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  1. Why not Warren Shephard's kit? He is upgrading this to 4575 with the larger tanks.
  2. I miss Barrie's posts. I imagine the official "Inside Motion" has cramped him for content recently. I do hope he is OK.
  3. I just stumbled on this in an attempt to find out if barrie Hughes is OK and going to keep his www going. Look at the situation ten years on and thank goodness there is positivity between the two camps. Two years ago little had changed. Russell to Beddgelert at last. A successful and size appropriate loco like that deserves to have a proper run on its original home.
  4. This sounds highly suspicious. Have you seen any photo proof of any work? Five years of avodiance and sporadic "talks" is not genuine progress IMHO.
  5. My point was that it was clearly not an option in a more stratified society of 80 years ago to have an authentic voice but an embarrassing cliche of what a “properly educated” person imagined a working class person sounded like, possibly without having ever spoken to one
  6. I’m waiting for a 1222 from Dragon that should be a straight swap for the Mashima 1220 with 1.5mm shaft. Narrow Planet advertised a short re run a few months ago, not sure how many. i don’t build too many kits but they have all been a bit old, second generation at best. This is easily the most accurate and well thought out I have had. The cast gearbox is the answer to balance though the resin version is still supplied. a pig to drill for jack shaft but worth it. No thread as felt echo chamber syndrome last time I bothered
  7. Another BGM with updated kit with heavy brass gearbox up front helping balance, but no longer supplied with motor hence rods not fixed whilst waiting for one to arrive. A very well thought out kit IMHO.
  8. Treat yourself to the ABC, you will not regret it. You need 25:1 or thereabouts IMO.
  9. Seems like a misfire given the OO9 4-6-0 looks superior and tends to negate the "better for the US market" argument. Surely they had all the information on the 4-6-0 and had proved they could get it right? Interesting to see if the alternative goes ahead.
  10. US$459 with no valve gear? They must be joking. Looks like a poor OO9 effort. Unusual choice too as very few were built compared to the well known 4-6-0 which you might imagine would sell in droves
  11. Let's not forget the tenders lived on for a long time and went onto Aberdares & many 22xx Collett Goods, probably saving a fair proportion of the knock down purchase price.
  12. These are derivatives of the "small" Wolverhampton tanks starting with 2021 class & culminating in the Hawksworth 16xx. That's why I originally stated "large tank". The key point is that the 1854 is a direct ancestor of the 57xx with just the 2721 in between.
  13. Well that clears that up doesn't it. 7'3+8'3"" is wheelbase for 633, 57xx, 94xx & Dean Goods and close relative the 22xx, not to mention the 1854
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