I think you would probably get more help if you were to start your own topic in the Layout and Design area of the forum, which is here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/66-layout-track-design/ I appreciate it's a bit overwhelming to know whereabouts to post these things on RMWeb, there's so many different bits to it. The people who tend to take an interest in designing and creating a layout will be more likely to hang out in the topic above, and you should get some sensible replies. I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing what you come up with. Al.
  5. I really like your pictures Rob, and I can also see the commercial potential of your work. I wish you all the best in getting more commissions. Al.
  6. @Graham T http://www.hobby-sommer.com/modellbahn/mbcgi/schnueffel_v1.pl?dummyChar=♥&sid=sesVwkvJPT9pMinen&hst=NCH&wwas=anr&this=14138&action=Find+! Al.
  7. Hi Graham, they are made by Noch, and available from most model suppliers. Noch 14138 OO/HO Gauge Stinging Nettles (Pack 10) Laser Cut Minis Kit Al.
  8. Don't be too impressed Andy, I bought those... Al.
  9. I've not had a lot of time this weekend, so didn't get done as much as I wanted to. However, I did manage to add some more layers of grass, and smooth off the filler on the yard. The trees seen here are just a trial, and won't be staying. Thanks for looking, Al.
  10. I think it's as you say, a very individual thing. My return to modelling was always more about setting the scene than playing trains (a damning admission on a model railway forum) so previously I tended to start with the scenery and surroundings, and then do the track afterwards. However, for Ladmanlow, I was more interested in getting it to run correctly, so I started with the track first, and built the scenery round it - although I had a very clear idea from the start of how I wanted it to look. With all due modesty, I think that payed off. There are, of course, obvious things that you should do in a particular order - wiring before ballasting - painting the rails before ballasting - but even those are not set in stone (ooh, bad pun), and you will find some people who don't do it that way. Whichever way you feel comfortable doing it, is the way you should do it. Trying to comply with some arbitrary schedule will kill the mojo very quickly. Al.
  11. Hi Graham, One would expect sleepers colour to vary, depending on what use the track sees at any given section, and how old that particular stretch was. Both ballast and sleepers might have been replaced more recently on the main running lines than on sidings. Anywhere where a loco would stand for some time would be oil and coal stained, for instance outside the engine shed or near the end of a terminus platform. Don't forget that a wooden sleeper is soaked in creosote, which will naturally darken the older it is. But, in general the sleepers will always be lighter on the outside of the rails, and more stained between the rails. So all that taken into account, I would suggest the use of washes of different colours to paint both the sleepers and ballast. Where you want the sleepers to be lighter, use a light grey or tan colour, and where you want darker staining, use a dark grey or even black. The ballast will also pick up those colours, so there is no need to try and keep it pristine. You can also consider applying some slight rust colour staining to the ballast in areas as well. Al.
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