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  1. In C21739 we see concrete sleepers, flat bottomed rail and pandrol clips but jointed, not CWR. How common was this?
  2. This is the million dollar question, I think. Ability to look at early CAD drawings is a move from manufacturers that I appreciate but it is not the only research resource that they will use. So long as criticism is offered in a constructive manner it can only be for the good of all concerned, we get better models and the manufacturer sells more of them because they are of higher quality, win win. Personally, the number one thing that matters about a model is its basic shape. If that is wrong, the finest detail in the world cannot retrieve the situation, so I really hope it is not
  3. Fran I think you have made the right choice. Compromises are inevitable at times so it is a case of finding the best one. Looking forward to owning one of these. Rob
  4. Model is looking fantastic in my opinion. Did we get to the bottom of how it will get around corners? I seem to remember (BICBW) that there were three choices: Distort the nose shape like the Heljan DP2. What I can see of the images this has not been done. Use undersize wheels. Is this what was done with the Bachmann prototype Deltic? Increase the ride height. Is this what Bachmann did with the production Deltics? Of the three, I think the Bachmann prototype solution looks the best but I would be very interested to know how Accurascale have tackled
  5. Rob F

    Hornby APT 2020

    I am not sure the slightly confrontational and defensive tone to this reply was really required. I simply asked a question and the way it was phrased implied that I believed it to be too difficult to implement. I will almost certainly buy an APT as I have wanted one since I was a child and I will definitely enjoy it, just like the ‘rest’ of you. However, full tilt at a scale 5mph is definitely not prototypical and I cannot understand why it is a problem to mention it.
  6. Rob F

    Hornby APT 2020

    Would it be true to say that any sort of speed related tilt system would be just about impossible in OO? I assume the Rapido APT tilts to the same degree no matter how fast it is going, is that correct?
  7. I'm afraid you are wide of the mark with regard to my own preferences and motives. Much more detail about the accuracy or otherwise of any model comes out as a result of friendly discussions between people who I believe can rightly be called experts, on forums such as this or several others, blogs etc. No magazine review could ever match the in-depth knowledge that is available from a disparate group of well informed people who are willing to share it due to simple interest in the subject matter. Your second paragraph is a pretty good summation of why I have stopped taking magazin
  8. I suspect we will have to agree to disagree!
  9. I have no desire to see the end of print, but I do not necessarily think it is a binary choice between print and digital subscriptions. As I said, I have stopped all but one of my magazine subscriptions but I have not felt the need to replace them with digital versions. I still have an avid 'thirst' for information but find it can be slaked by other means. A prime area of dissatisfaction for me is with magazine reviews, which I find are often overly kind to the manufacturers. A similar trend is visible here where critical comments often get censured by the mods and others accuse pe
  10. Had a ride on a 144 from Leeds to Castleford and back yesterday and a I can honestly say it was a better experience than being on a 150. The engine noise was less obtrusive and the view out of the window was far superior. Even the ride was acceptable on what I assume was well maintained track.
  11. I am (or was) a self-confessed magazine junkie. I had subscriptions to: Model Rail Rail Railway Magazine Modern Railways I stopped taking Railway Modellor nearly 20 years ago and apart from that the only magazine I have ever stopped taking was BRM. However, I have come to realise that I was actually reading them less and less. My house is filling up with back issues and my head finally overtook my heart over the Christmas break and I cancelled them all, apart from Modern Railways. It was a sad but also a strangely liberating experience. I jus
  12. Interesting, thanks. So other than the above restrictions it would have been all 75mph between Honeybourne and Cheltenham. What do you think the limit would be today, if maintained to modern standards?
  13. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but a recent visit to the GWSR prompted this question. What was the linespeed of the Honeybourne line in BR days, before becoming freight only?
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