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  1. Beautiful wagons. May have to resurrect my power station layout!
  2. There is the Peco guidebook to the series, which isn't too bad as a "next steps guide"
  3. Enjoyed the show, and more importantly my wife and son also enjoyed it. Hopefully it raises the profile of the hobby in the same way Master Chef and Bake Off saw an increase in home chefs and bakers. Maybe not the format for purists, but the fact they have got a second series commissioned means they are doing something right!
  4. I think it's the nature of the hobby now, if we demand more and more detailed models, with more separately added details, you're going to get more pieces coming loose. In past 2 months 3 out of 4 of my purchases have had pieces lying in the box ( Revolution TEA tankers, Dapol class 68 and Hattons RHTT) but at least they were in the box, but waiting to see how many other pieces are going to be shaken off during running or handling in future months and lost. It would be useful if manufacturers made it easier to buy detailing pieces as replacements.
  5. Wagons arrived today, with a few pieces rattling around in the box, but if we want more and more fine detail its the risk we take when we rely of postal services for delivery! Overall very pleased , a good weighty model and lots of detail
  6. Picked a set of these up from the FTG website over the weekend, there's about a dozen sets still left. Very happy with the models especially at 5 wagons for £105!
  7. Looking forwards to them but over past two years my layout has shrunk to 6 foot, might be difficult to fit 18 tankers on it! Think they're off to storage until the kids move out.
  8. Just watched the show and thought as family entertainment it was excellent. Was expecting it to be very cringe worthy with all the usual stereotypes. It had a good mix of inspirational modelling and drama to keep modellers and non modellers interested. Didn't go into much detail on techniques, in the world of Google and YouTube you can do more research yourself if so inclined, it was more about showing what can be done. Watched the show and my eight year old son, who refuses to go to model rail shows is hooked and looking forwards to next Friday's show. Anything that raises the profile of the hobby without making fun of it is a good thing.
  9. Any word on Murphy Models, are they still operating?
  10. Just back from the show at Redcar. highly recommended.
  11. Believe it's only good manners to ask permission, however I've noticed at the last couple of shows there has been a distinct lack of courtesy to layout operators and other visitors but a number of "layout paparazzi". At a show a couple of weeks ago I was elbowed out of the way by one photographer who seemed totally oblivious to anyone else at the show. The layout owner tried to speak to the photographer who suddenly developed loss of hearing, banged off a coupe of snaps,with flash, then spun round off to the next layout. Must have spent less than 30 seconds at each layout in the show!
  12. Layout has sat in back of the garage for almost a year and haven't had time to work on it so decided to let it go. Controller and power supply removed but CDU and point motors and control panel remain. Free to anyone who can collect from Hartlepool
  13. Almost sold out everywhere. Shows what happens when you make a good model at a realistic price. Unfortunately arrived wrong side of payday so missed the boat on buying a full set.
  14. Just reserecting this thread, has anyone tried converting these to potash wagons. Considering buying a rake and wondering how easy it is to remove the imerys logo and so save the hassle of a complete respray.
  15. Let us know if you decide to fit sound as hoping to do the same, just like to see how you squeeze everything in.
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